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Ask HN: Is it true Google is a failure when it comes to developing new products?


Google appears to end most merchandise..

Google fails to open most merchandise successfully..

Most of the a success merchandise that Google does hold hold been obtained..

Some necessary Failures:
– Google+
– Google Desktops
– Google url shortener
– Picasa
– Chrome Apps
– Google Answers
– Right estate blueprint on google maps
– cloud (?)

A success merchandise however they hold been obtained:

– youtube
– analytics
– android


Moreover same factor with facebook. They had to abolish whatsapp and instagram, however then went forward and lost to tiktok in loads of how. Oculus is a failure. Market is a success however it'd be exhausting for it to no longer be.

What offers, how reach firms with the total resources can't earn logical subsequent steps in their product offerings off the ground and likewise fail to innovate.

Why kind they’ve 10okay engineers however attach so minute??

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