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Debian 10.6


September 26th, 2020

The Debian mission is chuffed to train the sixth update of its
genuine distribution Debian 10 (codename buster).
This level open essentially provides corrections for security complications,
alongside with just a few adjustments for serious complications. Security advisories
bear already been printed individually and are referenced where on hand.

Please blow their private horns that the level open doesn’t constitute a unusual version of Debian
10 however completely updates just some of the functions included. There is
no deserve to throw away damaged-down buster media. After installation,
functions will be upgraded to the hot versions the utilization of an up-to-date Debian

Those who frequently install updates from will no longer bear
to update many functions, and most such updates are
included in the level open.

Fresh installation images will be on hand soon on the stylish areas.

Upgrading an present installation to this revision will be achieved by
pointing the bundle management machine at considered one of Debian’s many HTTP mirrors.
A complete list of mirrors is on hand at:

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This genuine update provides just a few important corrections to the following functions.

Demonstrate that, as a result of form complications, the updates for the cargo, rustc and rustc-bindgen functions are at blow their private horns no longer on hand for the armel architecture.
They’re frequently added at a later date if the complications are resolved.

Package Reason
arch-take a look at Fix detection of s390x every every so incessantly failing
asterisk Fix wreck when negotiating for T.38 with a declined movement [CVE-2019-15297], SIP request can replace tackle of a SIP sight [CVE-2019-18790], AMI particular person can even attain machine commands [CVE-2019-18610], segfault in pjsip blow their private horns historical previous with IPv6 peers
bacula Fix outsized digest strings allow a malicious client to cause a heap overflow in the director’s memory [CVE-2020-11061]
gruesome-recordsdata Change /and loads others/debian_version for the level open
calamares-settings-debian Disable displaymanager module
cargo Fresh upstream open, to strengthen upcoming Firefox ESR versions
chocolate-doom Fix lacking validation [CVE-2020-14983]
chrony Prevent symlink coast when writing to the PID file [CVE-2020-14367]; fix temperature discovering out
debian-installer Change Linux ABI to 4.19.0-11
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild in opposition to proposed-updates
diaspora-installer Use –frozen choice to bundle install to mutter upstream Gemfile.lock; don’t exclude Gemfile.lock all the map by upgrades; don’t overwrite config/oidc_key.pem all the map by upgrades; create config/time desk.yml writeable
dojo Fix prototype pollution in deepCopy procedure [CVE-2020-5258] and in jqMix procedure [CVE-2020-5259]
dovecot Fix dsync sieve filter sync regression; fix handling of getpwent consequence in userdb-passwd
facter Alternate Google GCE Metadata endpoint from v1beta1 to v1
gnome-maps Fix a venture with misaligned shape layer rendering
gnome-shell LoginDialog: Reset auth suggested on VT switch previous to fade in [CVE-2020-17489]
gnome-weather Prevent a wreck when the configured living of areas are invalid
relate Use safeLoad when loading YAML recordsdata [CVE-2020-7729]
gssdp Fresh upstream genuine open
gupnp Fresh upstream genuine open; forestall the CallStranger assault [CVE-2020-12695]; require GSSDP 1.0.5
haproxy logrotate.conf: mutter rsyslog helper as an different of SysV init script; reject messages where chunked is lacking from Switch-Encoding [CVE-2019-18277]
icinga2 Fix symlink assault [CVE-2020-14004]
incron Fix cleanup of zombie processes
inetutils Fix some distance flung code execution venture [CVE-2020-10188]
libcommons-compress-java Fix denial of provider venture [CVE-2019-12402]
libdbi-perl Fix memory corruption in XS functions when Perl stack is reallocated [CVE-2020-14392]; fix a buffer overflow on an overlong DBD class title [CVE-2020-14393]; fix a NULL profile dereference in dbi_profile() [CVE-2019-20919]
libvncserver libvncclient: bail out if UNIX socket title would overflow [CVE-2019-20839]; fix pointer aliasing/alignment venture [CVE-2020-14399]; restrict max textchat size [CVE-2020-14405]; libvncserver: add lacking NULL pointer checks [CVE-2020-14397]; fix pointer aliasing/alignment venture [CVE-2020-14400]; scale: solid to 64 bit previous to shifting [CVE-2020-14401]; forestall OOB accesses [CVE-2020-14402 CVE-2020-14403 CVE-2020-14404]
libx11 Fix integer overflows [CVE-2020-14344 CVE-2020-14363]
lighttpd Backport a total lot of usability and security fixes
linux Fresh upstream genuine open; enlarge ABI to 11
linux-most up-to-date Change for -11 Linux kernel ABI
linux-signed-amd64 Fresh upstream genuine open
linux-signed-arm64 Fresh upstream genuine open
linux-signed-i386 Fresh upstream genuine open
llvm-toolchain-7 Fresh upstream open, to strengthen upcoming Firefox ESR versions; fix bugs affecting rustc form
lucene-solr Fix security venture in DataImportHandler configuration handling [CVE-2019-0193]
milkytracker Fix heap overflow [CVE-2019-14464], stack overflow [CVE-2019-14496], heap overflow [CVE-2019-14497], mutter after free [CVE-2020-15569]
node-bl Fix over-read vulnerability [CVE-2020-8244]
node-elliptic Prevent malleability and overflows [CVE-2020-13822]
node-mysql Add localInfile choice to manipulate LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE [CVE-2019-14939]
node-url-parse Fix insufficient validation and sanitization of particular person enter [CVE-2020-8124]
npm Web no longer blow their private horns password in logs [CVE-2020-15095]
orocos-kdl Retract away disclose inclusion of default contain path, fixing complications with cmake < 3.16
postgresql-11 Fresh upstream genuine open; living a genuine search_path in logical replication walsenders and apply workers [CVE-2020-14349]; create contrib modules’ installation scripts more genuine [CVE-2020-14350]
postgresql-stylish Web no longer tumble plpgsql previous to testing extensions
pyzmq Asyncio: look forward to POLLOUT on sender in can_connect
qt4-x11 Fix buffer overflow in XBM parser [CVE-2020-17507]
qtbase-opensource-src Fix buffer overflow in XBM parser [CVE-2020-17507]; fix clipboard breaking when timer wraps after 50 days
ros-actionlib Load YAML safely [CVE-2020-10289]
rustc Fresh upstream open, to strengthen upcoming Firefox ESR versions
rust-cbindgen Fresh upstream open, to strengthen upcoming Firefox ESR versions
ruby-ronn Fix handling of UTF-8 hiss in manpages
s390-instruments Hardcode perl dependency as an different of the utilization of ${perl:Depends upon}, fixing installation below debootstrap

Security Updates

This revision provides the following security updates to the genuine open.
The Security Team has already launched an advisory for every of these

Debian Installer

The installer has been up thus some distance to incorporate the fixes integrated
into genuine by the level open.


Your total lists of functions which bear modified with this revision:

The unusual genuine distribution:

Proposed updates to the genuine distribution:

genuine distribution info (open notes, errata and loads others.):

Security announcements and info:

About Debian

The Debian Project is an association of Free Instrument builders who
volunteer their time and effort in repeat to make the entirely
free operating machine Debian.

Contact Knowledge

For additonal info, please consult with the Debian web pages at, ship mail to , or contact the genuine open crew at

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