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My 3 revenue streams as a developer – without freelance work


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An sufficient return of experience on how I generated incomes as a net developer with out working as a freelancer.

Mehdi Farsi


— Grasp Yoda

In 2017, I started to be bored to utterly producing revenues thru freelance work. So I made up my thoughts to strive as onerous as that you just would furthermore mediate of to generate $10 000/month with out freelance work and with now now not now now not as much as time spent on this job. I’m a sufficient Ruby on Rails developer with a right passion for knowledge sharing. So my strategy used to be to converse utterly different income streams round my specificities. I notion about 3 that you just would furthermore mediate of income streams:

  • tech blogging
  • setting up an e-learning platform
  • setting up ebooks

I completed my monetary purpose in 18 months of dedication. So right here, I’ll fragment with you this inch as a solopreneur.

At the finish, I’ll fragment with you an outline of how I manage my time to address these 3 income streams.

As a Ruby developer, I speedily determined to dedicate my blog to the Ruby programming language. Moreover, I made up my thoughts to make employ of Medium to host my blog. Certainly, I cherished the muse of being segment of the Medium Accomplice Program. I furthermore cherished the belief of publications. So, after setting up my memoir I needed to determine a e-newsletter identify. After some time I made up my thoughts to make employ of rubycademy. It used to be connected to both Ruby and the plan of educating.

After constructing my e-newsletter, it took me about a days to manufacture my first blogpost. I was so apprehensive to delivery it that it took me almost a week to enact so. Three days after the delivery, I barely handed the 100 views.. At the present, I needed my fellow developers to criticize (or troll) my put up. This might well mean that they’d care about it. But nothing took role. This made me realize that my writing skills weren’t ample animated to make of us habitual about my blog.

Within the within the meantime, I entirely had 2 picks: Accelerate onerous or lunge dwelling. So I made up my thoughts to write and delivery non-finish till the thirtieth article. It took me 50 days to create this milestone. This degree of dedication paid-off as on the finish of those 50 days I came upon my writing vogue, I had a sufficient amount of articles about diverse issues and I started to grow a predominant viewers that cherished and shared my blogposts. A month later, I obtained my first opportunity to generate incomes from my blog. Ok, now now not exactly from my blog..

One day, I obtained an email that asked me if I was appealing to write a put up for the blog of a startup that traditional Ruby on Rails as net framework for his or her application. I obviously acknowledged YES. A week later I despatched my first invoice and had been remunerated a pair a range of bucks for this job. It used to be the predominant time that I earned cash in utterly different skill than coding for a given firm.

Two months later (and after producing ~$3000 with my paid blogposts), my e-newsletter used to be producing an estimated 30 000 views per months. That’s after I made up my thoughts to redirect this targeted viewers (of us with a solid passion in Ruby and Ruby on Rails) to my e-learning platform. First, I built a landing net page with the likelihood to let an email for beta making an try out the platform as soon as released. Per week later I had 1000 emails of of us to take a look at my product. And so, with out any paid adverts and by producing incomes thru my blog.. So in 5 months I created a a hit blog and I had a targeted viewers in learning more about Ruby.

As I had a predominant mailing listing, I made up my thoughts to make the effort to intention a sufficient product in an inexpensive time: 50 days. I deliberate to delivery the platform with 30 screencasts and a promise to add more than one screencasts on a weekly basis. A pair of of the screencasts would perchance well entirely be obtainable thru a monthly subscription of $7.

As an skilled net developer, it took me 2 weeks to create the platform and I devoted my weekend to screencasts recording. I was ready to legend 5 screencasts per weekend for the length of 50 days. There used to be 32 screencasts for the launching of the platform. After few months — while I enhanced my dialog skills and upgraded my recording studio — used to be counting about 900 subscribers. I obtained’t fragment with you the categorical numbers but it preserve rising month after month.

Currently, I made up my thoughts to grow my Social Community viewers. So I launched the “Stress-free Information about Ruby” series. This series is easy of playing cards that have frosty tricks and notions about the Ruby programming language. This format is ideally edifying for sharing on reddit, twitter, facebook, and rather a lot others.. After releasing few playing cards on social networks, the visits on my blog and my platform elevated significantly. This meant that this format essentially my viewers. So I made up my thoughts to form Stress-free Information about Ruby — quantity 1. This quantity contains 30 playing cards. I gave the likelihood to preorder the eBook. I’ve already got ~400 preorders at $4 every. My purpose is now to delivery a peculiar quantity per trimester.

Ok, now that I shared with you my 3 income streams, let’s talk about about how I manage my time on a each day basis.

First and critical, I work 4 days a week from 9am to 5pm. To enact so, I destroy up my day in 14 slots of 30 minutes — from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm. The firsts morning and afternoon slots are dedicated to social networks and emails.

The final one within the afternoon is dedicated to prepare the work for the next day to come. In utterly different slots, I code, I legend or I write a blogpost. After 5pm, my time is allocated to my activities and my family.

The reality of splitting my day in more than one slots of 30 minutes forces me to create one thing on the finish of a slots:

  • resolving a worm
  • coding a subtask of a peculiar characteristic
  • writing the problem of my next screencast
  • writing a portion of my next blogpost
  • reviewing my recent blogpost
  • and rather a lot others..

Having this degree of granularity is intensely contented as a solopreneur. Certainly, I entirely make investments my time in puny responsibilities that originate a sizable ROI on the finish of the week.

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