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Planka – an open-source self-hosted Trello-like app


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A Trello-like kanban board constructed with React and Redux.

Shopper demo (with out server gains).

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  • Accept as true with projects, boards, lists, playing cards, labels and projects
  • Add card contributors, computer screen time, spot a due date, add attachments, write feedback
  • Markdown fortify in a card description and comment
  • Filter by contributors and labels
  • Customise project background
  • Real-time updates
  • Client notifications
  • Internationalization


Most up-to-date assignment

Initiatives will need to occupy Managers who occupy the capability to originate/edit/delete boards. Boards will need to occupy their occupy Participants, so contributors might no longer gape all boards, shiny those they belong to. Planka will seemingly be released after this breaking alternate.

Future projects

  • Receive closing files after reconnection
  • Customized fields
  • Public boards
  • Automated actions


Please account for that Planka is NOT released but, API and database construction can even be changed!

Docker Manufacture

  • Simply that it’s doubtless you’ll wish to’ve Docker and Docker Manufacture save in and operational.
  • Accept as true with docker-create.yml in accordance to the instance. Right here is the ONLY file that it’s doubtless you’ll want. That it’s doubtless you’ll originate this file for your occupy machine by copy and pasting the remark.
  • Edit BASE_URL to match your arena name or IP take care of.
  • Edit SECRET_KEY with random price. That it’s doubtless you’ll generate it by openssl rand -hex 64.

Download the docker-create.yml:

curl -L -o docker-create.yml

Pull photos and begin services:

docker-create up -d

Demo user: demo@demo.demo demo


Clone the repository and install dependencies:

git clone

cd planka
npm install

Either use a local database or start the equipped trend database:

docker-create -f docker-create-dev.yml up

Edit DATABASE_URL in .env file if mandatory, then initialize the database:

npm speed server:db:init

Launch the trend server:

npm start

Demo user: demo@demo.demo demo

Tech stack

  • React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-ORM, Semantic UI React, react-handsome-dnd
  • Sails.js, Knex.js
  • PostgreSQL


Planka is MIT licensed.

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