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Mounting Google Drive accounts as network drives


When sharing recordsdata, I spend three most predominant products and providers. I spend Firefox Ship and KeybaseFS to portion one-off and orderly recordsdata with mates, and I spend Google Power to store some personal recordsdata, and for everything college-associated (I don’t catch a preference about this). For the first two products and providers, sharing a file is as easy as calling ffsend or exciting a native file into my kbfs mountpoint, and I am done. Google Power, on the opposite hand, the task isn’t as easy. While some Linux distributions have Google Power integration out of the box (I circulation over each day-riding ChromiumOS), Linux customers on the full must trek to, and take care of the Google Power webapp. No longer obvious if here is an “supreme me” impart, but every time I wish to mercurial invent a alternate to a doc thru the webapp, It decides to remain working.

I admire the Keybase plot of mounting faraway storage as a “network drive” on my computer, and wanted to develop one thing an analogous for Google Power. Here’s where a immense application called rclone is available in to play. Rclone is a extraordinarily easy-to-spend bellow-line utility for working with cloud storage. I first and most predominant realized about it when I venerable to host this net space on DigitalOcean Areas a few years ago. Out of the box, Rclone helps many cloud providers, together with Google Power!

Setting up Rclone to be used with Google Power

Now for the fun allotment, to open with Rclone and Google Power on your computer, you could first install Rclone. I will retract you are using a Linux-essentially essentially based mostly operating machine here, but with some slight tweaking, this works on BSD and Home windows too!

# Set up Rclone with the computerized installer
curl | sudo bash

Once Rclone is installed, you could hop on over to the Google Cloud Developer Console, and assemble a recent mission. Below the ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES share, gape for, and enable the Google Power API. This can say an API to your Google Power, and let applications engage with the recordsdata (if establishing a few accounts, you supreme wish to enable the API on idea to be one of them). Click the Credentials tab within the left-facet panel, then Web credentials. This can commence a panel letting you space up catch admission to to your recent API.

With the panel commence, click CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN, Exterior, then CREATE. Enter rclone as the utility name, and assign it aside. You now have space up a kind of “signal in with Google” screens for yourself. Clicking the Credentials tab again will carry you to an residence where you may well presumably generate the wanted API keys for Rclone.

Click + CREATE CREDENTIALS at the head of the panel, and salvage OAuth client ID. Place of dwelling the utility kind to Desktop app, and within the waste, press Web. You may well now be proven the wanted info to link Rclone to your myth(s).

Deliver: This API mission is no longer verified by Google.

This methodology that you just will be greeted with a upsetting warning when logging within the first time. Correct ignore it.

Back within the terminal, we are able to creep rclone config to space up a configuration for Google Power. You may well be triggered with many alternatives. Utilize the following:

# > rclone config

# Web a recent config
n) Fresh faraway

# Place of dwelling a name
name> my_drive

# Engage a storage kind
Storage> drive

# You may well be requested for a consumer ID and secret. These are the strings we accurate generated

# Place of dwelling the scope to enable Rclone catch admission to to your recordsdata
scope> 1

# Settle the default risk for everything except requested ought to you may well presumably presumably admire to spend "auto config"
# When requested, teach yes
auto_config> y

# Place of dwelling group drive to no
team_drive> n

# Verify the facts, then teach yes
ok> y

Nearly done. Or no longer it will most certainly be wanted to creep rclone ls my_drive: (the colon is wanted). This can doubtlessly inquire you to head to a link, and enable an API. Produce so.

Your Google Power can now be mounted by working the following (feel free to alternate the paths to no topic you will want)

mkdir -p ~/google_drive
rclone mount my_drive: ~/google_drive --vfs-cache-mode writes

Initiating Rclone on boot

You doubtlessly don’t are looking out for to creep an rclone bellow every time you open your computer. This may be solved in idea to be one of two ways

For i3wm customers

On i3wm, accurate add the following line to ~/.config/i3/config:

exec --no-startup-id rclone mount my_drive: /house//google_drive --vfs-cache-mode writes

Make obvious to interchange with your username.

Get into myth, exec commands are no longer creep when reloading i3 with Mod+Shift+r. It’s good to log off (Mod+Shift+e), and abet in again.

For Ubuntu / Debian-essentially essentially based mostly customers

In pleasant mighty any Debian-essentially essentially based mostly machine, you may well presumably edit /and heaps others/rc.native (using sudo), and add the following line accurate ahead of exit 0:

rclone mount my_drive: /house//google_drive --vfs-cache-mode writes

Make obvious to interchange with your username.

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