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How Egypt is growing forests in middle of the desert


Oct 18, 2020

Increasing a woodland throughout the desolate tract has turn out to be actuality with Egypt eyeing extra of those initiatives to strengthen its economy and wrestle environmental and local weather changes

Egypt has managed to plant bushes in the desolate tract the use of wastewater, as allotment of plans to retain the environment, lower air pollution and optimize the utilization of pure water resources. The Serapium Woodland, which has boomed despite the drought and rainfall deficit, contains 200 hectares (494 acres) of bushes planted in Ismailia city, in northeast Egypt. The woodland has been a critical project that situation a precedent for other initiatives to lower water air pollution and unemployment. 

The Central Administration of Reforestation affiliated with Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture launched work on the Serapium Woodland again in 1998. A documentary modified into once released in 2014 exhibiting the outcomes of this project.

In gentle of the success of the Serapium Woodland project, African countries adopted suit. In 2019, 21 African countries, including Egypt, embarked on a tree-planting project, dubbed the Broad Green Wall. Preparations for the project had started again in 2007. Twelve African countries, including Egypt, launched the project from Nigeria, and soon nine other countries joined the initiative. It starts from Senegal, in the far west of the continent, to Djibouti, in its east.

The project, of which simplest 15% has been done, stretches over almost 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles). It’s scheduled to be done by the high of 2030. The woodland will prolong over 100 million hectares (247 million acres) at an estimated cost of $8 billion.

Ragaei Saafan, project supervisor in Serapium, immediate Al-Note that the use of sewage water to grow a woodland in the desolate tract is a golden knowing and helps enhance the economy. He outlined that the handled sewage water can lend a hand turn out to be easy areas of the Egyptian desolate tract into arable and economically viable areas.

He acknowledged that the evergreen forests would purify the air, wrestle desertification and lend a hand lower the high summer season temperature. He added that there could be a tree leaf cutter machine in the Serapium Woodland, allowing cypress, pine and other deciduous conifers leaves to be outdated skool as fertilizers and feed for the livestock. There could be also a possibility to prefer livestock with none indispensable cost, other than for the potable water, he famend.

Saafan identified that as well to its feature in asserting soil fertility, this woodland serves the local economy. He outlined that a ethical administration would enable some planted bushes, such because the mahogany and camphor, to again as a everlasting source of earnings in Egypt by exporting the bushes or the use of them in the local wood alternate. 

Commenting on how the handled sewage water is channeled to Serapium Woodland, Saafan outlined that the wastewater is channeled in tremendous underground basins high in micro-organisms, and oxygen is pumped to speed up the water purification route of. The water, high in nitrogen and phosphorus, which are ethical for the woodland, is then saved all the map in which thru the woodland. Consistent with him, the bushes have grown four times sooner than in any other woodland in Europe the put the weather is much extra marvelous. Whereas an moderate of 60 years is wanted for a tree in Europe to turn out to be worn, 15 years is greater than ample for the bushes to worn on this woodland.

Commenting on the Ministry of Agriculture’s knowing to place in force the trip in the opposite governorates, Sayed Khalifa, head of the Central Administration for Agricultural Extension at the ministry, immediate Al-Note that the ministry already started a knowing to advertise forests in the moderately about a governorates. He famend that 250 feddans (260 acres) of land in Ballanah in Aswan governorate would per chance be planted with bushes, including palm bushes, after the irrigation network is situation up. 

He added that 40 feddans (42 acres) of bushes are expected to be planted in Armant in Luxor governorate, as well to 300 feddans (311 acres) in el-Belina in Sohag governorate.

Khalifa acknowledged the aim at the again of rising forests in Egypt is to optimize the utilization of handled sewage water, salvage wood and compose unique wood-based fully mostly industries, salvage biofuels, protect the country in opposition to desertification and erosion, resolve the disaster of food security, stabilize sand dunes, protect the coasts and enhance tourism.

Commenting on the desertification rate in Egypt, Abdo Mahmoud, professor of lands compare at the College of Agriculture in Zagazig College, immediate Al-Note that Egypt loses 3.5 feddans (3.6 acres) per hour, which is terribly bad given the restricted agricultural lands all the map in which thru the country, amounting to 4% of Egypt’s total plot.

He accused the successive governments of ignoring the threats of desertification, however at the the same time, he praised the latest critical makes an try to wrestle desertification.

In some unspecified time in the future of a assembly with the minister of water and forests of Cote d’Ivoire, Alain-Richard Donwahi, in October 2018, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ezz El-Din Abu Steit had acknowledged that there are 33 forests all the map in which thru the Egyptian governorates linked to sewage stations, as well to 28 woodland nurseries to salvage forests with seedlings.

The minister added that since Africa is the pure extension of Egypt, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for added cooperation with all African countries, particularly in the agricultural sector, in line with the Heart East Data Agency.

In some unspecified time in the future of a seminar held in 2018 at the Regional Heart for Meals and Feed affiliated with the Agricultural Study Heart, Sisi’s adviser Hani el-Kateb acknowledged that Egypt has no trip in rising forests, even although its weather is marvelous for that. He pressured the need for Egypt to prefer benefit of such weather in rising forests and cited water scarcity and network issues as high obstacles on this regard. He identified that outdated skool Egyptians and Chinese language outdated skool the Phragmites in their irrigation.

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