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It’s in the Air: The Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset and Linux


There became as soon as nothing in point of fact unsuitable with my cheapo USB headset, entire with blue lights and a long, braided blue USB cable. It labored, but I made up our minds it became as soon as time to free myself from some wires and prick support my headphone switching for larger audio. I’m now not keen on Bluetooth audio (connection complications, now not particular all my computer systems even comprise Bluetooth) so I searched for one with a USB wireless adapter.

But while researching a correct wireless headset, I came correct by things unsure in Linux land: each person advertises their Home windows compatibility and special audio utility, but would the hardware work on a minimum of a total level outside of Home windows? What would you fail to ticket?

Right here’s the misfortune of a Linux gamer. Despite the indisputable truth that now not all hardware could per chance well be a correct match, if you comprise that fancy mouse or keyboard there’s community projects like libratbag and ckb-next to abet you procure arrange, if your tool is supported. If now not, a broad selection of peripherals’ total performance will comprise to “Factual Work” on trendy kernels. But this recordsdata, of what works (fully, or now not), is scattered and normally you tremendous must bet.

I became as soon as in tremendous fortune: the trendy and successfully-regarded Corsair HS70 Professional I ended up shopping is both very correct and works without fuss.


The Corsair HS70 Professional headset, with microphone, wireless adapter, and charging cable.

The Corsair HS70 Professional

Despite being a successfully-identified imprint and model from mid-2018 (updated leisurely 2019), I wasn’t particular how successfully it could well per chance well work on Linux. On Reddit you’ll rating blended outcomes, or in diverse areas reports of some fiddling mandatory. And in fact there’s no honorable abet; they won’t even suppose if it could well per chance well work or now not.

More on utility abet and headsets on Linux more on the total, but first a lickety-split evaluation:


The HS70 Professional is solidly constructed, fabricated from exhausting and tender-contact plastics and metal (like the underlying headscarf). No creaking or looseness, with motion where you’d question it: adjusting the headscarf, miniature twisting where the headscarf connects to the earcups, and tilting of the earcups themselves. It is now not the lightest headset at about 341g (tremendous over 12 oz) on my kitchen scale (without the mic), but that’s to be expected with batteries mandatory for wireless. No flashy LEDs here, tremendous a diminutive green one to mean which you will likely be in a position to know when it is far on.

I rating the headphones cosy, despite the indisputable truth that the weight of any wireless build system I must shift and adjust every so on the total because it tires on my head. Or perchance I’m tremendous by no system finding the tremendous blueprint tremendous away. And, with a closed-ear build, it could well per chance well comprise to procure a diminutive bit warm. The earcups comprise a thick cushion (of a refined, false leather-essentially based in point of fact feel) which can per chance well be cosy, while the cushion on the headscarf is a diminutive bit thinner and more impregnable. The overall match is firm without being tight, and I’ve worn them long into an evening gaming session without topic after moderately adjusting.


The Corsair has a correct build of hardware controls which can per chance well be easy to be triumphant in and use, without being glaring or build off unintentionally. On the left earcup you comprise a quantity wheel (now not too free or tight) and still button, while on the tremendous you comprise an on/off button that has to be held down. I use all of them continuously, preferring the hardware quantity administration to my keyboard or utility.


Hardware buttons on the HS70 Professional


I won’t develop a deep description here, for one because I’m now not an experienced audio reviewer, and more importantly because I don’t rating that subjectivity very functional. While a tall sense of the audio is came correct by in critiques, in the tip I’d moderately rely on some frequency curves (in opposition to some reference I know, like a pair of successfully-cherished headphones). It’s tremendous impossible to know what one thing sounds like without listening to it yourself, and even then it is far amazingly easy to be fooled (as an illustration, the favorite loudness wars).

But tremendous-searching, my overall impressions on the audio of the HS70? Enticing correct. It is now not a extremely flat (neutral) response you’d rating in, for occasion, studio displays, positively more what you’d question for casual listening and media cans. The sound is more relaxed and boomy than any pair of Sennheisers I’ve owned, positively now not as poke as my Etymotic in-ears. It goes to indubitably procure loud sufficient, and the over the ear private gives some miniature decrease in outside noise without grand leakage of what you are going to successfully be listening to. There’s a extremely faint voice when the headphones are on if you aren’t listening to anything else, but that’s appropriate for on the total anything else when powered on. In sum, correct for what they’re supposed for as gamer and multimedia headphones.


A true suppose of the Corsair is the mic: easy to adjust, removable (appears to be like as if a aged 1/8″ toddle), comes with a windshield foam, and sounds decent. I continuously rob the mic on and off, as I prefer to now not comprise it in the device in which after I don’t need it, despite the indisputable truth that it could well per chance well comprise to additionally bend without nervousness to switch where you wish it. Despite doing this continuously over the final 5 months, I’ve stare no indicators of wear and ride or looseness in the mic jack. A form of us comprise came correct by audio jacks to be the first point of failure in barely about anything else that has one, on the total a extremely low-fee fragment with low-fee soldering. Expectantly this bodes successfully for the longevity here.

Battery, Wi-fi, etc.

The battery existence is rated at 16 hours, which appears to be like ability, but haven’t performed a detailed size. I are inclined to use the headphones for perchance a couple of hours a day, and lasting a week is now not out of the question. You procure a low battery beep, and could per chance well fee (by the incorporated long-established USB Form A to Micro cable) while silent listening. Annoyingly, there’s masses of battery left if you procure the beep (spherical 20% I ponder), and it repeats every minute or so. I’ll reach for the charging cable as rapidly as I hear it, and a minimum of the supplied cable is ready 1.5 m/5 toes long.

The wireless connection has been very solid for me, without any dropouts reach my computer and connecting within a couple of seconds (if now not tremendous away) when turning it on. No audio hiccups or indicators that here’s a wireless now not a wired build (unlike even my tremendous experiences with Bluetooth headphones, on cell devices a minimum of). I don’t comprise the correct atmosphere for sorting out vary, as my computer is upstairs in a smaller room. No complications within 10 or so toes of my computer, and largely tremendous-searching the bottom below when I moved the diminutive wireless adapter (the scale of a USB thumb force) to the front of my computer in its set up of in the support of the monitor. So it is far exhausting for me to estimate the vary you are going to need on a single ground, and positively diminutive positioning changes in the adapter can form a substantial difference.

Overall, I like the see of the HS70, no flashy lights or “gamer lovely.” In other phrases, I don’t mind sporting them for the occasional work conferences.


Somehow, let’s procure to utility. In the occasion you see on the honorable product internet page, you’ll stare it advertised with 7.1 surround sound (virtual), sidetone administration (so which you will likely be in a position to hear yourself by the mic directly, directly), equalizers…stuff that depends on utility.

Home windows tremendous? No topic you suppose, that’s what Wine is for!

But you then see up iCUE (Corsair’s utility for peripherals), and stare a ranking of “garbage”, now not exactly promising. Unruffled, I tried, pulling up my exact terminal emulator and typing wine msiexec /i iCUE.msi after the utilization of winetricks for Dot Receive and all that fun stuff. It hung. So I killed it, but it did install. iCUE ran and looked okay, but didn’t detect the headphones.

Per chance there became as soon as more I could per chance well develop, but it wasn’t price the misfortune for me. I don’t admire virtual surround (repeatedly crappy), there comprise been no lights to manipulate, and if I mandatory an equalizer that can per chance well be performed in a lot of different routes map-broad.

Unruffled, would be fantastic to know the battery level (there’s no outside indicator), sidetone would be fantastic too. Luckily, GitHub and open offer protest over again.


Enter an amazing diminutive utility to develop some of what which you will likely be in a position to have the Home windows utility to develop: HeadsetControl. On the time the HS70 became as soon as now not officially listed, but became as soon as easy to add. Since then, HS70 abet became as soon as fair now not too long ago added. HeadsetControl officially supports many headsets, like the Logitech G533, G930, G633, …, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 and Professional (very trendy gaming headsets as successfully), the Corsair Void, and others. The utility is supplied in a lot of honorable repositories, by building it yourself (in fact), and even on Mac and Home windows (why now not!).

So, what can you develop from your exact terminal with the HS70?

  1. take a look at the battery level
  2. flip off the diminutive LED (there are claims it improves battery existence, but I haven’t tried any systematic measure)
  3. build sidetone quantity
  4. play a notification sound

Because the headset is wireless, it has to be on and connected, and you then merely develop one thing like (and poke, I plugged it in after this):

$ headsetcontrol -b
Chanced on Corsair Headset Tool!

Battery: 39%

Headsets on Linux

Searching more broadly at headset abet in Linux, what develop we question? Unfortunately there’s a dearth of recordsdata, especially if you procure away from basically the most trendy objects. Analog headsets will in fact be tremendous-searching (the fun of analog!), and Bluetooth will comprise to additionally work successfully, so long as you comprise that working. Despite the indisputable truth that show cloak that some Bluetooth audio devices prefer cell, like some Jabra wireless earbuds which comprise spotty records of connecting to computer systems on the total.

In any other case, despite the indisputable truth that, there lacks any central database or device to search out out what the abet is like for a tool you are going to successfully be drawn to. You’ll comprise to count for your search abilities, perchance GitHub, and no doubt checking out random forum or Reddit posts to prefer out any complications. The Arch Wiki tends to be a substantial hardware reference, but here there’s tremendous a internet page for Bluetooth headsets.

On this point in time it appears to be like moderately likely that your random USB audio tool, even wireless, has a correct chance of working. But perchance now not, and if you rely on any aspects that can per chance well merely require utility or special drivers (controlling the tool previous quantity, sound virtualization, etc.) it is far silent is a diminutive little bit of a guessing sport. No now not as a lot as HeadsetControl provides an indirect device of radiant if one thing will work, as they record many objects of headsets which I favor system your entire long-established audio works already. When in doubt, be particular you take a look at that return coverage!


Coming support to the Corsair HS70 Professional, let me wrap up by pronouncing it is a solid, no fuss, correct-sounding wireless headset that I use every single day. That you just can indubitably rating cheaper and device more costly alternate choices, however the Corsair is a extremely fantastic chance without breaking the bank (normally spherical $80). The wireless freedom is substantial, whether it is far candy so to swivel in my chair unencumbered, ride the cat spherical, or proceed speaking on Discord while roaming spherical, it has been a welcome substitute from being tethered.


The Corsair HS70 Professional is a substantial different for a (gaming) headset on Linux.

The suitable fragment “lacking” is any of the utility you’d use in Home windows. But HeadsetControl works successfully after I (rarely ever ever) need it, leaving tremendous virtual surround sound lacking by default. I prefer my audio unfiltered and uncut, but I’m particular there are total virtual surround sound alternate choices if you mandatory it. As a bonus, I don’t comprise to belief any proprietary driver or bloated utility, and even install anything else to comprise the headset work.

HeadsetControl additionally highlights a strength of the Linux and open offer community, placing the skill support in the hands of possibilities. There are additionally other projects on this front, like ckb-next (an RGB mild controller for Corsair devices on Mac and Linux), which is additionally training some headset abet.

Now factor in what lets develop with more open offer hardware and abet from distributors…


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