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Ask HN: How to Become a Consultant?


I've been working as a programmer for with regards to 20 years now. I in level of truth possess expertise with the JVM and the Node.js platforms and what's crucial to preserve them operational: containerization, cloud computing, databases, and plenty others.

I judge I've reached an higher wander as a assert programmer. I attempted administration as a brand novel route but it definitely didn't work out, I inspiring can't attain it, it makes my existence depressing. I realized on the opposite hand, that I in level of truth possess a assorted ability: I in level of truth esteem talking to people (including industry of us), wrapping my head around their complications and understanding sturdy solutions for them including the total models, documentation and preliminary implementations (POC/MVP). I'm additionally correct at sharing the records (honest now I'm working as a tech coach).

I did this a couple of times as piece of some contract work and all people became very contented with it but I don't know scale this accurate into a consulting industry. What I desire to preserve doing is getting tasks from 0 to POC/MVP narrate. I will attend placing together teams, understanding the structure, and concrete solutions / algorithms, but if I preserve doing the assert work as an different, it acquired't pay that properly. So to sum it all up I will apply my abilities in an situation that has larger returns, but I don't in level of truth know salvage there.

What may maybe well also light I attain to total this? What makes this more challenging is that I'm not residing within the USA (I dwell in Hungary, Europe).

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