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Hide secret messages in your tweets


Disguise secret messages to your tweets (or any text) with steg-of-the-dump.js.


Hidden Message

Warning: No longer all of Hidden Message saved in tweet. Add more text (e.g. spaces) to Tweet, or decrease text in Hidden Message.



How does this work?

The letters of your tweet are changed with identical having a gaze letters (Unicode homoglyphs) that are old to mask your hidden message. Hiding messages in messages is known as Steganography.

Hidden messages? But that will mean of us on Twitter could furthermore be duplicitous and two-faced!

I know, groundbreaking stuff.

So right here’s encryption?

No longer in reality, because any individual who is aware of to search your message can pick up it. It is more love writing .

I can use this for any text?

Sort of. If nothing corrupts the text this is in a position to maybe maybe work, and it will work on Twitter and in emails. Fb will perchance grisly the text however.

I can not write some characters into the hidden message

Your hidden message could furthermore only comprise these characters: (-bit charset). This is carried out so that we can retailer longer hidden messages.

When you will want more text then maybe consist of a lowercase url (e.g. from

My tweet doesn’t work / it’s grisly

When you can’t decode your message take a look at that you just copied it correctly from the launch to the fracture, and that you just didn’t reproduction any extra characters.

Subsequent, if entire tweet is aloof grisly then you definately can are attempting manually improving it. I know right here’s demanding but there are technical explanation why right here’s the case (for techy reasoning – click on right here).

To strive to enhance the tweet first are attempting along with spaces at the birth of the tweet. It would support realign the -bit boundary. If the tweet is barely grisly in the heart then are attempting along with spaces to that space of the tweet. Ample success!

Salvage you produce the relaxation salubrious?

Arguably, sure.

I produce React Patterns, HTML/XML utilities, and Docvert (Space of enterprise to XML).

apply me on Twitter @hollowaynz for more JavaScript experiments.

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