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Fun with OpenServer 6 and MergePro


(It is miles a guest post by Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox)

In a most new post about OpenServer and Merge I lined OpenServer 5 and Merge 5.3. Due to the a comment from Uli I no doubt comprise learned about MergePro which appears to be like delight in is a rebranded Win4Lin. Intrigued I desired to strive it in particular that that you would be able to well well be also download it from SCO ftp server as Uli pointed.

I’m going to be the utilization of VMware Fusion on Mac, which is now free for internal most use. They name it Fusion Player, nonetheless unlike Workstation and Player, it has precisely same aspects as non-free Fusion model. For the OS I’m going to use Xinuos OpenServer 6 Definitive, nonetheless you also can without complications download OpenServer 6.0.0Ni from the ftp. I furthermore comprise copies in my archive.

Installation is easy. That you simply would possibly perhaps well well skip licensing and use evaluation license, nonetheless for comfort you also can use following keys:

Xinuos OpenServer 6D2M1: SCO053269 / ejcaagmy

SCO OpenServer 6.0.0Ni: SCO398943 / ysloudwl

If you are placing in 6.0.0Ni you’ll be able to furthermore need MP4 update. 6D2M1 is already patched.

To install MergePro you would favor reproduction this bundle to the host os and install delight in so:

# pkgadd -d /tmp/MergePro-6.3.0-04f_pkgadd.movement

Within the next poke, mount Home windows 2000 or XP SP1 or SP2 ISO and flee:

# loadwinproCD

As soon as Home windows is loaded you would favor install it as a non-root particular person the utilization of:

$ installwinpro

After it’s place in, to flee you form:

$ winpro

Sadly I no doubt comprise didn’t install Home windows XP with diversity of errors and blue monitors. Home windows 2000 works qualified, however it no doubt feels bit sluggish and mouse click on doesn’t the least bit times register. It appears to be like delight in there are some form of Home windows Customer Additions being injected in to the OS so one would request this to work ideal qualified.

At some stage in startup I no doubt comprise observed that MergePro installs and makes use of KQEMU kernel module. Additionally this veil appears to be like suspiciously familiar… where did I look this before?

The BIOS and VGABios look undoubtedly stolen from Bochs. HDD controllers look delight in Win4Lin. I’m now not going to transfer in to deeper prognosis of what MergePro is manufactured from today. Looks to be like delight in a subject matter for one other article or even better – your feedback 🙂

Additionally in the event you wish to comprise to license the reproduction of Merge use following key:

MergePro 6.3.0f: SCO138318 / bhtecusg

Eventually for the sluggish here is completely place in OVA, password is root/root and tenox/tenox for the customary particular person.

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