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Bateson and Me (Part 1) (2004)


Cybernetics in the Third Millennium (C3M) — Volume 3 Number 10, Nov. 2004
Alan B. Scrivener — —

“Bateson and Me

(Section One)”

“[me:] The set does recordsdata come from?
[Bateson:] From the sky, like drop-out.”

— passing notes with Gregory Bateson
at Kresge College, 1974

Closing weekend there became a convention on the legacy of Gregory Bateson,
held at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA.

( )

I became unable to support, so I’m writing this month’s e-Zine about
my remembrances of being his pupil. I’ve, thru organizer
Gordon Feller, invited the attendees to subscribe to C3M and
especially to receive this self-discipline.

“What is a quantity that a person may per chance understand it,
and a person that he may per chance know a quantity?”

— Warren McCulloch, 1961
The Ninth Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture
reprinted in “Embodiments of Mind” (1965)

( )

Gregory Bateson became born in England in 1904. His father became William
Bateson, who coined the note “genetics.” He became named for Gregor
Mendel, who successfully chanced on genes but didn’t title them.
Coming from a scientific family he became impressed to enter a science,
and he initially chose anthropology. He became trained at Cambridge.
He first finished a make of “reputation” by having a smartly-diagnosed essential other, fellow
anthropologist Margaret Mead, with whom he had a daughter, Mary
Catherine Bateson. But his occupation arc took him a ways afield of
anthropology, thru the founding of cybernetics, into psychiatry
(where he came up with the “double bind” principle of schizophrenia),
then into zoology, ethology, genetics, and at final epistemology and
philosophy. Bateson became charting a path as an inter-disciplinarian.
The Macy Foundation’s convention on “feedback” at which cybernetics
became launched tried to total an interdisciplinary methodology by
bright many replace consultants. In my “Curriculum for
Cybernetics and Programs Notion” in the share on “The set Cybernetics
and Programs Notion Came From” I describe how this took negate:

( )

By the gradual 1940’s, thanks mostly to the grunt of
electronics, hundreds of individuals had been running round with
the premise that “feedback” became one design or the other considerable. One in all
them became Warren McCulloch, a pioneer brain researcher
who first proposed the mathematical modeling of neurons.
He became approached by the Macy Foundation to chair a
convention on the anxious design. The Macy Foundation,
funded by the family that ran Macy’s department store
(and its smartly-known Thanksgiving Day parade), funded
conferences on medication; they’d carried out the coronary heart,
lungs, skin, and loads others. but never the brain or nerves.
But McCulloch became fine to form these meetings
more than a customary medical convention. He invited
physiologists, electronics consultants, mathematicians,
physicists, even social scientists — alongside side
husband and essential other anthropologists Gregory Bateson and
Margaret Mead. The contributors met for about a days
each and every six months over a length of several years.
Within the starting up McCulloch only let the “neuro” individuals talk;
he wished all individuals to comprehend the sizable questions
dealing with them earlier than they started procuring for answers.
But finally a cautious collaboration developed,
because the contributors probed their intuition of what
became lacking from their recordsdata of minds.

In 1948 one among the attendees, mathematician Norbert
Wiener, printed a book whereby he presupposed to
title the novel self-discipline of inquiry they had been investigating:
Cybernetics became the title of the self-discipline and the book.
This pass obtained blended critiques from the replace
contributors in the convention. On the replace hand, hundreds of
the attendees did return to their disciplines and
commence up the usage of the novel be troubled of tools supplied by the
convention, and by Wiener (alongside side two who I had
the good fortune to fulfill and stumble on below: Gregory
Bateson and Heinz von Foerster).

But Bateson finished his have interdisciplinary methodology by
going from self-discipline to self-discipline fixing deep systemic issues.
At some point of this prosperous stride he moreover transitioned to living
in the United States, change into an American citizen, and drifted from Novel York to
California to Hawaii and then abet to California. It seemed
the zoos had been occupied with only funding animal habits studies,
and the passe’s hospitals in funding psychological sickness studies,
and so forth. He kept procuring for a negate that may per chance let him stumble on
what he ended up calling “the pattern that connects.” He landed
at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) at the age
of sixty-nine, too outdated skool to be a professor and so hired as a “senior
lecturer” with some miscellaneous tutorial funds at Kresge College.

Several immediate biographies of him seem on the online,

( )

( )

( )

and there is moreover an uninspired book-length biography, “Gregory
Bateson: Legacy of a Scientist” (1982) by David Lipset,

( )

which devotes only a handful of pages to his Kresge years.

“Evolution and cybernetics are going to come
together. Here is the brink of recordsdata upright now,
and or no longer it’s upright at the coronary heart of coaching, and the
colleges do no longer understand it.”

— “The Closing Complete Earth Catalog,” 1971
p. 117, from a piece of writing on “Alloy,” a gathering
of 150 dome builders, commune dwellers and “hope
fiends” near La Luz, Novel Mexico, March 1969

( )

I became born in the United States in 1953, the son of an amateur auto mechanic who
became a jet mechanic and later and airline pilot, and a mom who
studied psychology and ended up instructing parenting talents. My ancestors
earned an English coat of hands which included a hand preserving a quill pen,
for the title SCRIVENER, that formula “scribe.” I grew up up in the suburbs
of San Diego, in the center of the center class and the “limited one grunt.”
As a “talented” pupil in a conservative college design, I became frustrated
by the shortcoming of artistic challenges in my training. I didn’t just like the
emphasis on specialised fields of stumble on. Impressed by the likes of
Leonardo da Vinci, I needed to change into a “Renaissance Man,” an tutorial
“generalist.” I moreover became “turned off” by the coarse emphasis on
opponents, and measuring particular person success. The simplest negate
teamwork became impressed became in sports actions. I believed that since we had been
all going to have to head out into the sector and cooperate to resolve the
predominant issues dealing with society (battle, crime, air pollution, poverty, and loads others.),
we needs to be learning cooperative techniques in college.

One in all the highlights of my teenage years became my discovery of the
“Complete Earth Catalog.” I first learn of it in — of all issues —
“Parade” journal (the newspaper Sunday supplement). My first exposure
to it seemed like a bonanza — I learned in regards to the generalist Bucky
Fuller, the science of cybernetics, and editor Stewart Stamp’s obsession
with “determining complete techniques.” It became my curriculum for
changing into a Renaissance Man.

Being heart class supposed shining the importance of a liberal
arts training. The query became never “if” but “where” I’d
jog to college. I researched experimental colleges, and chose the
University of California’s most up-to-date campus, Santa Cruz, for its
redwood forest, “living learning ambiance” and Cross/Fail grades
(later Cross/No File, i.e., as soon as you didn’t cross they tore up the
kinds), and I chose Kresge College for its theme “man and his
ambiance” (later changed to “individuals and their ambiance”
in regards to the time the college created one among the first Females’s Analysis
majors in The United States).

I started by majoring in math, the instrument of all sciences (I became told)
but started attempting round for a technique to stumble on “complete techniques.”
there became a “computer science” department, later changed to
“recordsdata and computer science” and then to correct “recordsdata
science.” A college member outlined to me that it wasn’t
“chemistry and check tube science.” From them I took a class
known as “principle of recordsdata and conversation.” It wasn’t
what I became looking ahead to. But one more Kresge pupil, Carter de Paul,
took the equal class. “Big title, huh?” he stated of it. I
learned a lot about detrimental entropy, and the work of Bell Labs
engineer Claude Shannon. (Scroll correct down to Figure 5 in the hyperlink under.)

( http://home.mira.procure/~reynella/debate/shannon.htm )

My sequence of math predominant programs took me thru calculus to
linear algebra, which I didn’t procure the least bit, and conception became
completely accumulated from truth. I dropped the class and switched
majors to physics. (Minute did I do know that they had been instructing me
Traditional Differential Equations, ODEs, the considerable language of
fashioned techniques principle! On the time it became a taboo in math
training to mention what the tools had been correct for.)

“Calculus of blueprint became a idea developed over many
years by the cybernetic wizard Warren McCulloch.”

— Paul Ryan, 1971
“Cybernetic, Guerrilla Wrestle”
in “Radical Instrument” v. 1 n. 3

( )

The first time I realized the title Gregory Bateson became in a
newspaper-sized newsprint periodical about community video and
the usage of the novel Sony Portapak to realize social switch, known as
“Radical Instrument.”

( )

I got volume 1 quantity 3, dated April 1971, a whereas in 1973 or 74.
(I mediate I will have bought it throughout a pilgrimage to the Complete Earth
Truck Retailer in Menlo Park, where the Complete Earth Catalog became printed.)

( )

One in the entirety I realized upright off became the “Xerox mark,” a
circle with an X inside that supposed “please reproduction,” by analogy to
the copyright symbol.

( )

It reminded me at the time of “copyleft,” and reminds me nowadays of the
Gnu Public License (GPL).

( )

But there became an exception. There became one article that had a
fashioned copyright, known as “Restructuring the Ecology of a Big
City.” A recount stated the creator “wrote us to command that whereas
he had no objection to his portion running below a xerox mark,
that may per chance sarcastically jog away him commence to being ripped-off by
copyright felony guidelines.” I believed to myself, “wow, what a paranoid.”
But I learn the article, to gape what the total freakin’ fuss became
over. The article had some attention-grabbing concepts:

a city needing a “flexibility budget”
the metaphor of a mobile phone switch with all circuits busy,
on the threshold of “jamming” representing running out
of flexibility
the Zen aphorism “To alter into familiar with one thing is a
terrifying ingredient” as a warning in opposition to inflexibility

Years later I noticed this became the first article I ever learn
by Gregory Bateson.

Within the drop of 1973 Gregory Bateson came to Kresge. There became
a limited of protection in the college press. It barely precipitated a
blip in my radar. Some supposed deep-thinker became going in
one among the three on-campus college flats. Browsing the
campus “Bay Tree Book shop” in the future, I took negate upon his book,
“Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Mild Essays in Anthropology,
Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology” (1972).

( )

I flipped thru it half of-heartedly. “It seems as if b—s— to
me,” I endure in mind pondering. I imagine I became a limited desensitized by the
substantial quantity of steady b—s— floating round at the time. For
instance, that identical self-discipline of “Radical Instrument” that had the
Bateson article moreover had a piece of writing known as “Media Ecology” by
Raymond Arlo, which included this:

Line vs. Grid
Consecutive vs. Simultaneous
Particular person vs. Series
Segregated vs. Constructed-in
Route vs. Attitude

Sounds correct, but how will you checklist if it formula one thing? Are the
items on the left “outdated skool college” and to be shunned, whereas those on
the upright are “hip novel metaphors” ready to sing us?
No subject.

The first steady solid clue I had that Bateson had one thing
considerable to command became an switch in the Kresge College
newsletter, which I became bettering at the time. I known because it
“The Kresge Klein.” (The outdated 12 months the self-described
“gonzo journalists” who edited it known because it the “Kresge Clone”
for reasons that had been never determined. I known because it the “Klein”
to be “an inside joke without a inside,” after the Klein bottle
without a inside.) Unfortunately I only have the Third and 4th
letters in the sequence, but I buy the the first letter became
a fashioned demand enter on the limitless technique of
reforming the college curriculum to form it more “associated,”
and the 2nd became a immediate response from Bateson asserting we
may per chance peaceable leer to coach college students to name the “non trivial”
as smartly as Leonard da Vinci may per chance. The above-mentioned
recordsdata principle pupil wished more detail. He wrote:

an commence letter to gregory bateson c/o the KLEIN


The vogue to admire the Non Trivial because the Kresge College
Curriculum? If YOU are extreme, relate more… (It sounds too
attention-grabbing, too purposeful, too associated to an engrossing
training, to be doable — if i commence up to comprehend what
you would very smartly be talking about…) What are you talking about?

OK, what DID leonardo know that we now have never been told ? ? ?

carter de paul

To which Bateson answered:

The Non-Trivial

Pricey Klein, 4 February 1974

Carter de Paul says I could per chance peaceable point to — nearly challenges me.

What did Leonardo know that Kresge college students aren’t told – ?

How did it occur that his Notebooks are filled with entries
dealing with, e.g., waves, the circulation of blood, the character
of visible pictures, and loads others. — issues that are nowadays the cornerstones
of science? How did he know that these explicit issues had been

And what make of curriculum (substandard note) may per chance endow
about a Kresge individuals with a an identical ability to have hunches
figuring out the non-trivial? That will indeed be an training
for dedication.

So, let’s acquire a 14th-century gape at the above examples.

1. WAVES are make of humps which pass on the skin
of water. But what strikes? The substance, the water to
which the attribute “humpiness” is attached, stays in its
negate. Most attention-grabbing the make of the wave strikes. “It” (to what
does this pronoun refer?) is definitely correct like “you”
and “me” — eating up and incorporating novel substance
from 2nd to 2nd, and excreting the outdated skool from 2nd
to 2nd. To what then raise out these pronouns, “you” and “me”,
refer? To wandering shapes?

2. CIRCULATION OF BLOOD. Leonardo incidentally had
be troubled with this one. He nicked a blood vessel in his
dissection of the lung and believed that the blood has
reveal contact with the air in the lung. But he became
peaceable upright: logistics is a non-trivial ingredient of
existence. It integrates.

3. VISUAL IMAGES. That’s a no longer easy one. Leonardo
conception the air between you and me became filled with pictures and
that my peep caught pictures of you — like a make of
butterfly procure, and your eyes like butterfly nets caught
pictures of me. But he moreover knew that light became one design or the other
the substance of which pictures had been made and he conception
that the peep puts out make of tendrils of light to feel
what is round us. Needless to claim any Kresge pupil may per chance
checklist Leonardo became depraved, but — correct what are visible
pictures? No longer on the retina, for those you raise out no longer gaze.
But in the brain?

Converse me where is Admire bred
Or in the coronary heart or in the head
How begot? How nourished?
Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

It is engendered in the eyes,
With looking out at fed. And Admire dies
Within the cradle where it lies.
Enable us to all ring Admire’s knell.
I will commence up it — ding, dong, bell.

Shakespeare, too, may per chance be troubled a non-trivial dilemma when he
saw one. With a metaphor stable ample to blow your mind he
connects visible image formation with reproduction. It is
begot. It is a chunk of one. And how is it that my upright arm is
a image of my left?

This argument ends in a curriculum or “predominant” in
experimental philosophy or empirical epistemology.

Very refined to coach due to its self-discipline subject
may per chance be the entirety and its connectedness rather intangible.
When considered in the light of that connectedness, the entirety
turns into non-trivial. Some issues illustrate connectedness
more vividly, but only the connectedness issues.

“An easiest simplicity costing no longer much less than the entirety.”

Gregory Bateson

I endure in mind pondering this became some honest correct stuff.

Residing on campus (round a corner and two doorways down from me),
Gregory and his essential other Lois regarded for excuses to have interplay with college students.
They started having weekly “rap sessions” in their home. Within the starting up
I stayed away. But then I made up my mind to audition for a segment in the
play “The True Inspector Hound” (1970) by Tom Stoppard.

( )

I became up for ther segment of Inspector Hound (but no longer, it appears,
the REAL Inspector Hound) in a normal British drawing room
waste mystery with some “meta” twists. I’d prefer to raise out a British
accent. Bateson became Cambridge-trained and had correct the sound I
wished. I went to a rap session to listen to to his accent.

I noticed later that this wasn’t correct a “hold round” occasion
or a “meet and greet” session; he became, in a low-key design,
recruiting college students. The discussion turned to myths. Many
of us had been taking Michael Kahn’s “Psych 5 – Humanistic Psychology”
class, and had learn Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With a Thousand
Faces” (1972)

( )

which talked in regards to the universal structure of all world myths, what
he known as the “monomyth.” I piped up about how “the Wizard of Oz”
became an American model of the memoir, with Dorothy because the Hero. I
had been extremely influenced rising up by the 1939 Judy Garland movie,

( )

in step with “The Supreme Wizard of Oz” (1900) by L. Frank Baum.

( )

Bateson identified that only in the American model of the memoir
became the wizard a FAKE! That’s what made it uniquely American!
And he laughed.

I enjoyed it, but no longer ample to head abet. I dunno, per chance I became
too proud. I felt like I already had too many guru-like
professors to acquire from at UCSC (Michael Kahn, John Grinder,
William Everson) and wasn’t alive to to add but any other to the checklist.

A month or two later college ended, concluding the spring quarter 1974.
I got the segment of Inspector Hound (no longer the particular…) and signed up
for summer college lessons, one in writing and a lit. class on
“the demonic hero.” Forward of summer college started I took a scuttle
abet to my home city of San Diego to keep up a correspondence about with family and chums.
Wayne and Eric, two of my chums from high college, had been living
in a home Wayne’d bought that they known as “Wayne’s Oasis.” They
had a puny social gathering that weekend and I became inserting out. “Get you ever viewed
this?” Wayne requested, and handed me a novel book by Stewart Stamp, editor
of the “Complete Earth Catalog,” known as “II Cybernetic Frontiers” (1974).

( )

The book, on the puny facet, consisted of two articles Stamp had
written no longer too lengthy ago: “SPACEWAR — Fanatic Lifestyles and Symbolic Loss of life
Amongst the Pc Bums” (1972, Rolling Stone journal)

( )

and “Both Sides of the Compulsory Paradox (Conversations With Gregory
Bateson)” (1973, Harper’s Weekly).

( )

I became astonished. I sat down in Wayne’s lounge and skim the
complete book straight thru on the be troubled, whereas my chums played
with pale computer techniques (I mediate there became a Radio Shack TRS-80
there as smartly as an IMSAI with “dazzler” video card). Wayne had
been mostly occupied with the “Spacewar” article, partly due to
he’d played a an identical sport at Grossmont College in the electronics
lab there. But right here in the “Paradox” my most credible reporter
on all issues cybernetic, Stewart Stamp, became crowning Bateson
king of complete techniques, and he’d been upright below my nostril for
nine months! (Literally — I’d been living in a loft in home
187 that regarded down on his college negate of job window.)

One in all the recordsdata mentioned in the article became “deutero-learning”
or “learning II,” learning to learn. (When individuals talking about
the “learning curve” — and in most cases they’ve no idea what they’re
talking about — they are relating to a make of “urban legend”
derivation of Bateson’s concepts of learning II.) An instance of
this became given in a memoir of a dolphin who became — with some
scenario — trained to raise out one thing “novel” on cue. (This memoir
appears on-line, paraphrased as “The Parable of the Porpoise” at
the web set of abode.)

( )

About 3 AM I finished reading the book on Wayne’s sofa and became
fine to come abet to Kresge and stumble on below this sizable cyberneticist.
But when I jog abet, and told Bateson of my conception, he proposed that
I commence up out by reading the total works of Dickens, urged
that per chance I became ready for a “psychotic break,” gave me a reproduction of
of a book he’d edited for me to learn, “Percival’s Account: A
Patient’s Account of His Psychosis 1830-1832” (1961),

( )

and took off to use the summer living with some Indians.

“A metalogue is a conversation about some problematic self-discipline.
This conversation needs to be such that no longer only raise out the contributors
focus on the dilemma however the structure of the conversation as a
complete is moreover associated to the equal self-discipline.”

— “Steps to an Ecology of Mind,” Section I, Page 1

I never did learn the Dickens or “Percival’s Account,” which
Bateson insisted became considerable for the reason that schizophrenia affected person
creator became sing and too early historically to be corrupted
by Freud’s concepts. And I wasn’t very occupied with having a
“psychotic break,” due to I knew how society ostracizes individuals
perceived as having psychological sickness. I peaceable remembered the Thomas
Eagleton scandal throughout the 1972 George McGovern presidential

But what I did raise out became commence up inserting round his negate of job, where his
secretary, Judith Van Slooten, became working for the summer. I
mentioned how my pupil home had regarded into his college
negate of job. Smartly, throughout the summer, the college moved me to a
diversified home, and moved Bateson into a sure negate of job,
and I STILL regarded into his negate of job, across a puny courtyard
from my lounge. I could per chance gaze if Judith became in. When I
played my Seashore Boys tape she requested me to stay the audio system
in the window. She became an supreme attempting blonde surfer chick who
had reached heart age. When I saw her in the window I’d
demand if I could per chance come over, and he or she would checklist me whether she
became too busy.

Judith became the person I could per chance talk to about Bateson’s concepts.
She wasn’t assigned to be his secretary out of a pool — she worked
for him, no longer the college — and he or she told me that after she’d learn
some of his work she confirmed up and launched she became changing into his
secretary. She bragged that Gregory had been engaged on a
series of essays he known as “Steps In direction of an Ecology of Mind,”
and he or she’d cheerful him to switch “In direction of” to be “To,” since she
stated he’d gotten there. She moreover wrote the uncredited blurb on the
first page of the book, the one who begins:

“Here is the book which develops a novel design of pondering…”

And he or she gave me a reproduction of “Steps…” to learn. I started at the
starting. The first share, his father/daughter metalogues,
had been appetizing — more or much less like eating dessert first. But then
I got into the share on “Invent and Sample in Anthropology”
and started reading about “schizmogenesis” and slowed down.
(This early writing became from a time when Bateson didn’t but
know the language of cybernetics, definite and detrimental feedback,
and loads others., and so became struggling to explicit novel concepts.)

I spent the bulk of the summer at rehearsals for the play, and
inserting out afterwards until the wee hours at The Crepe Place apart of living
with the replace actors, paying consideration to Stevie Wonder’s “Hotter
Than July” and smoking Sherman cigarettes, which one among the
actors inclined as props.

( )

I slept in a lot, lacking lessons, and had be troubled doing the
assigned reading (which included “Paradise Lost” and “Moby Dick”)
for the “demonic hero” class. I did be troubled up to learn an optional
book, though, “Frankenstein” (1818) by Mary Shelley.

( )

When “The True Inspector Hound” started performances, my individuals
flew up from San Diego to gape me in it, and stayed in my pupil
home. I imagine Nixon had correct resigned, or became about to.
All The United States became on edge about that. I became moreover on edge due to
I needed to checklist my individuals that I became flunking the summer college
lessons they’d paid for me to acquire. I could per chance no longer sleep. I knew they
had been sleeping in my room whereas I camped out on my lounge ground,
and I whereas I paced round the lounge freaking out I began to
mediate I understood why Frankenstein’s monster wished to waste his
creator. I felt guilt at this practice of conception. Used to be I impending
that “psychotic break” Bateson had prescribed? I became starting up to
realize that this became a code phrase he inclined for “Discovering out III,”
a essential paradigm shift in learning the design in which to learn how one can learn.

Per week later my individuals had been abet in southern California, camping
near a city known as Idylwild in the San Jacinto Mountains, and I
drove up into the mountains to enroll in them. I became sitting and
reading John Lilly’s “The Center of the Cyclone” (1972),

( )

and he talked about astral stride. Bateson had taught me that
all conception became hallucination, and hopefully some of it became
BASED ON truth. I believed that per chance so-known as astral stride
or “out of body” experiences had been correct an alternate design to
gape the recordsdata in the mind, and no person actually “went”
wherever. As I sat pondering this possibility among the
pine trees, I rose up out of my body about 100 feet and regarded
down at myself in the woods. Woah! As quickly as I noticed
what I became doing, I snapped abet down into my body. Satisfactory
of that! I wasn’t going to have no psychotic break, no-siree!
I told my individuals I had to recede, and drove down the mountain.
Halfway down I ended and stood on a boulder, and regarded
at a curious gorgeous orange may per chance hovering over the mountain high.
I believed I became cracking up. This had to be a hallucination.
Hoo boy. I persisted utilizing down onto the flats, and the I
took negate to tune on the radio and hear in regards to the forest fire
engulfing Idylwild and environs.

When I returned to San Diego I went over to my oldest sister’s
home and we tried to procure a assign a sheriff of emergency products and providers
one who may per chance checklist us if our individuals had been OK. Sitting round
talking about childhood memories and reviews alongside with her, I noticed
that I REALLY didn’t need them to die, and I regretting the indolent
practice of conception from per week earlier. (The following morning they
confirmed up, having been evacuated correct earlier than the encroaching fire.)

Smartly that became as discontinuance as I got that summer to a “psychotic
break.” Needless to claim the gorgeous orange cloud WASN’T a hallucination,
but when I’d conception it became, a humorous shift became going on in my
brain. I felt ready to receive novel concepts about concepts.

Within the drop of 1974, Stewart Stamp, who’d shut down the “Complete Earth
Catalog” in 1972, came out with its sequel, “The Complete Earth Epilog.”

( )

On the first page of the “Complete Programs” share at the starting,
in what at risk of be the Bucky Fuller be troubled, became a page devoted to the
concepts of Gregory Bateson. Stamp wrote:

By design of Gregory I became cheerful that rather more of complete
techniques would be understood than I believed — that mysticism,
mood, lack of info, and paradox would be rigorous, to illustrate,
and that per chance the most potent instrument for grasping these essences —
these affect nets — is cybernetics.

Bateson is accountable for a replace of formal discoveries,
most notably the “Double Bind” principle of schizophrenia.
As an anthropologist he did pioneer work in Novel Guinea and
(with Margaret Mead) in Bali. He participated in the Macy
Foundation meetings that founded the science of cybernetics,
but kept a wholesome distance from computer techniques. He wandered
thornily out and in of diverse disciplines — biology,
ethnology, linguistics, epistemology, psychotherapy — and
left each and every of them altered with his passage.

In recommending this book, I’ve learned to signify that it
be learn backwards. Be taught the sizzling immense analyses of mind
and ecology at the terminate of the book and then work abet to
gaze where the premises come from.

Stable medication.

( )

Also the college moved me abet into home 187, and Bateson abet
into his outdated negate of job, so I but all any other time regarded upright into his window.
And, at final, I started finding out below him, taking his peep path
“Ecology of Mind” in the Kresge auditorium, which we known as the “City
Hall” (or in most cases “Clown Hall”).


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Copyright 2004 by Alan B. Scrivener

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