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Modbox Visual Scripting Language


MBScript the scripting system for the game advent instrument Modbox. It used to be designed as an different of utilizing a existing text scripting language (love Lua/Javascript) for about a causes:

  • To enable for lope and topple editing with out a keyboard. In VR AR, with Contact on a mobile instrument, or with a Gamepad.
  • Designed from the originate to work on-line. All code runs on-line automatically so designers beneath no conditions fill to specialize in of networking code.
  • All changes made to MBScript code are furthermore synced on-line to varied avid gamers in proper time – and can even be edited while playing.
  • Uses the the same C# kind system that Modbox is constructed with. The kind system is veteran to show the obliging alternatives while editing visual scripting.
  • Unlike node primarily based mostly visual scripting (love Blueprints / Playmaker), MBScript can even be switched from visual mode to text mode at any time. A integrated VSCode love text editor (Monaco) is integrated with Modbox.
  • Code can even be copied and pasted between the node primarily based mostly Wiring system, which uses MBScript
  • It is tournament primarily based mostly – with occasions being any variable changes or ingame occasions on any entity on this planet – so MBScript code can even be with out relate curved into by varied scripts / mods.

Right here a MBScript asset is created to fill the Entity ‘Die’ on Collision if the collision creep is over the ‘Min Bustle to Spoil’ number variable. It furthermore Prints the determine of the Entity it collided with.

  • MBScript assets can even be created with the Edit Entity Desktop Window or the Edit VR Tool. Every asset creates a brand recent Entity IngredientEntity Ingredient – Entity Elements are on Entities and assign their habits and varied properties similar to physics / how they leer. Contemporary substances can even be made in either MBScript or C# programming kind. MBScript Sources can even be integrated in Entity PrefabPrefab – Prefabs are entity assets created ingame out of 1 or more varied entities. Prefabs can then be shared on-line / between creations. (There is furthermore Harmony’s Prefab system veteran in the ModboxSDK, which is varied however same functionality).

  • MBScript can even be edited/bustle at anytime (Working in edit mode can even be honorable for constructing Editor instruments / operations. Bettering in play mode is a simple means to test changes.)

  • MBScript is furthermore veteran to impact Game Managers – which might be MBScript assets which might be added to the enviornment automatically, and with out relate accessed by varied scripts (love Singletons )

  • MBScript code runs on Occasions, which enables for working code in preserving with any tournament taking place on the Entity or on this planet (similar to a variable changes designate, or an worldwide tournament happens love a participant joins).

A Tournament line is added for the ‘Start’ tournament – printing ‘Howdy World’ to the show shroud.

A brand recent variable ‘SwitchColors’ is added, with default designate ‘Factual’. Right here the Entity’s Color will be assign a random coloration every Update if ‘SwitchColors’ is Factual

The ‘On’ traces add Tournament Lines to bustle code on occasions. It is seemingly you’ll well presumably then add varied code line kinds to assign values / originate operations:

  • Assign – Assign a variable’s designate
  • Compose – Compose a intention / operation / or tournament
  • If – Flee code if a situation is honest. Can then add Else traces
  • Print – Print a designate to the show shroud, honorable for rapid testing
  • ForEach – Flee code on a list. “Compose this to every thing in this assign”. Can bustle ‘ForEach Entity on this planet change it’s cloth to Wood’
  • After – Flee code after a assign quantity of time.

    There are about a varied line kinds: ‘Native’ for quick-duration of time variables, Return to shut working code and return from an tournament, Repeat to originate a loop for a assign number of instances.

Code can bustle on lots of occasions and fill prerequisites environment when it runs:

Right here the first tournament line runs if the Entity’s determine modified, or if it honest began.

The second tournament line runs when a Collision happens, and if the collision used to be with a Spicy Humanoid

After adding a code line you make use of the dropdowns to salvage a variable or assign a designate.

After deciding on a variable this might maybe presumably also merely show if it peaceful wants the expected kind.

The ‘If’ code line wants a ‘Factual/Fallacious’ designate, so after deciding on ‘Title’ (which is a Textual impart material variable) you peaceful wish to approach a Factual/Fallacious designate, so the ‘Resolve on out’ is shown to salvage out an choice within the Title text.

‘Accommodates’ used to be selected to verify if the determine contains ‘Bob’. So if this is Factual the code within the ‘If’ line will bustle.

The ‘+’ on the close of the line can even be veteran to continue the line with one other operation. So due to ‘Accommodates’ returns a Factual/Fallacious, that chances are you’ll then hit the ‘+’ button and salvage out ‘IsFalse’ to invert that return designate:

The code beneath this “If’ line will now bustle if the determine doesn’t have ‘Bob’.

It is seemingly you’ll well presumably wait on adding operations love this. Right here the ‘Y’ piece of the entity’s scale is chosen, and assign to the the same Y designate plus a random designate:

When deciding on a variable in MBScript you salvage out from either:

  • Variables created in the Script
  • Native variables (added with Native line or as parameters to the Tournament)
  • Elements on the Entity and their variables (love or no longer it’s Title in the Main part, or Mass in the Physics part)
  • Variables in the World (love Gravity, or list of all Discipline matter Sources)
  • Or Capabilities (love ‘Func.Random’ for a random number)

Flit over a icon to peek a description of the variable and or no longer it’s designate.

It is seemingly you’ll well presumably furthermore fly to peek the Payment results at any time. Right here hovering over Divide displays the fee of the Health variable divided by 20

To alter a variable designate the Assign line can even be veteran to assign to a brand recent designate (with “Assign X to Y”). It might maybe well furthermore be honorable to originate operations without lengthen on the variable:

‘Compose’ can even be veteran to bustle operations on variables. Right here 1 is added to the Number1 variable

The second line displays utilizing the “Tween Lerp” operation to change a coloration variable over time. This will doubtless well also be bustle honest once to fill it slowly turn coloration every physique.

The ‘ForEach’ line can even be veteran to iterate by lists – love the ‘All Entities’ list on this planet.

Wade by all entities on this planet and print their region

Wade by all Passe substances on this planet and print their Discipline matter designate

It is seemingly you’ll well presumably furthermore originate queries on lists (love C#’s LINQ).

Right here it prints the Entities which might be in a physics physique with a mass of better than 10

May maybe maybe furthermore wait on adding to this, adding a ‘OrderBy’ to repeat it by mass.

  • Code traces can even be dragged by sharp the lope handle. Loads of traces can even be selected and moved straight away. Variables and values can furthermore be dragged to reproduction them.
  • Favorable click on can even be veteran to reproduction and paste MBScript (which honest copies it to the Clipboard as text)
  • MBScript can even be reproduction and pasted as text.
  • At any time that chances are you’ll change to text mode to edit, with autocomplete for variable names and immediate error updates.

Right here is the the same script switched to text mode and edited, checking if the Entity has a ‘Passe Ingredient’ assign on it, and if it does it prints the fee of the Entity’s Physics Discipline matter AssetPhysics Discipline matter Asset – Physics Discipline matter Asset devices a Entity physics properties – at the side of or no longer it’s mass, or no longer it’s Physics Sound Model, and on hurt/collision effects :

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