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Reddit removes sort by “Controversial” on comments ability




Survey Reddit Die is a spot to observe reddit’s abandonment of free speech and decline into censorship.

r/WatchRedditDie is no longer a lifestyles raft for your banned group or censored views. It is a fireplace fright for the comfort of Reddit.

Definitely one of basically the most consistent and hardest suggestions we salvage from ours users is the shortcoming of transparency around removals. Right here is no longer an indication or an inditement in opposition to mods. Rather users actually possess no insights into this.

~22% of all posts are eradicated by AutoModerator and Moderators in our substantial communities.

Upon nearer inspection, we came steady via that the mammoth majority of the eradicated posts were created in correct religion

— Reddit Administration

r/WatchReddieDie turned into created in line with reddit taking part with the German and Russian governments to censor subreddits.

Right here are our public mod logs: https://rbtc.stay/modlogs/?sub=WatchRedditDie

Utilize reveddit to scrutinize which subs possess censored you


Put up here hyperlinks to threads and feedback on reddit that display camouflage how reddit is deviating from the originate, free speech, censorship free platform it conventional to be.

Be civil

Address others with fashioned decency. No non-public assaults, shill accusations, detest-speech, flaming, baiting, trolling, witch-making an strive, or unsubstantiated accusations. Racial and homophobic feedback will most likely be eradicated. Threats of violence will end in a ban.

No off-topic posts!

Posts must be about how admin and moderator actions stifle originate conversation.

This involves highlighting hypocrisy and inconsistency in Reddit’s enforcement.

About AutoModerator

Automoderator robotically eliminates URL shorteners, user pings and feedback containing homophobic and racial slurs. In case your state turned into caught within the unsolicited mail filter by accident and is rarely breaking any guidelines this might occasionally salvage permitted.

Familiarise yourself with reddiquette.

Reddiquette is a casual expression of the values of many redditors, as written by redditors themselves. Please abide by it the first-fee you can.

Follow Reddit Roar material Policy!


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