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Origami Simulator


Scurry Fold Percent slowly for this sample to fold accurately!

When this sample is triangulated (all thru the setup of the simulation) it forms many skinny triangles,
these triangles are very unstable as the sample folds.

Designed by Ullagami, long-established sample within the market at

Designed by Tomoko Fuse. Crease sample by
Sara Adams
– video of the develop route of on YouTube.

This file used to be generated by Polygami,
an app by Shahul Alam,
Lauren Huang,
and Mahi Shafiullah that creates crease patterns for any 2D draw of voxels on a sq. grid.

Allow this sample to fold, then pick Allow Individual Interaction (Advanced Alternatives factual menu) and walk the central vertex
to pop into into an alternative, inverted configuration.

Normal develop by Emmanuel Mooser. Crease sample corrected and modified for rigid origami by William Gardner.

In line with Flower Tower develop by Chris K. Palmer. Crease sample recordsdata generated by William Gardner.

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