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Easy Trick to Reduce APK Size on Android

Reduce APK Size on Android

I’m one amongst other folks who deem valid graphics are needed to valid UI/UX, if outdated faculty correctly. Whilst you’ve outdated faculty Snap Search, you’ll obtain a whole bunch banners and vector images outdated faculty throughout the app. On the opposite hand, it comes with a genuinely evident bother: loading colossal images can decelerate your app, and amplify the apk size. I if truth be told have a whole 321 files within the drawable folder for Snap Search, and the next method is my uncomplicated trick to within the reduction of APK size on Android.

For these which can seemingly perchance be in a trail and fair must are privy to it quick, these are the steps I be aware:

  • Save your picture as a .png file
  • Compress your picture the expend of TinyPNG
  • Add the compressed picture to your drawable folder
  • Merely click on on file, have interaction out ‘Convert o WebP’

This whole route of, on a median compresses the picture by nearly 80-90%. The shots enact NOT lose any quality the least bit, and your UI is aloof quick and responsive to load and expend.

Let’s take a look at an instance:

Instance to Decrease APK Measurement

Here’s an instance of a picture in Snap Search, highlighting one amongst the highest class capabilities ( there are loads of ):

Premium banner Snap Search original

The above picture is the modern picture and has a size of 115.3KB and its customary dimensions are 986×320.

Now, I’m going so that you can add the identical picture to TinyPNG and compress it there.

TinyPNG compress image
Premium banner Snap Search compressed

Post the conversion, its original size is 37.1KB. Test out the screenshot below for a earlier than after main capabilities of the shots:

Before after details of images

If you’ve obtained the original compressed picture, plug ahead and import it into your drawables folder. As soon as that’s carried out, let’s compress it into a WebP picture.

Converting images to WebP have their contain benefits, it affords lossless conversion with upto 3x smaller file sizes when put next with PNG images and supports transparency too.

By doing the above steps for the whole images I expend in Snap Search, I’ve managed to within the reduction of the APK size from 15.6MB to 6.3MB. The monitors moreover masses sooner now. These are only a pair of of the stuff that one has to focal level on and would possibly seemingly have an effect on the customers expertise in a immense system. Resulting from of this, I can repeatedly boast of Snap Search being the kind of tiny download when put next with various browsers even though it indubitably has system more capabilities when put next with them.

I am hoping you discovered it necessary 🙂

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