Microsoft submits Linux kernel patches to enable complete Hyper-V on Linux


Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to the Linux kernel with its aim being “to worth a entire virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor.”

The patches are designated “RFC” (Demand for feedback) and are a minimal implementation presented for dialogue.

The important thing alternate is that with the patched kernel, Linux will bustle because the Hyper-V root partition. Within the Hyper-V structure, the root partition has tell entry to hardware and creates child partitions for the VMs it hosts. “Ultimate factor in it be pleased Xen’s Dom0,” mentioned Microsoft fundamental scheme engineer Wei Liu.

Hyper-V’s structure is extra comparable to Xen than it is to KVM or to VMware’s ESXi, and Liu acknowledged that “we drew inspiration from the Xen code in Linux,” namely for code handing interrupts. Till now, the Hyper-V root partition had to bustle Windows.

In the Hyper-V architecture, the root partition has direct access to the hardware and creates child partitions for the VMs. It runs on top of the privileged ring -1 Microsoft Hypervisor.

Within the Hyper-V structure, the root partition has tell entry to the hardware and creates child partitions for the VMs. It runs on high of the privileged ring -1 Microsoft Hypervisor

Microsoft has moreover ported Intel’s open-source Cloud Hypervisor, a Digital Machine Show screen (VMM) written in Rust that generally runs on KVM, the hypervisor that is constructed into the Linux kernel. Cloud Hypervisor itself is in the meantime in “very early pre-alpha stage”.

Even when Linux is the root partition, this can soundless bustle on high of Microsoft’s hypervisor, a thin layer working with ring -1 privileges. It’ll no longer be an crucial to bustle Windows on that hypervisor, though, enabling Microsoft to name the new map “a entire virtualization stack with Linux”.


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With these changes, Microsoft likely has its Azure cloud infrastructure in thoughts. Azure runs extra Linux than Windows, as acknowledged aid in July 2019 by Microsoft engineer Sasha Levin who mentioned: “The Linux utilization on our cloud has surpassed Windows.” The percentage of Linux workloads looks to be to be like space to enlarge with the model in direction of Kubernetes, which is basically a Linux skills. Linux already runs successfully on Hyper-V with a Windows root partition, but making this a entire Linux stack may maybe per chance per chance toughen performance.

Microsoft is moreover busy bettering Linux toughen in Windows 10, resulting from the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2), and now ships a Linux kernel with Windows. GUI toughen has been promised. WSL 2 moreover uses Hyper-V, and Windows 10 is on a route to changing into a hybrid Windows/Linux machine, though as of now here is especially of hobby to builders.

Microsoft’s Ignite digital shindig is next week and we are going to count on the firm to say extra about its Linux plans then. ®

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