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FSF’s High Priority Projects committee solicits input for next round of updates


This announcement modified into written collaboratively by the volunteer High
Precedence Projects committee and the FSF.

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The High Precedence Free Instrument Projects (HPP) initiative
attracts attention to areas of improvement to the HPP list and particular projects of
generous strategic importance to the aim of freedom for all
computer users. Longtime committee member Benjamin Mako Hill talked about
beforehand that an “updated High Precedence Projects list is a
description of the most effective threats, and most excessive
opportunities, that free tool faces within the stylish computing
panorama.” As computing is more ubiquitous than ever, the HPP
list must replicate ongoing changes in priorities for the free
tool movement. The committee is initiating the brand new strategy of
updating the HPP, and we want your input.

Fifteen years ago, the first model of the HPP list debuted
with perfect four projects, three of them linked to Java. Eighteen
months later, Sun started to free Java users, proving the
energy of advocacy campaigns for free tool. Another example
of the effectiveness of the list is when the HPP list called for
a donor and contact administration system, which modified into then promptly
acted on by the developers of CiviCRM, who delivered
the database administration system that is currently composed in use by
the FSF and more than eleven thousand other nonprofit or
governmental organizations. The list’s persuasive powers can relief
manual existing projects, developers in quest of a new project,
investors, and volunteers to inform their focal level toward these
projects that will relate the greatest earnings to individual freedom.

There are indisputably thousands of free tool projects that
are excessive precedence, every having the aptitude to displace nonfree
programs and considerably enlarge the liberty of computer users
worldwide. The HPP list will never be entirely complete or
adequate to handle all existing tool freedom issues. The
seemingly payment is its ability to bring attention to a pretty
small different of projects of generous strategic importance to the
aim of freedom for all computer users. In step with a write-up
for a outdated iteration
of the list, projects can earnings
from a tell on the list because it helps them “tag their
importance,” and the list “has helped entice other developers”
to named projects.

The committee is in quest of your suggestions to bring collectively the list

In 2017, after receiving suggestions from about 150 free tool
community members, intensive updates were made to the HPP
list. Now, a new committee has been assembled to search out out about,
edit, and publish a new list. This committee is
in quest of your suggestions as members of free tool communities
enraged by a sparkling different of issues and problems that you just judge are linked to the HPP.

As in past reboots and revisions of the HPP list, we invite
constructive and crammed with life discussion. We desire to listen to from people
who are living and breathe free tool. We hope that with your relief,
others too will change into empowered, vocal, and valued members of
the free tool movement.

The HPP committee is firstly aloof of the following free
tool activists: Máirín Duffy, Benjamin Mako Hill,
Karen Johnson, Mike Linksvayer, Sean O’Brien,
Lydia Pintscher, Kyle Rankin, Seth Schoen,
Stefanie Whited, and Stefano Zacchiroli.

We want your input! Send your prompt changes for the list to by January 8, 2021.

Be aware, we’re in quest of projects of generous strategic
importance to the aim of freedom for all computer users. We’re in quest of areas where people actually feel they’re intently compelled and even required to use proprietary tool, as effectively as for well-known missing positive aspects in existing free tool, and for problems you watch on the horizon as technology is rising.

Will possess to you desire, we relief you to publish your tips
independently (e.g., for your weblog or social media) and send us a
hyperlink to them. Take into sage that no longer every project of generous
strategic importance to the aim of freedom for all computer
users will be a tool pattern project. We welcome
suggestions of different forms of activism, internal or
external (e.g., making free tool communities salvage for various
members, mandating use of free tool within the public
sector, etc.).

Suggestions for the HPP list are forever welcome. The committee
plans to commence up processing suggestions for this update by January 8, 2021.
Based mostly upon the suggestions we receive, the fresh advise of the
list, and our personal contributions, we are going to publish a considerably
revised list and an prognosis before keeping a crammed with life discussion
at LibrePlanet 2021.

Suggestions for the HPP list as a tool for the free tool movement

We’re going to invent upon the momentum of the suggestions conversations and produce in style
protection and attention to the projects that comprise the HPP
list. As fragment of an ongoing free tool technique for advocacy,
we intend to forever inform attention and belongings toward the listed
projects. In that effort, we’re in quest of input as effectively — how
will we discover the HPP list an tremendous outreach tool for the free
tool movement?

We’re waiting for your suggestions at
as we work on more gargantuan enhancements!

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