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Get Your Facebook Account in ‘Good Standing’ Before Buying Oculus Quest 2


Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Actuality at Facebook, did a video AMA on his Instagram and equipped a response to a count on about users with problems gaining access to Facebook accounts, which capacity that truth limiting access to a Quest 2 which requires its use.

Contemporary Oculus Quest 2 owners can log in with Facebook, or present Oculus users can merge their Facebook memoir with their Oculus one. Facebook hasn’t acknowledged particularly what number of investors had been tormented by log in points, citing that it’s a “small quantity”.

In his Instagram AMA, Boz responded to a count on from Benjamin Bega when it comes to reports that some users who safe a original Facebook memoir, or re-spark off a in actuality primitive memoir, to use an Oculus Quest 2 are getting their accounts rapid suspended.

Boz gave me 3 clips of replies when all americans else obtained one, does this originate me particular? @hmltn @gemisisDev

— Benjamin Bega (@thebigdev433) October 16, 2020

This will perchance well additionally merely be administered robotically by a machine discovering out agent, and the handbook overview process for suspensions might perchance perchance well even be sophisticated and prolonged. We’ve detailed the whole files, reports from users and the pleasant response from Facebook here.

Right here’s the beefy count on and response, transcribed:

Request: Any observe on americans getting their Facebook accounts banned, making quest unnecessary?

Boz: Yeah of direction, we’ve been tracking this from day one in actuality carefully, following up with every single person case that comes all the procedure thru.

The quantity of cases isn’t neat, nonetheless of direction the influence is gargantuan on those americans and we expend that in actual fact severely. Every single person in VR issues to us.

So I mean I judge americans might perchance perchance well additionally merely nonetheless proceed to be distinct their Facebook accounts are in correct standing sooner than they take care of the headset. They’ll work thru those problems sooner than they conclude it.

And 2d of all is we are working in actuality rapid thru those and resolving all those points that arrive up. There are Facebook memoir points that can perchance well even be solved and we’re working thru them.

But I are attempting to point out here’s terribly basic – Google, Apple, Xbox, rep a favorite. They originate you signal in with an memoir and there’s a reason of that. We safe to give higher providers and products that manner and stronger ensures around issues admire files security, and compliance with regulations. So I’m a wide fan of this transfer, even nonetheless.

The Oculus Quest 2 is on hand now. You can read our overview here, and browse extra regarding the Facebook memoir verification pain here.

Thanks to Benjamin Bega for sending in the count on and alerting UploadVR to Boz’s response. 

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