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MIOS: IBM 5150 BIOS Replacement Project

webpage describes the MIOS Project. MIOS is a
chip-for-chip alternative of the BIOS (Total Input Output Intention) on
the IBM 5150 Deepest Computer. On the IBM PC the BIOS is contained in
a ROM IC Chip positioned on the motherboard at socket jam U33. The IC
is socketed and can get replaced with a personalized ROM containing
personalized code. 

The motive of this project is to explore controlling the IBM PC
hardware in non-long-established ways. The motive isn’t to switch the BIOS
with one other BIOS that does the right same factor! We’re going todescribe how MIOS works by describing the path we took for construction.

We started this project by eager about varied BIOS alternative scheme.
Particularly for the IBM PC there is a diagnostic ROM alternative identified as
the Landmark/Supersoft equipment, as described right here: Minus
Zero Degrees

The Landmark/Supersoft code is irregular. By burning the code
to ROM and inserting in BIOS jam U33 it’s a ways conceivable moreover the IBM
PC and produce a series of diagnostic assessments, with the effectsreported on the hide in right time. A characterize of a frequent explainscreen is shown in Determine 1.  The
key point about thediagnostic
ROM is the fact the code is fully controlling the PC
hardware: There could be not any DOS operating machine. There could be not any BIOS

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