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How to Teach Yourself Computer Science: A Developer’s 100-Hour Journey


I puzzled for slightly a truly prolonged time: does easiest colorful the fundamentals of computer science aid to alter into the next developer? And will it lift rate to a developer?

Whenever you quiz yourself these questions as properly, and you don’t are looking to invest time (but) into discovering out computer science, right here’s the sage of my ride. In this article, I’ll respond the following questions:

  • Why learn computer science?
  • What became my explore notion?
  • What resources did I expend?
  • Did I learn one thing good that would be transferred to my day to day job as a developer?

I began with this inconceivable list of resources:  say yourself computer science. It’s customarily a guiding theory on suggestions to explore computer science as a gadget engineer, without spending a bunch of cash making an are trying to enter MIT.

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So, why learn computer science by yourself?

That’s a easy but essential inquire: why would we operate that within the essential space?

For every project which requires a sterling quantity of motivation, I are trying first to outline just targets:

  1. Being ready to learn a unusual language / unusual expertise sooner by colorful some core ideas you would say to every language / expertise.
  2. Bettering my determining of decrease abstraction ranges. Concept a little higher “the blueprint it with out a doubt works under the hood” could perhaps toughen my determining and attributable to this truth my efficiency for solving bugs or designing algorithms.
  3. Bettering my logical reasoning abilities to invent my code extra logical as properly.
  4. I take into consideration that determining the underlying ideas is a key for innovating within the construction discipline.
  5. Concept the historical past of the industry: why are we the save we are if truth be told, what operate we operate to toughen the computing world?

Pc science 101: the explore notion

I’m no longer drawn to making an are trying to learn every book about computer science. It’d aloof at the least present me some sense of determining.

That’s why my explore notion enthusiastic about memory retention, determining and building a brief reference about what I’ve discovered, in an effort to return support to it without complications.

  1. I studied about 2 to a few hours every week, hoping on my priorities. I didn’t are looking to operate too mighty and feel burned out and bored to demise by computer science. The biggest part to me became to explore on a typical basis, despite the quantity of time. It’d aloof be one thing I loved doing.
  2. While discovering out unusual discipline cloth, I wrote summaries on it within the operate of mindmaps. This has two advantages: writing helps to be aware what I discovered and I’m succesful of without complications resolve some key ideas once I need them, very posthaste.
  3. My explore time is split in two lessons:
    • Contemporary discovering out (unusual chapter in a book, watching a unusual video direction, doing examples and workout routines)
    • What I call “recordsdata unhealthy resolve.” It’s basically doing (extra) workout routines about the unusual discipline cloth I’ve learn / viewed the week before, reading my mindmaps, and buy a gaze at to be aware what I wrote in it.
  4. Concerning the workout routines, I are trying no longer to spend bigger than 30min on every of them. The design is to wrestle sufficient to be aware the conception that but no longer too mighty to feel burned. It’s a silent steadiness.
  5. I are trying and redo some workout routines I would no longer operate the essential time, days (even weeks) after the diversified makes an are trying, to peek if I my determining improved.

I’m making an are trying to coach some lively discovering out tips by doing as many workout routines as I’m succesful of, and asking myself questions whereas reviewing my mindmaps.

Revisiting what I discovered from one week to the subsequent is mostly, with out a doubt excellent to toughen my memory retention and my determining.

What I’ve performed up to now

motivation to learn discrete Mathematics

Here what I’ve precisely performed throughout these (nearly) 100 hours of computer science explore, in chronological command.

I. Programming (32 hours 55m)

graph pomodoro done overtime programming part
Pomodoro (25 min) performed per week for the Programming part

The article titled “say yourself computer science” specified that I would aloof say “roughly” the command of explore they suggest, foundation by the programming discipline.

Essential Helpful resource: Constructing and Interpretation of Pc Capabilities (SICP)

This book is taken into story by many as the bible every developer could perhaps aloof learn. It’s free and you would salvage the ideal epub and PDF versions right here.

Which you will likely be able to salvage the solutions of the workout routines right here.

I succeeded to operate nearly all workout routines till 1.2.5 Ideal Abnormal Divisors.

Complementary Helpful resource: Berkeley Movies

The flicks are on hand right here. The notes of the direction are right here. Whenever you search some pattern checks from Berkeley, it’s right here.

These are a extraordinarily just correct complement to the book: ideas are explained without asking you too mighty about Mathematics, in contrast with the book. Whenever you are looking to explore the SICP but your mathematical background is no longer sturdy sufficient, merely say this direction. My notes and workout routines are right here.

What I’ve discovered from SICP up to now

  • The foundation of this book is terribly attention-grabbing to in actuality perceive the roots of helpful programming and recursions.
  • It defines a bunch of phrases programmers expend every day, in a extraordinarily accurate manner. Most attention-grabbing to be mighty extra accurate throughout technical discussions.
  • The book pushed my analytic and solving discipline abilities with its workout routines.

What can I expend in accurate lifestyles?

The total discussion about recursion within the book helped me slightly vastly to without complications write them. It’s a topic matter I’ve step by step struggled a little with. Now it’s a traipse to struggle through any discipline I are looking to solve with recursion.

What difficulties did I come upon?

This book is no longer for math haters. It became written for MIT college students who recognize already slightly some mathematical recordsdata. With out this prior recordsdata, the workout routines would be gorgeous refined and frustrating at time.

It became the motive within the support of one other discipline: I spent too mighty time on the workout routines. I would solve most of them however it took me hours in some conditions.

I particular from there that I would no longer spend bigger than 30 minutes on the workout routines to desire the frustration low without discarding the broad safe thing about doing them.

II. Discrete Mathematics (50 hours)

graph pomodoro done overtime programming part
Pomodoro (25min) performed per week for discrete Mathematics

The extra I became reading SICP, the extra I discovered the workout routines refined, particularly since it became going through some mathematical ideas that I became no longer attentive to. Therefore, I particular to pass on and to begin to discovering out the Mathematics discipline.

Essential resource: Discrete mathematics and its applications

Educate yourself computer science advises you to learn the lecture notes by László Lovász, freely on hand right here as a ps doc. I converted it to PDF right here for of us that don’t know what a ps doc is. I didn’t know both.

Nonetheless, I’ve chosen one other major resource of explore, it sounds as if extra newbie superior:  Discrete Mathematics and its Application by Kenneth H. Rosen. It’s a gorgeous broad book, slightly inexpensive in its earlier editions.

In 50 hours I became ready to attain the essential chapter (propositional logic) and pause 54 workout routines.

Complementary resource: MIT 6.042J mathematics for computer science, Fall 2010

These movies from MIT are extra developed lessons about Discrete Mathematics. All all over again, they retract that slightly a little in Mathematics. Nonetheless, they are very attention-grabbing even supposing I had difficulties to coach them.

Within the worst case this will at the least give you a sterling peek of what Discrete Mathematics is all about.

One trainer (Tom Leighton) has higher educating abilities than others. Nonetheless, they all recognize a extraordinarily deep recordsdata of their respective matters.

What I discovered up to now

  • The book taught me the fundamentals of logic, a extraordinarily just correct skill to recognize as a developer. In spite of every part, our work is basically based on just logic.
  • Propositional logic with quantifiers and rule of inference. Usually it’s one of the best approach to jot down logical statements, verifying that logical statements invent sense and proving their truth values.
  • Fundamentals of sets and graph theory, attributable to the flicks. It’s very attention-grabbing and it’s gorgeous good for a bunch of things: express machines, networking…

What can I expend in accurate lifestyles?

  • Truth tables would be very good to style out advanced conditional statements or to refactor them.
  • Only within the near past I would say DeMorgan licensed suggestions to toughen the readability of some conditional statements.
  • Expressing confusing and short specs with predicates, conjunctions and disjunctions (the language of propositional logic) can ticket contradictions and the minute print lacking. It would summarize very succinctly advanced specs precisely. It customarily is a sterling bridge between the specs and the code itself.

What difficulties did I come upon?

  • Concept suggestions to jot down a mathematical proof is laborious, particularly when no person can’t allow you to or like minded your proof.
  • I aloof lacked of some fundamentals in Mathematics, particularly wanted for the flicks from MIT.

III. Return to the fundamentals of mathematics (11 hours 15)

graph pomodoro done overtime programming part
Pomodoro (25 min) performed per week for the fundamentals of Mathematics

After having some diversified (minor) complications with my Mathematics recordsdata in Discrete Mathematics, I particular to return support to the fundamentals.

One other essential motive which guided my need: I if truth be told loved doing a little Mathematics. With out that, I would recognize no longer persisted to explore computer science.

Don’t be perplexed: the Mathematics connected to computer science are diversified from the one you studied (and per chance hated) in college. I would record you to give it a are trying.

At that level I particular to alternate between discovering out Discrete Mathematics and the fundamentals of Mathematics.

Essential resource: learn total arithmetic posthaste

This video of 4 hours is mostly just correct to refresh a bunch of things, from the sums and product through the possibilities, exponents, logarithms… It covers a bunch of ground very posthaste with a bunch of workout routines.

The suggestions given are fine as properly to acquire close and solve total complications posthaste.

Which you will likely be able to peek on youtube an hour prolonged preview of the video. Whenever you fancy it, you would purchase it on Vimeo.

What I discovered up to now

  • My psychological calculation abilities improved very properly. Whenever you recognize difficulties to calculate posthaste percentages and even doing easy multiplications with out a calculator, this direction will allow you to a colossal number.
  • Fundamentals to manipulate fractions, exponents, square roots, logarithms and so forth.

What can I expend in accurate lifestyles?

  • Being ready to calculate mentally is terribly priceless for a bunch of things in accurate lifestyles. Calculating posthaste promotions, roughly how costly a elephantine looking cart will likely be…
  • I’m succesful of coach all this recordsdata whereas discovering out computer science.

What difficulties did I come upon?

After discovering out the SICP and Discrete Mathematics, it became very stress-free to at final perceive every part with a little of work. I didn’t recognize many difficulties.

My recommendation for beginners in computer science


If I would approach support to the foundation of this trail, I would recognize studied the diversified matters in this command:

  • I. Fundamentals Mathematics
  • II. Discrete Mathematics

I would recognize studied Fundamentals and Discrete Mathematics in parallel and then moved onto the SICP, making an are trying to salvage the Mathematics recordsdata I aloof neglected along the blueprint.

Learning computer science: What’s subsequent?

I will continue to learn the fundamentals of Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics for at the least 150 hours:

  • The little I learn about it already helped me slightly a little in my day to day developer lifestyles.
  • I maintain (and browse) that it’s a foundation for every diversified discipline in computer science.
  • I recognize discovering out it! All all over again, it’s an basic ingredient to pause motivated.

In brief: a extraordinarily just correct ride, underlying a many of my weaknesses but as properly educating me solid fundamentals I became lacking.

Utilize into story though: whenever you happen to query to be a big wizard programmer by discovering out computer science, you per chance would be disenchanted. Pc science is laborious to explore. It has sturdy theoretical sides and even if I already discovered some expend of it in my day to day work, it’s no longer thoughts-blowing at all.

Going through this trail asks for work, persistence, and dedication. Having certain targets, a concrete explore notion and taking part in the direction of are obligatory.

This text became written by Matthieu Cneude and became at the foundation published on The Functional Dev, a weblog focusing on the essential and timeless ideas in gadget construction. Which you will likely be able to learn the part right here

Published October 1, 2020 — 12: 46 UTC

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