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Lisp from Nothing


Lulu Press, 2020 – 301 pages – 17 figures – 6″ x 9″ layout – CC0 code

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Salvage the provide code from the book

Learn just a few pages (PDF)

  • What’s the minimal LISP language that can clarify itself?
  • What’s the smallest LISP that can bring collectively itself?
  • What modified into as soon as LISP hacking cherish within the age of punch playing cards,
    teletypes, and mainframe laptop programs?

This textual mumble plays with the theme of minimal LISP by providing
loads of implementations from a straightforward metacircular evaluator to
a full compiler that emits a single, self-contained C program.
The discussion is embedded in reflections on what hacking looked
cherish within the early days of LISP.

Some code from the book

Metacircular LISP interpreter in Total Explain

Metacircular LISP interpreter in Blueprint

Self-webhosting LISP compiler in ~400 lines

The rest of the LISP system

Garbage collector in LISP

Or, fetch the total provide code from the book
(zip, ~100KB).

Or, fetch a punch card generator in Postscript
so that it’s likely you’ll per chance well presumably make your absorb punch card photos, cherish those within the book!

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