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Raindrop 5.0


Hasty. Intuitive. Clear

Rustem Mussabekov

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Final main replace of net apps happen decades ago, internally they worn truly impolite: tiresome, inflexible and robust to develop. They need total refresh!

This day I’m very exasperated to birth what I had been working on for the previous half of the 300 and sixty five days! Order hello for contemporary Web, desktop app and browser extension 🖖

It comprises many contemporary aspects and enhancements. This free up is a bit of large refactoring effort I started 300 and sixty five days ago. The just is to construct Raindrop completely legit and simple to enhance in very lengthy timeframe.

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Now almost every interaction is instantaneous, with considerably diminished load times and microscopic memory footprint. No more drop of efficiency for customers who bear hundreds and hundreds of collections and bookmarks.

First focus on over with can load tiny longer to cache every little thing within the background, but subsequent visits will load grand sooner.

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Clipper mode

A range of improvements

  • Introduction of a bookmark now predictably fast, no more anxious delays
  • Repeatedly pleasant title for contemporary bookmark
  • No more anxious urged tags, now they refined and out of main autocomplete space
  • Excellent saved declare
  • Set up from context menu is more intuitive and robust
  • Contemporary Omnibox key phrase rd in its save of r, to eradicate any conflicts with your neatly-liked google searches
  • Sidebar panel enhance in Firefox
  • All other improvements mentioned under

Sadly Safari extension is no longer interesting but. The contemporary Safari 14 API bear main scenario that prevents me to port extension. I’m working on this with Apple enhance, hope to search out solution quickly.

Single search topic to search out 📁 collection, 🏷️ designate or a 🔖 bookmark. Loyal commence up typing, outcomes will seem at the moment.

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Search inner of a collection now display disguise outcomes from nested collections too! Assorted outcomes confirmed one by one.

Filters now refined and hidden by default. Loyal press Ctrl+F or ⌘+F to commence up procuring, filters seem under. I guess that is a commerce for the easier to unclutter UI even more.

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Resize sidebar whereas that it’s seemingly you’ll love more room for collections. Or even disguise it!

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Bound by the threshold

Repairs of large collections checklist change into easy. Now you’ll want to perchance perchance also merge or settle multiple collections in seconds. Reorder is also improved, are attempting and scoot collection to contemporary space, you’re going to take care of contemporary fluid and fast animation.

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Batch actions for collections

Now it’s easy to get contemporary collection in declare web inform. Loyal click on + and creation originate will seem above stuffed with life collection. You are going to be ready to even scoot it to another web inform.

Filters and tags now constantly at hand. Yep, now they located in sidebar alongside your collections.

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Filters and tags now constantly at hand

How exciting it’ll even be to search out bookmark inner of a nested collection? While you happen to forgot in witch level it’ll even be. Is in it?

No more! Loyal birth collection, all of it teenagers will seemingly be confirmed pleasant away on the the same disguise. As I mentioned earlier search can earn bookmarks inner of nested collections.

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We destroy up tags autocomplete into 3 groups: 🕑 currently weak, 📁 in contemporary collection and 🏷️ all other. Urged tags no more disturb you, we moved them out of main tags checklist.

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Overall expertise with tags change into loads smoother.


  • Attend for multiline descriptions with line breaks
  • «Steal out all» now no doubt plan discontinuance out all bookmarks
  • In terms of instantaneous bulk operations
  • Configurable thumbnail space (left/pleasant edge)
  • Every glimpse mode configurable one by one. Now you’ll want to perchance perchance also leave most tremendous covers in Moodboard glimpse as an illustration


  • Rename by double click on
  • Initiate all bookmarks in one click on, pleasant from collection context menu


  • «Duplicates» is now proper a straightforward filter, so now yow will stumble on them even in declare collection


  • Alternate form present an explanation for (by title/depend)


  • Thanks to contemporary import mode called “Edifying contemporary” you’ll want to perchance perchance also re-add your import file multiple times, most tremendous contemporary records will seemingly be imported, every little thing else will seemingly be untouched
  • Contemporary mode «Open from scratch» — pleasant whereas that you must commence up from scratch and settle all worn records old to contemporary import

Preview panel

  • Better net pages preview
  • Extra fonts


  • Official recordsdata uploads. Definite error message in case of failure
  • Verify weak space in settings


Hope you love this replace. I take advantage of a range of time and energy on this free up. The adjustments I made in codebase now offers me more freedom so as to add contemporary aspects or crimson meat up worn one. So plan more coming very quickly, in conjunction with needless to claim mobile app replace and contemporary Safari extension.

Topple me an email whereas you bear got any issues or you bear got a opinion what to commerce for better.

Incomplete but

  • Scrutinize «apply for all» likelihood
  • Reorder bookmarks in Moodboard glimpse

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