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Python scylla-driver: how we unleashed the Scylla monster’s performance


At Scylla summit 2019 I had the probability to meet Israel Fruchter and we dreamed of engaged on alongside with shard-awareness back to the Python cassandra-driver which would be known as scylla-driver.

A pair of months later, when Israel reached out to me on the Scylla-Users #pythonistas Slack channel with the main draft PR I changed into so wrathful that I jumped in the wagon to abet!

The efforts we set up apart into the scylla-driver paid off and tremendously improved the performance of the production functions that I had the probability to change to utilizing it by 15 to 25%!

Before we reached these numbers and even released the scylla-driver to PyPi, EuroPython 2020 RFP changed into begin and I submitted a talk proposal which changed into fortuitously accepted by the community.

So I had the probability to deep-dive into Cassandra vs Scylla architecture variations, order the rationale in the support of developing the scylla-driver and presents Python code minute print on how we implemented it and the challenges we confronted doing so. Test my talk spage for

I also defined that I wrote an RFC on the scylla-dev mailing record which lead the developers of Scylla to enforce a new connection-to-shard algorithm that will allow purchasers connecting to a new listening port to purchase the true shard they wish a connection to.

Right here is an expected main optimization from the modern mostly random draw of connecting to all shards and I’m chuffed to whisper that it’s been implemented and is able to be set up apart to make spend of by the total scylla drivers.

I’ve currently been contacted by PyCon India and a range of Python related conferences organizers for a talk so I’ve submitted one to PyCon India the place I am hoping I’ll be in a position to showcase even better numbers as a result of brand new algorithm!

After my Europython talk we also had very intelligent discussions with Pau Freixes about his work on an fully asynchronous Python driver that wraps the C++ driver to win the perfect that you’re going to be in a position to be mindful performance. First outcomes are fully extraordinary so while you occur to’re drawn to this, manufacture certain that to present it a are trying to make a contribution to the driver!

Protect tuned for additional extraordinary set up apart a query to latencies 😉

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