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Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon


cover of Linear Algebra by Hefferon

Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon,
in conjunction with its
answers to workout routines,
is a text for a main undergraduate direction.
It’s a ways Free.
Spend it as the major guide, as a supplement, or for independent look.


  • Typical protection
    Linear programs and Gauss’s methodology,
    vector areas, linear maps and matrices, determinants,
    and eigenvectors and eigenvalues.
  • Developmental methodology
    The guide proves all of the consequences
    however does no longer open by assuming that
    students are already in an arena at abstract work.
    As an different, it proceeds with a huge deal of
    motivation, many computational examples,
    and many workout routines.
    The goal is to enhance
    each pupil’s stage of
    mathematical maturity.
  • Broad exercise items
    Every subsection has a huge quantity of workout routines,
    routine verifications to a couple challenges.
    solution guide
    has each answer fully worked.
    To boot, clicking on a bother
    takes you to its answer
    while clicking on the answer takes you support to the matter.
  • Standard
    Ragged in hundreds of classes at many faculties,
    to boot as by thousands of of us
    for independent look.
  • Applications
    Every chapter finishes with four or 5 short
    supplemental topics
    for reading or initiatives, or for
    itsy-bitsy neighborhood work.
  • Extras
    There are beamer slides
    for varsity room presentations,
    lab manual the utilization of
    and movies.
  • Prerequisite
    One semester of calculus.
  • Free
    Every little thing is
    Freely on hand,
    in conjunction with the
    LaTeX source.
    You would per chance also purchase a
    paper reproduction of the guide.
  • Evaluations
    Some from:
    the Mathematical Association of The USA,
    the American Institute of Mathematics,
    the Open Textbook Library,
    The Assayer, a longstanding house about free texts.
  • Award winning
    Recipient of the 2020 Solow Award
    from the Mathematical Association of The USA, for
    “impact on undergraduate training in arithmetic.”

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