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FreePN: Open-source peer-to-peer VPN service


Most standard version

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Ubuntu (& derivatives)

20.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS

Gentoo (& derivatives)

Most standard (rolling free up)

Debian (& derivatives)

Coming soon

Fedora (& derivatives)

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Arch Linux (& derivatives)

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Altering the sport

A brand fresh place of VPN.


Entirely free.

🆓 FreePN is 100% free. It be no longer freemium, it be free. Free as in speech. FreePN costs nothing, and continuously will. No bank card, no story, no label, no pick.


Fully unlimited.

📺 No bandwidth caps. No throttling. Movement all day, and download away. Unlike other VPNs, FreePN might per chance per chance per chance also just no longer ever bottleneck your connection.


Extremely proper.

🔒 FreePN uses AES 256-bit encryption on all network traffic, so that you just’ll also rest assured that as prolonged as you are connected, you are proper.


Totally anonymous.

👻 Constructed on the detect-to-detect principles of Tor, FreePN is mainly the most helpful entirely anonymous VPN. FreePN by no methodology logs your IP or tracks your process.

💸 Entirely free, eternally 💸

Why FreePN

The Free Privacy Network.

🌟 FreePN is the first entirely free, entirely start network dedicated to retaining your online privacy. Joining the network is easy: appropriate download and install the app. No accounts, no registration, no setup. Whenever you open the app, you are already proper. It be that simple. FreePN’s code is additionally entirely start-source. You develop no longer comprise to trust what we’re announcing about privacy – you’ll also survey for your self.


Browse with out limit.

🌎 With FreePN, you’ll also stream your favorite reveal material — like Netflix, Disney+, or Spotify — from anywhere on this planet, bypass local authorities censorship on apps and web sites, and defeat ISP bandwidth throttling.


Supply protection to your privacy.

😌 Internet providers, network operators, ad companies and products, governments, and hackers can all note & video show your process online. FreePN shields your knowledge from prying eyes, giving you peace of solutions.

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