Assange Hearing Day 9


Things grew to turn into now now not merely dramatic in the Assange courtroom at the soundless time, but touchy and wicked. There had been two accurate factors, the evidence and the direction of. On the evidence, there agree with been stark facts of the terrible regime Assange will face in US jails if extradited. On the direction of, we saw behaviour from the prosecution QC that went successfully past usual unsuitable examination and became a accurate strive and denigrate and even humiliate the scrutinize. I am hoping to point to that to you by a easy exposition of what came about at the soundless time in court, after which I shall add further statement.

This day’s scrutinize became Eric Lewis. A practising US felony skilled for 35 years, Eric Lewis has a doctorate in law from Yale and a masters in criminology from Cambridge. He’s venerable professor in law at Georgetown College, an elected member of both the American Guidelines Institute and the Council on International Members of the family and a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. He’s Chairman of Reprieve. He has represented excessive profile possibilities in national security and terrorism cases, in conjunction with Seymour Hersh and Guantanamo Bay internees.

Lewis had submitted five statements to the court, between October 2019 and August 2020, addressing the ever changing indictments and bills brought by the prosecution. He became in the initiating led through the licensed temporary half hour abstract of his statements by defence QC Edward Fitzgerald. (I’m informed I’m now now not currently allowed to submit the defence statements or hyperlinks to them. I shall strive and make clear this the next day).

Eric Lewis testified that no writer had ever been successfully prosecuted for publishing national security knowledge in the United States. Following the Wikileaks publications in conjunction with the diplomatic cables and the Iraq and Afghanistan warfare logs, Assange had now now not been prosecuted since the First Amendment became regarded as insuperable and thanks to the the Recent York Occasions disaster – there became no formula right to prosecute Assange with out prosecuting the Recent York Occasions for publishing the identical material. The Recent York Occasions had successfully plead the First Amendment for its e-newsletter of the Pentagon Papers, which had been upheld in a landmark Supreme Courtroom judgement.

Lewis here gave evidence that mirrored that already reported of Prof Feldstein, Trevor Timm and Prof Rogers, so I shall now now not repeat all of it. He said that credible sources had acknowledged the Obama administration had determined now now not to prosecute Assange, notably Matthew Miller, a highly respected Justice Division resolve who had been shut to Attorney Overall Holder and would agree with been now now not going to temporary the media with out Holder’s recordsdata and approval.

Eric Lewis than gave testimony on the alternate of policy in opposition to prosecuting Assange from the Trump administration. Again this mostly mirrored the earlier witnesses. He added part of Mike Pompeo stating the the free speech argument for Wikileaks became “a perversion of what our immense nation stands for”, and claiming that the First Amendment did now now not prepare to foreigners.

Attorney Overall Classes had accordingly acknowledged that it became “a precedence for the Justice Division” to arrest Julian Assange. He had compelled prosecutors in the Eastern District of Virginia to order a case. In December 2017 an arrest warrant had been issued, with the indictment to be filled in later. The first indictment of a single count had been launched in March 2018, its timing possibly dictated by a limitation deadline.

In Might well possibly also fair 2019 a soundless superseding indictment increased the counts from one to eighteen, seventeen of which connected to espionage. This tougher stance followed the appointment of William Barr as Attorney Overall right four months beforehand. The straightforward diagram of the foremost superseding indictment became to compile round the Recent York Occasions disaster by attempting to whisper apart Assange’s actions with Manning from those of a quantity of journalists. It showed that the Justice Division became very serious and if truth be told aggressive in performing on the statements of Trump administration officials. Barr became it appears that performing at the behest of Trump. This represented a certain abuse of the felony enforcement energy of the command.

The prosecution of a writer in this form became unheard of. But the facts had been the identical in 2018 as they’d been in 2012 and 13; there became no soundless evidence tiresome the selection to prosecute. Crucially, the affidavits of US Assistant Attorney Gordon Kromberg relate no correct basis for the taking of a a quantity of choice to that of 2013. There isn’t very this kind of thing as a explanation of why the dossier became mendacity around without a action for 5 – 6 years.

The Trump administration had if truth be told taken a a quantity of political choice through the Presidential spokesperson Sarah Sanders who had boasted that very most sharp this administration had acted in opposition to Assange and “taken this direction of seriously”.

Edward Fitzgerald QC then was to the save a query to of probable sentencing and led Lewis through his evidence on this point. Eric Lewis confirmed that if Julian Assange had been convicted he could per chance well furthermore very possibly utilize the leisure of his existence in jail. The bills had now now not been pleaded as one count, which it had been open to the prosecution to manufacture. The snatch would agree with discretion to sentence the counts both similtaneously or consecutively. Below most up-to-date sentencing pointers, Assange’s sentence if convicted could per chance well furthermore vary from “most productive case” 20 years to a maximum of 175 years. It became disingenuous of Gordon Kromberg to imply a minimal sentence, provided that Chelsea Manning had been sentenced to 35 years and the prosecution had requested 60.

It had been a authorities choice to price the alleged offences as espionage. The history of espionage convictions in the United States had most frequently resulted in total existence sentences. 20 to 30 years had been lighter sentences for espionage. The plenty of bills arrangement of the indictment showed a authorities diagram to make a truly prolonged sentence. Unquestionably the closing choice would lay with the snatch, but it completely could per chance well be decades.

Edward Fitzgerald then led on to the save a query to of detention stipulations. On the save a query to of remand, Gordon Kromberg had agreed that Julian Assange could per chance well be positioned in the Alexandria City Jail, and there became a “peril” that he could per chance well be held there under Particular Administrative Measures. Truly this became a near certain bet. Assange confronted serious bills connected to national security, and had considered millions of objects of categorized knowledge which the authorities could per chance well be inviting he could per chance well plug on to a quantity of prisoners. He could per chance well be discipline to Particular Administrative Measures both pre and post conviction.

After conviction Julian Assange could per chance well be held in the supermax jail ADX Florence, Colorado. There had been at least four national security prisoners currently there in the H block. Below SAMS Assange could per chance well be kept in a little cell for 22 or 23 hours a day and now now not allowed to meet any a quantity of prisoners. He could per chance well be allowed out as soon as a day for temporary exercise or recreation excluded from a quantity of prisoners, but shackled.

Fitzgerald then led Lewis to the 2017 choice by the World Prison Courtroom to open an investigation into warfare crimes in Afghanistan, in which the evidence supplied by the Wikileaks launch of US warfare logs and diplomatic cables supplied indispensable evidence. This had been denounced by Trump, John Bolton and Pompeo. The ICC prosecutor’s US visa had been canceled to hinder his investigation. An Govt Elaborate had been issued imposing financial sanctions and blockading the banking entry of any non US national who assisted the ICC investigation into crimes alleged in opposition to any US citizen. This would have an effect on Julian Assange.

At this point, the half hour guillotine imposed by snatch Baraitser on defence evidence came down. Fitzgerald pointed out they’d now now not even reached the 2d superseding indictment yet, but Baraitser said that if the prosecution addressed that in unsuitable examination, then the defence could per chance well furthermore save a query to on it in re-examination.

James Lewis QC then rose to unsuitable compile out about Eric Lewis. But all all over again, he adopted an extraordinarily aggressive tone. That is perchance most productive conveyed as a dialogue.

NB that is now now not a accurate transcript. It would be unlawful for me to submit a transcript (of a “public” court listening to; charming but correct). That is condensed and a shrimp paraphrased. It’s I focal point on an very fair correct and balanced illustration of what came about, but now now not a verbatim file.

Eric Lewis became showing by videolink and it must be borne in recommendations that he became doing so at 5am his time.

James Lewis QC Are you retained as a attorney by Mr Assange in any formula?

Eric Lewis No.

James Lewis QC Are you being paid for your evidence?

Eric Lewis Yes, as an educated scrutinize. At an right attend price.

James Lewis QC Are you being paid for your appearance in this court?

Eric Lewis We haven’t particularly discussed that. I opt so.

James Lewis QC How powerful are you being paid?

Eric Lewis £100 per hour, roughly

James Lewis QC How powerful agree with you charged in total?

Eric Lewis I don’t know, haven’t labored it out yet.

James Lewis QC Are you responsive to the foundations governing educated witnesses?

Eric Lewis Yes, I’m. I must command my talents and my accountability is to the court; I truly agree with to provide an aim and self reliant perceive.

James Lewis QC That it is in all probability you’ll per chance well also be also speculated to area out replace views. The build agree with you area out the arguments in Mr Kromberg’s five affidavits?

Eric Lewis The court has Mr Kromberg’s affidavits. I contend with his arguments without extend in my statements. Are you announcing that I agree with to agree with repeated his affidavits and the total a quantity of evidence in my statements? My statements would agree with been hundreds of pages long.

James Lewis QC That it is in all probability you’ll per chance well also be speculated to be self reliant. But you had beforehand given views that Mr Assange must now not be extradited.

Eric Lewis Yes, I printed a piece of writing to that enact.

James Lewis QC You furthermore mght gave an interview to an Australian radio station.

Eric Lewis Yes, but both of those had been before I became retained as an educated scrutinize in this case.

James Lewis QC Does this now now not develop a battle of hobby?

Eric Lewis No, I’m in a position to manufacture an aim prognosis atmosphere apart any prejudice. Lawyers are venerable to such scenarios.

James Lewis QC Why had you now now not declared these media appearances as an hobby?

Eric Lewis I did now now not judge completely open actions and recordsdata wanted to be declared.

James Lewis QC It would be seriously better if we weren’t forced to dig out this knowledge. You give opinions on law. You furthermore mght give opinions on penal stipulations. Are you an educated scrutinize?

Eric Lewis I’m very conversant in jail stipulations. I consult with prisons. I studied criminology at Cambridge. I serve as much as this point with penology. I truly agree with taught facets of it at college.

James Lewis QC Are you a certified penologist?

Eric Lewis I judge I truly agree with explained my qualification

James Lewis QC Can you point us to notice reviewed articles which you’d want printed on jail stipulations?

Eric Lewis No.

James Lewis QC Bask in you visited ADX Colorado?

Eric Lewis No, but I truly agree with had a skilled relationship with a consumer in there.

James Lewis QC Bask in you represented anybody in Alexandra Detention Centre?

Eric Lewis Yes, one particular person, Abu Qatada.

James Lewis QC So that you manufacture now now not agree with any skills in prisons?

Eric Lewis I truly agree with visited broadly in prisons and noticed jail stipulations. I truly agree with read widely and in part on the discipline.

James Lewis QC Abu Qatada became acquitted of 14 of the 18 bills in opposition to him. Changed into as soon as that now now not acquittal by the identical jury pool that could per chance well strive Julian Assange?

Eric Lewis No. That became Colombia, now now not Eastern Virginia. Very a quantity of jury pools.

James Lewis QC The prosecutors withdrew capital bills. You said that became a mettlesome but moral choice?

Eric Lewis Yes.

James Lewis QC So what became Qatada’s sentence and what became the maximum?

Eric Lewis The authorities asked for existence but to my recommendations that became now now not correct for the bills on which he became convicted. He obtained 22 years. That became powerful criticised as harsh for those bills.

James Lewis QC Changed into as soon as the Abu Qatada trial a denial of justice?

Eric Lewis No

James Lewis QC Abu Qatada became held under Particular Administrative Measures. Did that conclude you from spending many hours with him?

Eric Lewis No, but it completely made it extraordinarily powerful. The many hours had been spread out over a protracted period. That’s the reason remand lasted for three years.

James Lewis QC Were your conferences with him monitored?

Eric Lewis Yes.

James Lewis QC But now now not by the prosecution.

Eric Lewis It became all recorded by the authorities. We had been informed that nothing could per chance well be handed to the prosecution. But from many replace stories I’m now now not pleased that is correct.

James Lewis QC What jury pool became Zacarias Moussaoui convicted by?

Eric Lewis He became now now not convicted by a jury. He plead responsible.

James Lewis QC However the jury determined in opposition to the loss of life penalty.

Eric Lewis Yes.

James Lewis QC What about Maria Butina? She became charged with being an agent of the Russian Federation but obtained a gentle-weight sentence?

Eric Lewis That became a truly unfamiliar case. She did no extra than domesticate some figures in the Nationwide Rifle Affiliation. She became sentenced to time served.

James Lewis QC But she very most sharp obtained 18 months when the maximum became 20 years?

Eric Lewis Yes. It became now now not an analogous case, and it became a plea deal.

James Lewis QC That probabilities are you’ll furthermore agree with addressed jail stipulations since the defence argue that Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights will doubtless be breached. You serve in recommendations the case of Babar Ahmed. You command that it is “practically obvious” that Julian Assange will doubtless be discipline to administrative segregation. What is the direction of for administrative segregation?

Eric Lewis The bureau president will snatch depending upon varied factors in conjunction with security peril, threat to national security, threat to a quantity of prisoners, seriousness of the price. My skills is that national security charged prisoners plug straight into administrative segregation.

James Lewis QC (very aggressive) What are you studying?

Eric Lewis Pardon?

James Lewis QC That it is in all probability you’ll per chance well also be studying one thing there. What is it?

Eric Lewis It’s my scrutinize statement. (Holds it up). Is that now now not OK?

James Lewis QC That is alright. I opinion it became one thing else. How many categories of administrative detention are there?

Eric Lewis I right went through the foremost ones. Nationwide security, serious designate, threat to a quantity of prisoners.

James Lewis QC You manufacture now now not know the categories. They are (reels off a protracted listing in conjunction with national security, serious designate, threat to others, threat to self, medical custody, preserving custody and plenty of different extra). Attain you settle there isn’t very this kind of thing as a solitary confinement in administrative segregation and Particular Administrative Measures?

Eric Lewis No

James Lewis QC US Assistant Attorney Kromberg states in his affidavit that there isn’t very this kind of thing as a solitary confinement

Eric Lewis It’s solitary confinement a quantity of than in the vernacular of the US jail carrier

James Lewis QC If that’s the case furthermore it is now now not solitary confinement in the vernacular of the English Excessive Courtroom, which has popular there isn’t very this kind of thing as a solitary confinement

Eric Lewis It’s solitary confinement. When you are kept in a miniature cell for 23 hours a day and allowed no contact with the leisure of the jail population even during the one hour you are allowed out, that is solitary confinement. The strive and shriek it is semantic.

James Lewis QC Changed into as soon as Abu Qatada in solitary confinement? When he became licensed unlimited correct visits?

Eric Lewis They weren’t unlimited. In point of fact there agree with been fair correct and logistical obstacles. There became a single room that could per chance well furthermore be venerable, for the total jail population. You had to compile a reserving for that one room. You had to e book translation services. The FBI oversaw the visits and listened in. Now with Covid there are no visits the least bit. Theoretically visits are “unlimited” but in note you manufacture now now not compile virtually as powerful time alongside with your consumer as you wish.

James Lewis QC You said that he could per chance well be held in solitary confinement. But is it now now not correct that even prisoners under SAMs compile a destroy agenda?

Eric Lewis There would possibly possibly be a destroy agenda but it completely requires no a quantity of prisoner to be in the communal areas to agree with contact with the prisoner under SAM. So in note the “one hour destroy” would on the total be scheduled between 3am and 4am. Not many prisoners wished to compile up and about at 3am to trail around a cool and empty communal area.

At this point there became a destroy. James Lewis QC venerable it forcefully to complain to Baraitser about the four hour restrict area on his unsuitable-examination of Eric Lewis. He said that to this point he had very most sharp obtained through one and a half pages of his questions, and that Eric Lewis refused to provide certain or no answers but as a replace insisted on giving prolonged explanations. James Lewis QC became it appears that extraordinarily needled by Eric Lewis’ explanations of “unlimited visiting time” and “no solitary confinement”. He complained that Baraitser became “failing to manipulate the scrutinize”.

It became straightforward that James Lewis’ accurate function became now now not to compile extra time, but to compile Baraitser to curtail Eric Lewis’s inconvenient answers. It’s clearly improbable that he became complaining about four hours when the defence had been little to half an hour and had now now not even been licensed to compile to the most recent superseding indictment.

Baraitser, to her credit, spoke back that it became now now not for her to manipulate the scrutinize, who ought to be free to provide his evidence see you later as it became connected, which it became. It became a save a query to of equity now now not of control. James Lewis became asking open or long-established questions.

James Lewis replied that the scrutinize refused to provide binary answers. Ensuing from this truth his unsuitable examination ought to be longer than four hours. He grew to turn into very heated and informed Baraitser that never in his total career had he been discipline to a guillotine on unsuitable examination, and that this “would now now not occur in a accurate court”. He very for certain said that. “This would now now not occur in a accurate court”. I truly agree with clearly been arguing all alongside that that is now now not a generous direction of. I did now now not ask to hear that from James Lewis QC, though I judge his diagram became right to bully Baraitser, which became confirmed by Lewis going on to command he had never heard of this kind of guillotine in his capacity of “Excessive Courtroom Decide”. I compile that Lewis is listed as “deputy excessive court snatch”, which I judge is fancy being 12th man at cricket, or Gareth Bale.

Baraitser very most sharp conceded very little ground under this onslaught, announcing she had never venerable the word guillotine, that the timings had been agreed between events, and she anticipated them to persist with them. James Lewis said it became not in all probability in that formula adequately to voice his consumer (the US authorities). He said he felt “pressured”, which for as soon as appeared correct, he had long gone red. Baraitser said he must strive his most productive to persist with the four hours. He fumed away (though at a later stage apologised to Baraitser for his “intemperate language”).

James Lewis QC’s touting for trade webpage describes him as “the Rolls Royce of advocates”. I issue that is correct, in the sense of foreign owned. But here he became before us, blowing a gasket, now now not getting wherever, emitting fumes and comparable to a particularly unloved Trabant.

Immoral-examination of Eric Lewis resumed. James Lewis QC started by reiterating the standards and categories for Administrative Segregation after conviction (versus pre-tral). Then we obtained serve into questioning.

James Lewis QC Gordon Kromberg states that there isn’t very this kind of thing as a solitary confinement in ADX Colorado.

Eric Lewis Again that is semantic. There would possibly possibly be solitary confinement.

James Lewis QC But there is an entitlement to snatch half in three programmes a week

Eric Lewis Not in Particular Administrative Measures

James Lewis QC But which of the standards for Particular Administrative Measures could per chance well Julian assange fall into?

Eric Lewis Criteria 2, 4 and 5, at least.

James Lewis QC Will we agree there is a proper direction of?

Eric Lewis Yes, but now now not price the title.

James Lewis Your understanding is in step with one single consumer in ADX Colorado

Eric Lewis Yes, but the arrangement is if truth be told the identical as a quantity of supermaxes

James Lewis At para 14 of your file you command that the arrangement lacks procedural rights, and is tantamount to solitary confinement. Had you read the Eurpopean Courtroom of Human Rights judgement on Barbar Ahmed must you wrote this.

Eric Lewis Yes

James Lewis That judgement particularly rejects the identical claims you possess.

James Lewis QC refers to a sequence of paragraphs in the usual UK District court choice in the case of Babar Ahmad. Eric Lewis asks for additional time to search out the file as “I very most sharp obtained these documents from the court this morning”.

James Lewis QC But Mr Lewis, you would want testified on oath that you had read the Babar Ahmad judgement.

Eric Lewis I truly agree with read the closing judgement of the European Courtroom of Human Rights. I had now now not read the total judgements from lower courts. I obtained them from the court his morning.

James Lewis QC The senior district snatch ruled that though Particular Administrative Measures had been a discipline, they did now now not preclude extradition. There had been varied safeguards to SAMs. To illustrate though felony skilled/consumer conversations had been monitored, that became very most sharp for the motive of combating terrorism and the FBI did now now not plug on the recordings to the prosecution. The snatch rejected the principle that SAMs amounted to solitary confinement. The Excessive Courtroom upheld the District snatch’s ruling and the Residence of Lords rejected Babar Ahmad’s utility to appeal. In its ruling on admissibility of the case, the European Courtroom of Human Rights regarded as six affidavits from US attorneys very fair like that submitted by Eric Lewis in this case. This integrated the affirmations that it’d be “virtually obvious” that Babar Ahmad could per chance well be discipline to SAMs, and that these would intervene without extend with the moral to an very fair correct trial, and would voice cruel and degrading treatment. The ECHR relate when it comes to pre-trial detention that these allegations had been flawed in the Babar Ahmad case.

Eric Lewis But that became a terrorism case, now now not a national security case. SAMs prepare in every other case in national security cases. That is set 1,000,000 categorized documents. Assorted cases wanted to be regarded as every on their deserves.

James Lewis QC In the Babar Ahmad case, the defence submissions had been that the regime became harsh, amounted to solitary confinement virtually 24 hours a day, with one cellphone call every two weeks and one family consult with a month. Is that now now not practically fair like your evidence here?

Eric Lewis Every case ought to be regarded as on its deserves. There are key variations. Assange is charged with espionage now now not terrorism, and possession of categorized intelligence is a part. Mental health factors are also a quantity of. Below SAMS there isn’t very this kind of thing as a intenet entry and no entry to any recordsdata provide. Neatly-behaved licensed studying material is allowed. These could per chance well be particularly exhausting for Assange.

James Lewis QC However the Babar Ahmad case does particularly care for psychological health factors, between Babar and co-defendants these contain scientific depression, suicide peril and Asperger’s. The court agreed that SAM’s could per chance well be doubtless to be utilized both before and after trial. On the opposite hand it ruled that the American authorities had right reasons for imposing SAMs, had been entitled to manufacture so, and that there became a certain and non-arbitrary direction of for enforcing them.

Eric Lewis spoke back that he disagreed that could per chance well be correct in this case. SAM’s could per chance well furthermore be utilized with out direction of, by the US Attorney-Overall, and William Barr would manufacture that in this case, on the principle of statements by Trump and Gina Haspel. In note, SAMs had never been overturned no matter the claimed direction of. Eric Lewis did now now not agree they weren’t arbitrary.

There now followed an episode where James Lewis QC successfully tripped up Eric Lewis by quoting a passage from an Ahmad case judgement after which confusing him as as to whether or now now not it became from the closing ECHR judgement, which Eric Lewis had read, or from an earlier English court judgement or the ECHR prior judgement on admissibility, which he had now now not.

James Lewis QC So the ECHR viewed the argument that the SAM regime in pre-trial detention breaches Article 3 as in miserable health-basically based and inadmissible. Attain you settle with the European Courtroom of Human Rights?

Eric Lewis They figured out that in the Babar Ahmad admissibility choice in 2008. Recent knowledge and evidence and adjustments to the regime since then could per chance well alternate that perceive.

James Lewis QC What are the defence factors that Assange will lift that you dispute makes upright consultation under the SAM regime not in all probability?

Eric Lewis Neatly I don’t know the speak facts of what his defence will doubtless be but…

James Lewis QC [interrupting] Neatly how will you possibly know what the factors will doubtless be must you manufacture now now not know the case?

Eric Lewis On memoir of I truly agree with read the indictment. The factors are very extensive ranging certainly and agree with national security documents.

James Lewis QC But you don’t know what defence the least bit will doubtless be save forward, so how will you opine?

Eric Lewis The bills themselves give an very fair correct thought what could per chance well furthermore be lined

James Lewis QC Turning to the Babar Ahmad closing judgement on post trial incarceration at ADX Colorado. Bask in you read this (sarcastic emphasis) judgement? Of 210,307 federal prisoners, very most sharp 41 of those had SAMs. 27 had been in ADX Colorado.

Eric Lewis The Warden of ADX Colorado himself had acknowledged that it became “now now not fit for humanity” and “a destiny worse than loss of life”.

James Lewis QC The ECHR said that SAMS became discipline to oversight by self reliant authorities who regarded after the interests of prisoners and could per chance per chance intervene.

Eric Lewis Since that ECHR judgement, a soundless US judgement had acknowledged that prisoners manufacture now now not agree with any Fifth Amendment moral to appeal in opposition to the stipulations of their incarceration.

James Lewis QC The ECHR figured out that the US jail authorities took cognisance of a prisoner’s psychological command when it comes to SAM measures

Eric Lewis Things agree with also moved on there since 2012. He referenced facts from his written evidence.

James Lewis QC The ECHR also figured out that “the isolation skilled by ADX inmates is partial and relative. The court notes that their psychiatric stipulations agree with now now not kept some distance from their excessive security detention in the UK.” Attain you settle for that in 2012 the ECHR made a thorough discovering?

Eric Lewis Yes, on the principle of what they knew in 2012, but powerful extra knowledge is now on hand. And there are particular reasons to doubt Mr William Barr’s impartiality.

James Lewis QC You dispute that Mr Assange is now now not going to accept sufficient healthcare in a US jail. Are you a medical examiner?

Eric Lewis No

James Lewis QC Attain you have any medical qualification?

Eric Lewis No

James Lewis QC What printed statement provides the policy of the Bureau of Prisons on Mental Health?

Eric Lewis I became counting on the published statement of the US Inspector of Prisons and the leer by Yale Guidelines College of psychological health in US prisons. The US Bureau of Prisons states that 48% of prisoners agree with serious psychological health complications but very most sharp 3% accept any treatment. The provision for psychological healthcare in jails has been cut yearly for a decade. Suicides in jail are increasing by 18% a three hundred and sixty five days.

James Lewis QC Bask in you read “The Therapy and Care of Prisoners with Mental Illness” by the US Division of Health?

Eric Lewis Yes.

James Lewis QC You purport to be an educated. With out taking a perceive it up what three hundred and sixty five days became it printed? You don’t know, manufacture you?

Eric Lewis Might well possibly you be courteous. I truly agree with been courteous to you. Can you refer me to a connected save a query to?

James Lewis QC The policy has had eight adjustments since 2014. Can you listing them?

Eric Lewis I’m attempting to testify on my skills and my recordsdata in coping with these questions about behalf of the could per chance well furthermore possibilities I truly agree with represented. When you are asking me am I a jail psychiatrist, I’m now now not.

James Lewis QC Attain you know the speak adjustments made since 2014 or now now not?

Eric Lewis I know that there agree with been soundless regulations stipulating 1 psychological health skilled for every 500 inmates and pointers for an possess bigger in accessility, but I also know those agree with now now not if truth be told been implemented because of the lack of sources.

James Lewis QC (smirking) How many ranges of psychiatric evaluate are there? What is level quantity three? What are you studying? That it is in all probability you’ll per chance well also be studying! What are you studying! What are you studying! [Yes, this is not a mistake. He did pull this stunt again]

Eric Lewis I’m taking a perceive at my have scrutinize statement (reveals it to camera).

James Lewis QC That it is in all probability you’ll per chance well also be now now not a generous educated scrutinize you manufacture now now not agree with any skills in these matters. As you are being paid to provide evidence and are now now not an educated, that is one thing the court must snatch memoir in deciding what weight, if any the least bit, to provide to your evidence.

Sooner than Eric Lewis could per chance well furthermore reply, the video link broke down, moderately bizarrely broadcasting a recordsdata item about Donald Trump attacking Julian Assange. It would now now not be restored all day, so that became the discontinuance of lawsuits, for which my relate taking hand became now now not ungrateful. The link could per chance well furthermore be restored in the adjacent courtroom, which indicates the disaster became very local. he snatch regarded as changing courts but it completely became regarded as too powerful to switch each person and the immense mounds of recordsdata and equipment. This listening to has commonly been interrupted by the irregular incompetence of the Ministry of Justice in setting up straightforward videolinks.

James Lewis QC’s habits became very irregular. It truly is now now not usual courtroom behaviour. Were there a jury, they would entirely agree with written him off now as low and putrid, and even Baraitser lastly appears to agree with figured out her restrict of being pushed around by the prosecution. Ivan Lewis is clearly a truly notorious man and a attorney with immense skills of the US arrangement. Attempting to notify he has no skills because he is rarely truly a psychiatrist or an academic in penology isn’t very any extra than a shoddy trick, performed in a formula designed to humiliate.

The inquiring for the speak title of 1 particular Division of Health Pamphlet or for a speak point in it, as if that had been a formula of invalidating all that Eric Lewis knows, is so transparently invalid as a test of price that I’m astonished Baraitser let James Lewis pursue it, let on my own the histrionic accusations about “studying”. This became truly exhausting to take a seat down down through silently for me; goodness knows what it became fancy for Julian.

The mainstream media are turning a blind perceive. There had been three reporters in the click gallery, one of them an intern and one representing the NUJ. Public entry continues to be restricted and fundamental NGOs, in conjunction with Amnesty, PEN and Newshounds With out Borders, proceed to be excluded both bodily and from staring at online. It has taken me actually all night to put in writing this up – it is now 8.54am – and I truly agree with to enact off and compile serve into court. The six of us allowed in the general public gallery, incidentally, agree with to climb 132 steps to compile there, plenty of cases a day. As you know, I truly agree with a truly dodgy ticker; I’m with Julian’s dad John who is 78; and yet every other of us has a pacemaker.

I manufacture now now not in the slightest degree discount the bold efforts of others after I say that I private obliged to put in writing this up, and in this part, because in every other case the a must agree with long-established facts of the greatest trial this century, and the arrangement it is being conducted, would plug practically entirely unknown to the general public. If it had been a generous direction of, they would desire of us to notice it, now now not entirely minimise attendance both bodily and online.

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