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Welcome to /r/NVIDIA. A characteristic for the complete lot NVIDIA, near focus on about knowledge, rumours, GPUs, the alternate, elaborate-off your fabricate and more.

This Subreddit is neighborhood bustle and doesn’t report NVIDIA in any capacity except specified.


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Rule 1: Tech Make stronger & Elements — Tech Make stronger posts must now not allowed. Please exhaust the tech enhance megathread. Newest thread is linked in the sidebar or pinned on the front page. You’ll want to well exhaust /r/TechSupport neighborhood.

Rule 2: Take dangle of Photos Connected Posts – Take dangle of photos connected posts are most productive allowed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Please follow Rule #10 concerning low advantageous train material when posting your fabricate and please most productive post builds with Nvidia merchandise clearly seen. They’ll be closely moderated

Rule 3: Connected Assert – All posts wish to be essentially connected to Nvidia. This suggests the article wish to be talking particularly about Nvidia as an organization, Nvidia’s product, or barely quite quite a bit of merchandise using Nvidia’s technology.

Rule 4: Be Fantastic and Civil. No Faith or Politics – Be advantageous, civil and follow rediquette. No brigading, personal attack bashing, mudslinging, or witch making an strive. Absolutely no politics and faith focus on on the subreddit.

Rule 5: No Referral or Affiliate Hyperlinks – Referral or affiliate hyperlinks must now not allowed right here. Repeat offenders will be banned with out sight.

Rule 6: No Self Marketing – Self selling is now not allowed right here. That entails your youtube channel and online page. Please ship a modmail for these who wish to chat about an exception.

Rule 7: No Memes and Shitposts – Memes and shitposts will be removed

Rule 8: No Unsubstantiated Rumors & Discussions – No unsubstantiated rumors or conspiracies. Rumor posts are allowed but it with out a doubt must link lend a hand to a respected source. Additionally, to forestall the spread of potentially unsuitable knowledge or fraudulent rumors, there will be no standalone discussion concerning explicit rumors. Focus on the particular rumor in the respective rumor thread that used to be posted.

Rule 9: No Editorialization – Recordsdata/Reports/Benchmarks connected posts wouldn’t have editorialized titles and could be posted in complete. Please exhaust suggested title for link submission or reproduction the title of the distinctive link. For non-English submission, please exhaust generic titles for ease of browsing. Editorialized posts will be removed.

Rule 10: Low Fantastic & Duplicate Assert – Low advantageous train material will be removed. This entails photos of containers, straw polls, fraudulent knowledge, complaints, or barely quite quite a bit of contents deemed low advantageous by neighborhood moderators. Duplicate contents will be removed.

Rule 11: No Buying for/Selling/Buying and selling – No buying for/selling/trading on this subreddit. Please visit r/hardwareswap buying for, selling, or trading. Absolutely no begging for the relaxation on the subreddit.

Rule 12: Other Eventualities – Existence is now not dusky and white and neither is that this neighborhood. As grand as we would are looking out for to invent detailed solutions for the complete lot, there will be eventualities the set human judgment is wished. Moderators reserve the honest appropriate to buy posts and comments that can now not destroy the solutions but were deemed spoiled. At the same time, we could allow posts and comments that can destroy a complete lot of solutions outlined on this checklist. That is the exception now not the norm and most productive applies on very diminutive series of cases.

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