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IPFS 0.7.0 released, the SECIO retirement edition


by Jacob Heun & Adin Schmahmann on 2020-09-24

In August we announced the deprecation of the SECIO security transport. On this open now we non-public disabled SECIO by default, that would non-public an affect on older nodes on the community. The devoted skill to mitigate the affect of this exchange is to toughen your IPFS nodes as shortly as in all probability! No longer devoted will upgrading originate determined you’re the exercise of basically the most modern security transports, you’ll catch access to all of the efficiency enhancements we’ve made this year to whine routing.

With this open you will additionally beginning seeing extra Look IDs and IPNS Keys on the community that beginning with 1 as an different of the unprecedented Qm. This is attributable to a swap to ed25519 keys being frail by default over RSA keys, which you will learn extra about in the highlights below.

🚨 For those of you the exercise of plugins with IPFS there would possibly be a breaking exchange detailed below to the build course of.

🔒 SECIO is now disabled by default

As part of deprecating and disposing of enhance for the SECIO security transport, now we non-public disabled it by default. TLS1.3 will remain the default security transport with fallback to Noise. It’s in all probability you’ll per chance well well learn extra concerning the deprecation in the blog post, Must you’re operating Bolt IPFS older than 0.5 or JS IPFS older than 0.47, this can beginning to affect your efficiency on the public community, so we strongly help you to toughen on the unique time!

🗝️ Ed25519 keys are truly frail by default

Previously rush-ipfs generated 2048 bit RSA keys for new nodes, nevertheless this would possibly occasionally now exercise ed25519 keys by default. This can no longer have an effect on any existing keys, nevertheless newly created keys will be ed25519 by default. The well-known relieve of the exercise of ed25519 keys over RSA is that ed25519 keys non-public an inline public key. This means that any individual devoted wants your PeerId to verify stuff you’ve signed, corresponding to your Look Records or one day Signed Supplier Records, which implies we don’t should always concern about storing chunky RSA public keys.

Rotating keys

Alongside with switching the default key form, we’ve added enhance for rotating Identification keys. Must you are making an are trying to interchange the predominant form of your IPFS node, you might well well now attain so with the rotate repeat. NOTE: This can have an effect on your Look Id, so originate determined you are making an are trying to attain this! Your existing id key will be backed up in the Keystore in explain that it will per chance per chance well well soundless be referenced for things admire IPNS data.

$ ipfs key rotate -o my-veteran-key -t ed25519

📦 Key export/import

Speaking of backing up keys, we’ve added commands to repeat you solutions to export and import keys from the IPFS Keystore to an area .key file. This does no longer currently be conscious to the IPFS id key, self, which is housed in the configuration file.

$ ipfs key gen mykey
$ ipfs key export -o mykey.key mykey # ./.key is the default path
$ ipfs key import mykey mykey.key # on another node

#️⃣ IPNS paths now encode the predominant title as a unsuitable36 CIDv1 by default

Previously rush-ipfs encoded the predominant names for IPNS paths as unsuitable58btc multihashes (e.g. Qmabc...). We now encode them as unsuitable36 encoded CIDv1s as defined in the peerID spec (e.g. k51xyz...) which additionally deals with the encoding of public keys. This is candy resulting from it skill that IPNS keys will by default be case-insensitive and that they are going to match into DNS labels (e.g. k51xyz...ipns.localhost) and attributable to this truth that subdomain gateway redirections (e.g. from localhost: 8080/ipns/{key} to {key}.ipns.localhost) will see better to customers in the default case.

Many commands will settle for a --ipns-unsuitable option that enables altering repeat outputs to exercise a particular encoding (i.e. unsuitable58btc multihash, or CIDv1 encoded in any supported unsuitable):

$ ipfs key list -l --ipns-unsuitable b58mh
12D3KooWCjhz69LskTZEC5vFWs8eDpHo7kYbGzrC5EjU75BHSmVK self
$ ipfs key list -l --ipns-unsuitable unsuitable36
k51qzi5uqu5dh9ihj4p2v5sl3hxvv27ryx2w0xrsv6jmmqi91t9xp8p9kaipc2 self

📮 Multiaddresses now settle for PeerIDs encoded as CIDv1

In preparation for in the end altering the default PeerID representation multiaddresses can now have strings admire /p2p/k51xyz... as well to the default /p2p/Qmabc.... There’s a corresponding --peerid-unsuitable solution to many functions that output peerIDs:

$ ipfs id --format "" --peerid-unsuitable b58mh
$ ipfs id --format "" --peerid-unsuitable unsuitable36

🧮 dag stat repeat

Initial enhance has been added for the ipfs dag stat repeat. Running this repeat will traverse the DAG for the given root CID and file statistics. By default, growth will be shown as the DAG is traversed. Supported statistics currently consist of DAG dimension and selection of blocks.

$ ipfs dag stat bafybeihpetclqvwb4qnmumvcn7nh4pxrtugrlpw4jgjpqicdxsv7opdm6e # the IPFS webui
Dimension: 30362191, NumBlocks: 346

🚨 Plugin build adjustments 🚨

We non-public modified the build flags frail by the legitimate binary distributions on (or /ipns/ to exercise the simpler and further legit -trimpath flag as an different of the extra subtle and brittle -asmflags=all=-trimpath="$(GOPATH)" -gcflags=all=-trimpath="$(GOPATH)" flags, on the different hand the build flags frail by default in rush-ipfs remain the similar.

The scripts in rush-ipfs-example-plugin had been up to this level to mirror this exchange. It is a breaking exchange to how americans had been building plugins in opposition to the binary of rush-ipfs and plugins should always change their build processes accordingly. Ogle rush-ipfs-example-plugin/pull/9 for details.

The Changelog

For a pudgy list of updates integrated on this open you might well well evaluate the Changelog at

Thank you contributors!

A large thanks to all americans who contributed patches and enhancements on this open, all 53 of you! We couldn’t non-public made this happen without your abet and solutions. ❤

Install, toughen, and be part of us!

It’s in all probability you’ll per chance well well catch started by inserting in rush-ipfs or upgrading to transfer-ipfs 0.7.

There are many solutions to catch concerned with IPFS basically basically based completely for your talent home, pastime, and availability. Please verify out our contribution page on GitHub for guidance and subsequent steps.

This is an thrilling time for IPFS and the on-line in total. Be part of us!

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