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“Code is a liability, not an asset”


I loved this quote from the book Software program Engineering at Google. Realized it a indispensable reminder.

Earlier we made the assertion that “code is a authorized responsibility, now not an asset.” If that’s staunch, why have we spent most of this book discussing basically the most ambiance commended procedure to carry out software program methods that could are residing for many years? Why keep all that effort into rising more code when it’s simply going to cease up on the authorized responsibility facet of the balance sheet? Code itself doesn’t bring price: it is the efficiency that it offers that brings price. That efficiency is an asset if it meets a user need: the code that implements this efficiency is exclusively a mode to that cease. If shall we procure the identical efficiency from a single line of maintainable, understandable code as 10,000 lines of convoluted spaghetti code, we would make a selection the dilapidated. Code itself carries a price — the more bright the code is, while declaring the identical amount of efficiency, the upper.

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