Ask HN: How do I get press coverage for my startup as a high schooler?


I'm a 17-one year-feeble from a small city in India. There are barely any alternatives for young entrepreneurs in my city and most of what I salvage done to this point is by connecting with people and getting to know extra about the occasions as such. I started programming at an early age ( 11 ) and salvage built several projects since then. I'm the founding father of DomeCode ( ), a platform that improvises upon existing “study-to-code” platforms by providing a unified experience. I salvage gotten over 300 registered customers at this level ( I seen it barely 3 weeks assist within the alpha model ) and over 2.6k customers. Right here is one thing that can perhaps in most cases gain media protection in particular if a highschooler built it. How attain I gain media protection?

Reasons :

– Higher possibilities of getting my startup crowdfunded

– It's one thing correct for my college software

– I think this wants to gain accessible

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