Kontrast Is a Contrast Checker


September 15, 2020

Kontrast is a disagreement checker on hand for desktop and mobile devices. That you can
spend Kontrast to map shut background and text color combos on your online net page or
app that your users will receive easy to be taught. Kontrast will permit you to help the
accessibility on your position or app for of us with vision complications.

Kontrast received’t engage all the complications, but it would serene serene be very vital to have interaction
many disorders early on, when designing your interface.

I released the foremost version of Kontrast earlier this month.

Kontrast main page

One other safe characteristic of Kontrast is the chance to generate random color
combos with valid disagreement. These colors would perchance perchance almost definitely simply additionally be saved in the utility itself,
so that you simply might perchance be ready to retain a in particular valid color aggregate for later spend.

Kontrast is on hand for the Linux desktop, Plasma Cell and
there might be additionally a Beta version for Android.

This utility is built the usage of the very excellent Kirigami

Kontrast mobile view

That you can salvage and set up Kontrast from Flathub and
a nightly salvage is additionally on hand in binary factory.

The tarball is on hand here
and is signed with my gpg key 14B0ED91B5783415D0AA1E0A06B35D38387B67BE.

Future Enhancements

Future plans consist of improving the Android salvage, almost definitely unlock a stable
salvage of the Android version and additionally catch a QtQuick-based mostly completely mostly color picker
that is more healthy integrated with the utility.

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