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Gravity is not a force – free-fall parabolas are straight lines in spacetime


(Canvas drawing no longer supported by your browser.)

Commerce the physique acceleration:

Trudge the time window:


Below customary relativity, gravity is no longer a force. In its set up it is a distortion of spacetime. Objects in free-descend cross along geodesics (straight traces) in spacetime, as viewed within the inertial physique of reference on the attractive. When standing on Earth we expertise a physique of reference that is accelerating upwards, inflicting objects in free-descend to cross along parabolas, as viewed within the accelerating physique of reference on the left.

On this kind there’s handiest one situation dimension, confirmed on the vertical axis and labeled in meters. The time dimension is the horizontal axis and labeled in seconds.

Expend the first slider to change the acceleration of the physique of reference within the heart. When the physique has zero acceleration it is speculated to be an inertial physique of reference.

Expend the second slider to cross the time window. Repeat that all the trajectories dwell as straight traces within the inertial physique of reference.

Chances are high you’ll maybe well maybe maybe plod the initiate and end situation of every object to change their trajectories. All free-descend trajectories within the inertial physique of reference are straight traces.

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