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Memory Tablet

Memory Tablet passively records the final time a treatment bottle changed into as soon as opened to remain over- and underdosing of medicines must you would possibly maybe no longer take into account must you are going to grasp already taken a scheduled dose.

How It Works

A little hole is drilled into the threaded fragment of a treatment bottle. A pushbutton is linked within the bottle so as that the button traces up with the hole. A 3D printed button extender is glued to the button such that the bottle prime depresses the button. Eradicating the bottle prime will then release the button.

The button is linked to an Arduino Nano 33 IoT. When the button is released, the Arduino connects to a miles away web API, over WiFi, that records the time the query changed into as soon as bought. A Memory Tablet app changed into as soon as created on a LILYGO TTGO T-Gape-2020 that will connect to the secure API and conceal the saved time.


I watch the foremost use for Memory Tablet as a monitoring instrument for assisted living patients or aged family. In the veteran case, it will aggregate records from replacement contributors and present signals the build medications were missed (or taken bigger than scheduled). This has the aptitude to noticeably slit time taken by humans to bodily verify on every case. For the aged, family would possibly maybe verify up on treatment taking habits from across town, state, or country.

It also has uses for the young and wholesome who can typically overlook if they took a treatment. The premise for Memory Tablet came to me when my wife had a headache, but would possibly maybe not take into account if she had already taken treatment for it, or had helpful idea about it and no longer but done so (childhood can make that to an individual).


Closeup of triggering mechanism:

Internal electronics pulled out:

Gape closeup:

Bottle with out extender:

Button extender:

Button extender mannequin:

Bill of Materials

  • 1 x Arduino Nano 33 IoT
  • 1 x LILYGO TTGO T-Gape-2020
  • 1 x 2.2K resistor
  • 1 x 10Ok resistor
  • 1 x Pushbutton
  • 1 x Slight LiPo battery pack
  • OPTIONAL: 3D printer to print button extender (would possibly also be changed with misc. scrap materials)
  • Miscellaneous wire

Future Direction

I’d desire to transfer to more reason-built system (in preference to off-the-shelf) to invent the system smaller, and even extra pressure down the worth per unit. I’d also desire to experiment with other suggestions of detecting when the lid has been removed—most definitely a straightforward contact built into the bottle itself or a reed change.

On the tool facet, some minor tweaks to assign apart the microcontroller into a sleep state and wake upon opening the bottle would retain the battery working for a in actuality prolonged time. I inform 30 days (standard prescription length) of opening a bottle would possibly maybe be easy to pause with a in actuality little battery.

A custom bottle with a little compartment on the underside, with a battery that would possibly also be charged wirelessly (e.g. Qi charger) would total the make.

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