Control a website by rising your hand. (JavaScript library for hand detection)


Birth your hand if you occur to hope to call an motion, and shut it when the motion is total. It be that easy.

Are attempting it out

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari

HandJS is used solely for communication with the machine in use.

None of your knowledge is being recorded or transmitted.

Lift your hand…

…to survey it in work.

Can rep to you ogle the hand icon…

…that’s the smallest dimension of the hand that would possibly perhaps be detected.

…ought to continually face upwards.

Left hand or the wonderful one…

That is it. You are ready to roam



Enrich pages within minutes:

var handJS = original HandJS(motion => 
    if (motion === 'HandDetected') 
        console.log('Hand detected :-)');
        console.log('Hand misplaced :-(');

        .prefer(/address error */);

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