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AWS and their Billions of Dollars in IPv4 addresses


Earlier this week, I was doing a chunk work on AWS and wished to know what IP addresses were being dilapidated. Fortuitously for me, AWS publishes this all here Whenever you fight through this list, you’ll snappy gaze that AWS has a huge asset of IPv4 allocations. Factual counting snappy I noticed a quantity of mountainous prefixes.

Ever wondered what all of the AWS community ranges are? You will most seemingly be in a position to derive them all here:

That’s *quite a bitof mountainous prefixes!

4x /11, 14x /12, 30x /13, 78x /14, 184x /15, 278x /16

— Andree Toonk, Adelante! (@atoonk) October 13, 2020

Nonetheless, the IPv4 ranges on that list are suitable the ranges which will most seemingly be in exercise and distributed at the moment time by AWS. Time to dig a chunk deeper.

IPv4 deal with acquisitions by AWS

Over the years, AWS has received a quantity of IPv4 deal with place. Most of this occurs with out gaining too grand attention, however there were a number of notable acquisitions that I’ll snappy summarize under.

2017: MIT selling 8 million IPv4 addresses to AWS

In 2017 MIT sold half of its allocation to AWS. This vary holds about 8 million IPv4 addresses.

2018: GE sells to AWS

In 2018 the IPv4 prefix used to be transferred from GE to AWS. With this, AWS changed into the proud owner of its first /8! That’s sixteen million novel IPv4 addresses to feed us hungry AWS potentialities.

2019: AWS buys AMPRnet

In 2019 AWS sold a /10 from, the Newbie Radio Digital Communications (ARDC). The IPv4 vary used to be an allocation made to the Newbie Radio organization in 1981 and identified as the AMPRNet. This sell introduced on a handsome little bit of discussion, ascertain out the nanog discussion here.

Factual this month, it changed into public knowledge AWS paid $108 million for this /10. That’s $25.74 per IP deal with.

These are suitable a number of examples. Clearly, AWS has far more IP addresses than the three examples I listed here. The IPv4 switch market is terribly provocative. Compare out this web space to derive a method of all transfers: https://fable.arin.fetch/public/switch-log

All AWS IPv4 addresses

Armed with the recordsdata above it used to make certain that not all of the AWS owned ranges were in the JSON that AWS published. As an illustration, substances of the vary are lacking. Likely because some of it is reserved for future exercise.

Combining all those IPv4 prefixes, taking away duplicates and overlaps by aggregating them results in the following list of authentic IPv4 deal with owned by AWS:

The total replacement of IPv4 addresses in that list is candy over 100 Million (100,750,168). That’s the an identical of excellent over six /8’s, not scandalous!

If we smash this down by allocation dimension, we gaze the following:

1x /8     => 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses
1x /9     => 8,388,608 IPv4 addresses
4x /10    => 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses
5x /11    => 10,485,760 IPv4 addresses
11x /12   => 11,534,336 IPv4 addresses
13x /13   => 6,815,744 IPv4 addresses
34x /14   => 8,912,896 IPv4 addresses
53x /15   => 6,946,816 IPv4 addresses
182x /16  => 11,927,552 IPv4 addresses

A total breakdown will doubtless be chanced on here:

Placing a valuation on AWS’ IPv4 assets

Alright.. here’s suitable for relaxing…

Since AWS is (notion to be one of) an extraordinarily notable patrons of IPv4 addresses, they’ve spent a serious quantity on stacking up their IPv4 assets. It’s very not going, as an outsider, to understand how grand AWS paid for every deal. Nonetheless, we can for relaxing, try to place aside a dollar quantity on AWS’ present IPv4 assets.

The widespread tag for IPv4 addresses has gone up over time. From ~$10 per IP a number of years support to ~$25 per IP at the moment time.

Show that these are market costs, so if AWS would with out warning make a decision to sell its IPv4 addresses and crush the market with present, costs would tumble. But that won’t happen since we’re all nonetheless hooked on IPv4 😉

Anyway, let’s follow $25 and stop the maths suitable for relaxing.

100,750,168 ipv4 addresses x $25 per IP = $2,518,754,200

Factual over $2.5 billion worth of IPv4 addresses, not scandalous!

Peeking into the future

It’s certain AWS is working exhausting at the support of the scenes to make certain we can all continue to create more on AWS. One closing seek knowledge from we would possibly perchance per chance look at is: how grand buffer does AWS fill? ie. how healthy is their IPv4 reserve?

Primarily basically based on their published knowledge, they’ve distributed roughly 53 Million IPv4 addresses to existing AWS services and products. We chanced on that every their IPv4 addresses blended equates to approximately 100 Million IPv4 addresses. That method they nonetheless fill ~47 Million IPv4 addresses, or 47% available for future allocations. That’s somewhat healthy! And on top of that, I’m obvious they’ll continue to source more IPv4 addresses. The IPv4 market is nonetheless sizzling!

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