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Prickly business: the hedgehog highway that knits a village together


Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. This became the first lesson from my village safari around Kirtlington in Oxfordshire, house to the UK’s longest volunteer-stride hedgehog twin carriageway. “Leaving out bread and milk is the worst thing you would attain,” says resident Chris Powles, who created the twin carriageway. It passes thru 60 properties in the village, all linked by CD-sized holes crop into fences and walls, a pair of of which own been around for the rationale that 18th century.

Hedgehogs need house to accomplish territories, forage and catch mates. The compartmentalisation of land into interior most gardens is without doubt one of many causes of their disappearance from our panorama – they own got declined by 90% for the rationale that 2nd world warfare. Extra than 12,000 hedgehog holes own been created as half of the UK’s hedgehog twin carriageway community, and Kirtlington has one of many most ingenious routes on the diagram. Little ramps and staircases thread between gardens in this higgledy-piggledy save, with its 13th-century church and notices about cake gross sales and “cricketers wanted”.

Powles’s eureka 2nd came in 2016 when he saw hedgehog faeces in his backyard. He started striking down meals after which realised his hedgehogs essential somewhere to hasten rather then on to the twin carriageway, so he knocked a gap in the wall (and made exiguous stairs) so that they would presumably perhaps accumulate into his neighbour’s backyard.

  • Entering Kirtlington; Chris Powles along with his diagram of the hedgehog twin carriageway; and staring at over the ‘church’ entrance. Photos: Tom Pilston/the Guardian

Four years later, his hedgehog diagram indicates the save these nocturnal mammals – which would maybe lunge for a mile each night – can safely scurry. Coloured inexperienced are gardens already linked by holes, and in white are future territories to overcome (there are around 75 in complete). “We infrequently need a formula – the hedgehogs own generated so essential enthusiasm. Very few of us reveal no to being occupied with the twin carriageway,” he says.

Powles has potentially been in further gardens than anybody else in the village. “I’ve realized hundreds non-hedgehog issues about of us … I’m very drawn to of us’s gardens but I strive to now not intrude,” he says. We meander thru the church, the pub and along public footpaths, enjoying roses and dahlias clinging on to the final of summer’s heat.

  • A hedgehog caught on digicam the use of the ramp at Peter Kyte and Zoe Johnson’s house. Picture: Stephen Powles

Powles asks every person when their final sighting became (numbers own sharply declined currently and it is now not decided why) and by the pause of the lunge we’ve spoken to a dozen of us. Talk of hedgehogs comes as without effort to residents as evaluating notes on the weather. “With neighbours who own fallen out – myself included and I won’t reveal who with – hedgehogs own introduced us relieve collectively all all over again. The ability of hedgehogs is suitable there,” he says.

The twin carriageway is an eccentric pride – stone steps, hedgehog cutouts and puny indicators cherish “Church” for any hedgehog that can learn. The ramp at Peter Kyte and Zoe Johnson’s house is 85cm huge and believed to be one of many finest in the nation. Final year the couple put out their night digicam and captured visits most nights. “One or two of them are reasonably full and bought stuck on the bottom,” says Peter. One video of a hedgehog the use of their ramp has been viewed 33,000 times.

Monitoring is a needed half of the project. Sticks in entrance of holes mark if hedgehogs own passed (the stick falls down as they lunge thru). Having a study at hedgehog faeces is one other essential technique to learn about their whereabouts. Eleven digicam traps own been distributed across the village by the Of us’s Belief for Endangered Species (PTES) to assist note their movements, and never now not as much as half a dozen extra own been sold by residents. Isabel Houselander, 10, tells me she conception hedgehogs own been imaginary until she saw one exterior her entrance door on the digicam entice. She and her two chums now own their very own hedgehog holes after being impressed by Powles’s hedgehog presentation at their college.

  • Attempting to search out indicators of hedgehog traffic; Lucy Charlesworth, 10, inspects a tunnel; the outlet in the gate of the Historical Vicarage; a stick left in opposition to a gap to show screen movements interior and outside. Photos: Stephen Powles/Tom Pilston/The Guardian

Coordinating the twin carriageway has made Powles realise how essential of us love flora and fauna and are searching for to assist (“here’s one other one who’s fully potty about hedgehogs,” he says on a possibility of cases). In each backyard we quit and own a chat. At one house talk turns to reproduction. “In terms of the ratio of penis to physique weight they’re substantial … for people that’re making cherish to a prickly ball you wish one thing rather lengthy to accumulate the job done,” says Powles, with dry enthusiasm.


The initiative is stride by the Kirtlington Natural world and Conservation Society (KWACS), which Powles chairs. The village fete and newsletter (which aspects hedgehog news) also assist fund the holes, which would maybe worth greater than £300 for a thick wall. Powles sells greeting cards with photos of Kirlington’s hedgehogs and chops firewood to fund KWACS’ work. “We customarily beg, borrow and carry left, suitable and centre,” he says.

PTES and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society started the national Hedgehog Avenue initiative to attend of us to comprise holes of their fences. There are as much as 100 communities working with Hedgehog Avenue, testomony to the recognition of the mammal which is now inclined to extinction in the UK, with an estimated one million left. “Gardens are a stronghold for hedgehogs,” says Grace Johnson, a hedgehog officer at PTES, “but in the event that they are going to’t accumulate into your backyard there’s now not essential level in having a suitable backyard.” Anecdotal proof suggests holes own a well-known influence on populations, although here is now not currently backed up by science.

  • A hedghog opts to use the steps. Picture: Stephen Powles

Creator and ecologist Hugh Warwick is main a national campaign to accumulate hedgehog highways a factual requirement on contemporary housing trends. His campaign has nearly a million signatures. Cherish barn owls – whose population comeback is on account of the development of barn owl containers – hedgehogs are a species that native communities and contemporary housing builders can actually assist.

Kirtlington’s hedgehog twin carriageway is an added eccentricity in the village. But it needn’t be odd – along with cricket pitches and pubs, hedgehog highways could presumably perhaps became half of the furniture of village lifestyles in every single save the nation. “You must presumably perhaps well be feeling you would positively attain one thing, and there could be pleasure in that,” says Powles.

Rating extra age of extinction coverage here, and note biodiversity journalists Phoebe Weston and Patrick Greenfield on Twitter for the full most modern news and aspects

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