Ask HN: How to stop constant march of features as a co-founder


Background: I’m a technical co-founder who has been working on a startup for a whereas now.

My non-technical co-founder/CEO (who has majority share) is continuously pondering of latest aspects he wants us to ship ASAP. The insist is, as we've kept building aspects, the machine itself is getting much less stable and we've accumulated in the good deal of-corners over time to ship ASAP. We (the engineers) receive made it mosey that we must spend not not up to a month or two refactoring, including assessments, and doing other enhancements if we must rep the product to a level where we can efficiently land & toughen a well-known buyer.

On every occasion we discover a steadiness insist & determine a repair, he asks for LOE – if we don't divulge we can flip it around in a day or two he shoots it down and says we receive too many aspects (which he magnificent conception to be first of all in the closing 2 weeks) to realize.

A few months in the past, we pushed help pretty exhausting and mentioned after our subsequent milestone, we need time to end aspects & work on steadiness, and he mentioned we’d. Smartly, it's been a pair of months and now there are a bunch of latest aspects we Need in enlighten to be Winning. It's getting extra tough to bear in mind since half of of the aspects we did produce rep petite to no spend.

So what can I attain? I've tried pushing help nonetheless it doesn't truly feel love my concept on how I will also just restful spend my time & labor carries weight. I'm making an strive to leisurely down characteristic vogue by bundling new assessments, including lacking assessments, etc into my definition of done. But that feels love a band-attend and it's exhausting to toughen issues piecemeal love that.

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