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Cloudflare Launches Durable Objects Beta (Expanding ‘Workers’ Capabilities)


We’re expanding what it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps possibly invent with Workers to encompass employ conditions requiring synchronization across loads of Workers and storage employ-conditions that can’t be solved with Workers KV.

Sturdy Objects provide:

  • Strongly Consistent Storage: Sturdy Objects provide get right of entry to to a strongly consistent key-cost storage API.

  • Synchronized Score entry to: Each and every Worker quiz of for a whisper Sturdy Object is routed to the identical instance, taking into legend coordination across many Workers.

  • Scalability: A single Sturdy Object has on the subject of zero overhead. Applications can spread info get right of entry to across many Sturdy Objects directly and let the Workers platform handle scaling – without caring about partitioning info or selecting instance sizes.

  • Incandescent Distribution: Files is stored in the Cloudflare level-of-presence closest to where it’s miles accessed by the highest-individual.

  • Familiarity: Sturdy Objects are outlined by Javascript lessons, steady like objects in an object-oriented programming model.

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