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Lockstep Protocol


The lockstep protocol is a partial approach to the survey-forward dishonest save apart in look-to-look architecture multiplayer games, at some stage in which a dishonest client delays their gain actions to await the messages of varied gamers.[1] A client can enact so by acting as if they’re tormented by excessive latency; the outgoing packet is solid by attaching a time set that is forward of the true 2d the packet is sent.

To tackle up some distance from this approach of dishonest, the lockstep protocol requires every player to first suppose a “commitment” (e.g. hash fee of the action); this commitment is a illustration of an action that:

  • Can’t be frail to deduce the action; and
  • Without downside compares whether an action corresponds with a commitment.

As soon as all gamers gain received the commitments, they point out their actions, which would be in contrast with the corresponding commitments to make certain that the commitment is certainly the sent action.[2]


As all gamers must live up for all commitments to approach earlier than sending their actions, the sport progresses as slowly as the player with the very best latency. Even supposing this also can unbiased no longer be noticeable in a flip-essentially based thoroughly sport, true-time online games, equivalent to first person shooters, require noteworthy faster reactions.

This would be received by placing a restrict on the time at some stage in which a player can suppose their action. If no action is sent within this period, varied gamers enact no longer suppose their actions to that player and ignore any action that arrives too late.

Asynchronous lockstep protocol[edit]

To beat the glaring downside of the straightforward lockstep protocol, an asynchronous variant of the protocol exists whereby gamers come in time freed from any negotiations with varied gamers till interplay between gamers exists, identified as a “lockstep mode.” This mode would be outlined by a determined save apart around a player, equivalent to a sphere, at some stage in which the sport world would be tormented by the player.

Such an interplay can thoroughly happen when, for example, the areas of impact surrounding two gamers intersect.

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