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Ask HN: How to Deal with the Volatility of the Internet?


Context: I used to be born in the 90's and as a consequence I consumed largely e-hiss material both for internal most building and game. No longer many physical books, CD's and plenty others.

I used to be buying the lots of day some playlists in my youtube story for outdated skool songs, attention-grabbing videos and plenty others that I cherished, simplest to search out out that almost half of of these were long previous (without even leaving the title as proof of what it’ll be there). Then I without be conscious realized in shock that in 10 years from now, nothing that I exhaust as we screech time to learn, to snicker at, to assign a matter to myself, to cling relaxing with and plenty others, are guaranteed to be there for me or for my kids.

All of my books are e-books, my non-public computer video games are digital, I rely on a music subscription, netflix & youtube for video, google for accessing attention-grabbing web sites, my pictures in a cloud provider and the checklist goes on.

A e book will most probably be there for me no subject what occurs to the author. Nonetheless there isn’t this type of thing as a guarantee about my current web web hiss/streaming/cloud provider.

How attain we alter the on-line and DRM to tackle the future volatility of the companies at the abet of the hiss material we devour as we screech time? What attain we attain as folk?

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