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Nutcracker Challenge: Blob-Free WiFi and BLE


Despite the true fact that it’s the stop of Hacktoberfest, it’s no longer too unhurried for an birth source nut cracking discipline. That is a discipline that can relieve no longer handiest our most up to date and future devices but to boot the community sharp ahead.

So, what’s the subject then? To bag blob-free BL602 for the birth source community so as that all of us can devour blob-free FOSS Bluetooth and WiFi on PINE64 devices. 

As soon as you bag to believe to bag in on the high-tail and to bag a BL602 review board (EVB) – which now we believe codenamed PineCone – with the BL602 shipped to you, listed below are the steps to have a study:  

Step 1: Register or login to

Step 2: Make a contribution to this repository (pine64/bl_iot_sdk)

Step 3: Compare if your pull save a matter to was permitted

Step 4: We can reach out to you by strategy of email for your transport important sides

Step 5: Wait to bag the PineCone (EVB with BL602)! 

Anybody can participate on this Nutcracker advertising and marketing campaign but we handiest believe a restricted amount (approx 1000 pcs) of EVBs on hand, so if many folk eradicate to desire piece then we’ll believe to prioritise the kits in step with a authorized-sense first-arrive-first-served basis. Let’s construct this!

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