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Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is growing fast



DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, launched that August 2020 ended in over 2 billion total searches via its search platform.

While Google remains the most popular search engine, DuckDuckGo has obtained a colossal deal of traction in recent months as an increasing form of customers accept as true with begun to tag their privacy on the online.

DuckDuckGo saw over 2 billion searches and 4 million app/extension installations, and the firm furthermore acknowledged that they’ve over 65 million stuffed with life customers. DuckDuckGo might well break its old site traffic document if the equivalent development trend continues.

A Yarn Breaking August at DuckDuckGo!

2B searches

4M app/extension installs

65M guesstimated stuffed with life customers (we accept as true with now not of direction know attributable to… privacy)

Every person that demands privacy online is a step toward a larger Info superhighway for all individuals. #SpreadPrivacy 

— DuckDuckGo (@DuckDuckGo) September 10, 2020

Even supposing DuckDuckGo is rising instantly, it gathered controls lower than 2 p.c of all search quantity in the US. However, DuckDuckGo’s development trend has endured all year lengthy, essentially attributable to Google and completely different companies’ privacy scandal.

On average, DuckDuckGo is getting 65 million+ searches generally. The quantity is inclined to be more if we add up the searches performed via DuckDuckGo’s API, extensions, or apps.

DuckDuckGo search engine is in accordance to Bing, group-developed web sites such as Wikipedia, and the firm has developed its own crawler to generate its index of search outcomes.

Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo is more privacy-oriented, and they also accept as true with now not be aware what customers are procuring for. Consequently, DuckDuckGo search outcomes must now not as up-to-date as Google and even Bing.

On the several hand, Google has championed web requirements, and its search engine allegedly ignores privacy requirements and tracks folks all over its platforms.

Will accept as true with to you are fervent by privacy, you can even give DuckDuckGo a strive by visiting their search homepage. You might per chance well well also furthermore exercise DuckDuckGo by installing its extensions and apps.

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