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Launch HN: Openland (YC W18) – Community platform with automation superpowers


Hi, it's Yury and Steve from Openland ( We fetch it easy for any particular person or alternate to construct a chat neighborhood.

We concentrate on that in the next 5 years there shall be a huge shift from audiences (top-down tell material broadcasting) to communities (two-manner verbal change between organizers and contributors and among contributors). For contributors, communities fulfill traditional social needs: original friendships, protected recount for self-expression, studying from peers. For organizers, communities inspire obtain leads, sell, force customer success, or fabricate sing income from contributors.

This day, building a giant neighborhood is tidy laborious. Getting folk in a single area, explaining and enforcing the foundations, gathering member data, and interacting in a scalable personalized manner takes an sizable quantity of time.

That's why we've built Openland. At its center, there's a original fully-functional messenger, a lot like FB Messenger or WhatsApp. On top of that, we added tools for onboarding, computerized messaging, integrations (CRMs, and so forth.), analytics, and paid memberships. Neighborhood automation is what sets Openland moreover other messengers and neighborhood platforms.

Openland has in fact started as a market for urban land. Whereas working on its messaging module, we realized that good messaging in identical old is great underdeveloped and our expertise are better good for building a horizontal messenger than a vertical market. We made a pivot shortly after YC commencement and spent the next two years quietly building a original messenger for communities.

Since our snug-begin this Summer, 250+ communities launched on Openland around instructional programs, good services, tech products, tell material creators, and nonprofits. There are additionally standalone communities built from scratch. The good neighborhood has 14k+ contributors who've already sent 500k+ messages. Openland is free to exercise. This day, we spend a little income cut from member-supported communities and will add top class plans for alternate-led communities later one day.

Whereas it is doubtless you’ll perhaps pick as a lot as begin a neighborhood to your customers, students, followers, or followers, we'd be overjoyed to inspire. To coordinate, ping Yury at or email at

Openland is built on FoundationDB, Node.js, and React Native. For anybody in messaging tech, we portion our engineering classes at

We’d like to hear your thoughts and questions. Attain you bustle a neighborhood? Extreme about starting one? What tools enjoy you ever tried to this level? What worked and what didn't?

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