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Richard Stallman’s Private Site

continue to be the Chief GNUisance of the GNU Venture.

I elevate out now not intend to discontinue any time rapidly.

Send feedback/questions about the search engine to: rms at gnu dot org

RSS place of dwelling feed for basically the most neatly-liked
political notes and glossy self-discipline matter.

Right here’s the non-public web place of dwelling of Richard Stallman.

The views expressed right here are my non-public views, now not these of
the Free Instrument Foundation or
the GNU Venture.

For the sake of separation, this place of dwelling has continuously been
hosted in other locations and managed separately.

In the occasion you desire to send me GPG-encrypted mail, elevate out now not trust key
About a of them maintain phony keys below my name and email address,
made by another person as a trick.
Ogle gpg.html for my real key.

For the US presidential election:

In case your narrate is a swing narrate, vote for Biden. Otherwise, vote Green — vote for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for president/VP. I delayed my decision hoping that Biden would enhance the progressive programs that the US and the sphere desperately need, however by picking Harris he reaffirmed his rejection of them. If we preserve balloting for the plutocratist lesser monstrous, every time the plutocrats give us something worse than the earlier lesser monstrous.

California voters: vote no on prop 22, the Uber exploitation exception.

Massachusetts voters: vote yes on interrogate 1,
giving car owners the genuine to authorize self sustaining
repair retail outlets to rating admission to the recordsdata stored in the car

This would now not scuttle far enough — it’s top to now not be required
to title your self to any assorted “authority” sooner than letting
the repair shop diagnose your car’s self-discipline — however it is
a well-known step in the genuine path.

Massachusetts voters: vote yes on Ask 2, to undertake ranked different balloting.

In San Francisco: Vote for progressive
Shahid Buttar in the Democratic major to interchange Nancy Pelosi.

Enhance the

US Green Occasion

Enhance the Electorate’ Native weather

US voters: discuss with NORML’s balloting data for candidates’ stands
on legalizing marijuana.

I am searching for about a more volunteers to support install glossy
political notes on the place of dwelling. In the occasion you desire to support me in this
manner, please write to rms at gnu duration org.

Is your financial institution pressuring you to exercise biometric ID?
If this is the case, please write to rms at gnu dot org.
It would be precious should you document what’s going on.


donate to the Free Instrument Foundation
to enhance its work
for your freedom.

“They” is plural —
for singular antecedents, exercise
singular gender-just pronouns

Hyperlink Protection

The largest section of the place of dwelling is the
political notes, and they
are in most cases up so far every single day.

  • volunteer to post videos of my talks on
  • browse varied sites and conceal me
    objects that I should peer and link to. In clarify for you to support me
    in this fashion, please write to rms at gnu dot o r g.
  • (in India) build and promote buttons that affirm, “DON’T BE
    TRACKED  PAY CASH”, in English and/or a neighborhood
    language, to resist the campaign in opposition to
    money. Pronounce with a neighborhood firm that makes buttons, purchase a
    batch of 50 to 500 buttons for a quantity model, then promote
    them for 2 or 3 instances that model.
  • rating data about Delta face recognition.

    Airlines’ web
    place of dwelling says clearly that the utilization of face
    recognition to for departures is non-compulsory

    On the different hand, there are reports that in the airport they quilt this up.

    Would someone flying on Delta out of Atlanta please file the
    bulletins about face recognition for checkin and
    boarding? And what the checkin agent says to you about
    rejecting the face recognition. Also please consume photos of
    any indicators that discuss the matter. Then please send me
    email about what you saw/heard.

  • send me examples of how proprietary programs maintain been
    designed to be addictive.
  • Write a program to jam
    and post the fine data about finding local weather strike
    rallies on another web place of dwelling which makes that recordsdata
    accessible without operating JavaScript code.

    I might maybe well well cherish to publicize these events, moreover to support in most cases

  • send me examples of how proprietary programs maintain been
    designed to space off programmed obsolescence of merchandise.
  • maintain a Firefox entrance conclude to switch wanting the Internet Archive
    with Javascript disabled (or LibreJS active).
  • In the occasion you realize of a financial institution in the US that costs less than ten dollars for
    incoming wire transfers, please repeat me about it.

    I can’t elevate out online banking, since most US banks require customers to
    droop nonfree apps or Javascript code for that, so I might maybe well well must launch
    an story in some assorted manner. As a consequence of this truth, it might maybe well well be biggest if the financial institution
    had an space of work in the Boston dwelling. On the different hand, I might maybe well well be drawn to regardless of
    banks you are going to recommend even if they’re now not advance me.

  • get hold of articles about games that entice and stress customers
    into spending a range of money on competitive advantages, or letting
    their youngsters elevate out so. I’ve concluded right here’s a build of malicious
    efficiency, and I desire to build a checklist in an effort to add to In the occasion you realize of an editorial, please email me
    the URL.
  • write place of dwelling-particular Firefox extensions
    or local scripts to feature particular websites.
  • relief

    withhold and operate
  • experiment to get hold of genuine ways to place
    fruits to a Grav-mass tree.
  • relief websites place free licenses
    on their Javascript code.

Civil Liberties Minute:

[America Means Civil Liberties / Patriotism Means Protecting 
             Them / ]

graphic by Susan Henson

People, you are going to pick out to reproduction this icon to your contain web page, as a
manner of unveiling what patriotism ability to you.

Urgent action objects

  • In Illinois, vote for the graduated earnings tax.
  • US voters: call on the Division of Agriculture to preserve the Roadless Rule
    for the Tongass Nationwide wooded field.
  • US voters: call on Congress to place now not need any vote on any nomination to contain Justice Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat until the winner of this election is inaugurated.

    In the occasion you call, please spread the notice!

  • Every person: Donate now to place Europe from Instrument Patents, says FFII.

    In the occasion you are German, contact your representative in the Bundestag to oppose the “unitary patent”.

    In the occasion you call, please spread the notice!

  • Electorate of Massachusetts: vote yes on interrogate 1,
    giving car owners the genuine to authorize self sustaining
    repair retail outlets to rating admission to the recordsdata stored in the car

    This would now not scuttle far enough — it’s top to now not be required
    to title your self to any assorted “authority” sooner than letting
    the repair shop diagnose your car’s self-discipline — however it is
    a well-known step in the genuine path.

  • Boycott Chevron, in the name of Steven Donziger.

Recording of Guantanamero

Hear to the recording

of Guantanamero,
a allege music written in Spanish. The recording is in
Ogg Vorbis layout. To install an Ogg Vorbis player,
the FSF’s Ogg Gamers web page

There Ought to Be a Laws

  • The US wants a constitutional amendment to restrict the president’s vitality
    to pardon convicts whose crimes had been related to the president. The
    authors of the constitution might maybe well well maybe maintain supposed no president would sink
    so low as to raise out that.

  • Automation in work is geared toward atomizing work, making workers fungible,
    and operating them to exhaustion

    I own these practices should be prohibited, even if it requires
    imposing stiff, harsh penalties on employment systems. It is execrable to
    be conscious such legal pointers to folks, however an employment gadget is now not a person,
    even if it is section of a commercial that belongs to a person.

  • I own there should be a law that once a firm tells workers that their jobs will be outsourced, and that sooner than they’re let scuttle they maintain to prepare their contain replacements, the staff place now not must elevate out that.

    The law would affirm that they are able to treat the clarify to prepare their replacements as being laid off, so they are able to discontinue working, and originate gathering unimployemnt insurance protection, on the day that the educational project is presupposed to launch.

    The law might maybe well well maybe award them a paid vacation too, why now not? That ingredient is now not going to be well-known — the fabricate of this law is that corporations might maybe well well maybe now not elevate out that model of factor the least bit.

  • Let’s place a colossal tax on all shipments of merchandise from retail outlets to retail customers. That would earnings all local retail outlets, for which initiating is now not needed.

    Alternatively, place a colossal tax on all retail gross sales whereby the retailer can title the purchaser. That would help non-surveillance retail.

More objects where there
should be a law.


Right here are some

that I seriously cherish.

The four elements of the apocalypse:

   global heating, global hating,

   global eating, global mating.

[More Cartoons]

Not f'd. You won't find us on Facebook

Copy this button (courtesy of R.Siddharth)
to particular your rejection of Facebook.

Enhance the Green Occasion

Republican Election
Rigging Tactics


The Olympics

Why all americans has a motive to wretchedness
huge surveillance


Non-oppressive CommercialE-books

Bag now not exercise Facebook

Facebook’s face
recognition demonstrates a threat
to all americans’s privateness. I
attributable to this truth ask folks to now not place photos of me on Facebook; you
can elevate out likewise.

Obviously, Facebook is immoral for
many different causes as nicely.

Boycott Harry Potter Books, Motion photos, and so forth.

Internet Music EULAS

Trade Supremacy Treaties

International locations to Cease Away From

No nationwide identification playing cards

I might maybe well well cherish to build a checklist of countries that elevate out now not require a nationwideidentity card, and do not want any plans to undertake one. In the occasion you are living in or maintainconfirmed recordsdata of the form of country, please send email to rms at

Right here is my checklist of countries with out a nationwide ID playing cardsand no plans for one: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
Australia’s earlier govt tried to
institute nationwide ID playing cards, however the Labor govt dropped
the conception.

India has largely executed imposing a nationwide biometric ID number
in a colossal act of oppression.

Switzerland has nationwide ID playing cards that are non-compulsory,
however they or some assorted govt ID card are needed for some capabilities.

Iceland would now not maintain ID playing cards as such, however they
maintain ID numbers that voters are compelled to exercise in most cases.
As an instance, the nationwide ID number is continually required to
hire a video or exercise a gymnasium.

Denmark points non-photo ID playing cards with a “person number”, and manyservices exercise this card to title folks.

Norway will impose a nationwide
ID card

– nationwide ID card by stealth.

ACLU: the
5 risks of nationwide ID playing cards.

Wikipedia has a checklist of identification card policies by country.


Live far from particular worldwide locations attributable to their
immigration policies

Flight connections

Steer particular of flight connections in these airports becauseof their

therapy of passengers

The Lifelong Activist

Folks continually ask how I space up to continue devoting myself to
progressive activism (such because the free instrument circulation) for
years without burning out. The acceptable manner I’m able to answer is throughrecommending a e book,
The Lifelong Activist
by Hillary Rettig.

I disagree with the e book on one theoretical point in without equalphase of the e book: we mustn’t own political activism as
being marketing and marketing and gross sales, on story of these terms discuss with
commercial, and politics is something powerful moreimportant than mere commercial. On the different hand, this would now not diminish
the associated fee of the e book’s perfect advice about borrowing
strategies from marketing and marketing and gross sales.

Disclosure: I am friends with the creator.

Bob Chassell

Writing (largely science fiction) by my
buddy Bob Chassell who now not too prolonged ago died.

Harmony Economic system and Free Instrument

Private Declaration of Richard Stallman and Euclides Mance
on Harmony Economic system and Free Instrument.

Falkvinge articles

I if truth be told maintain reposted about a of Rick Falkvinge’s articles.
As posted on his place of dwelling, you are going to now not gaze them in a browser
without operating some nonfree Javascript code which is it sounds as thoughnon-free. These variations hide the identical text, without the obstacle.

Lengthy-term action objects

Political Articles

These are my political articles which might maybe well well maybe be now not related to the GNU
working gadget or free instrument. For GNU-related articles, gaze
the GNU philosophy

You might maybe maybe maybe well maybe additionally clarify copies of my
e book, Free
Instrument, Free Society, third edition’
, signed or now not signed.

Political notes

“Folks who profess to want freedom, yet depreciate agitation, are
men who desire vegetation without plowing up the ground. They desire rain without
recount and lightning. They desire the ocean without the bleak assure of its
many waters. This fight might maybe well well maybe be a upright one; or it might maybe well well maybe be a bodily
one; or it might maybe well well maybe be every upright and bodily; however it should be a fight.
Energy concedes nothing with out a question. It never did and it never

Right here are notes about varied points I care about, continually with hyperlinks to
more recordsdata. The present notes are
right here. For all earlier
notes, gaze this web page.

Ogle this web page for
recordsdata on efforts to withhold hyperlinks in the political notes.

Political notes about the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa, Italy are being
archived on their contain web page.


Richard Stallman’s bio and publicity photos, and assorted things
of curiosity to the click, maintain been moved to a
separate web page.

Fade experiences

Photography about my travels

Scientific Hyperlinks

Some humor

A music parody, Colors of the Express, by Jefferson Chippie.

below attack from planet Koch.

On doxing, and uncomplicated how to spell it.

Futon Physics

A Spanish cartoon: La Ruleta
Española. thumbnail

Evening sooner than M-x-mas

Right here I am wearing my “vitality tie”.

Right here I am struggling to launch a bottle of water.

My application to an join Marian Henley’s Ex Boyfriends Checklist

My comical poetry and music parodies

New music (06/2016)
Si la face ay faded.

My Cartoons

My Puns in English
(Minute Leaguer, August 2019).

My Puns in Spanish
(New pun: Apostasía
April 2019)

My Puns in French
(New pun: Microsoft à l’école July 2019)

My Puns in Portuguese

My Puns in Italian
(New pun: Quale pesce fa
New 10/2018)

My Puns in German (New 02/2016)

Linguistic Swifties
(Now with: Wintu, Penutian, Cochiti, Taos, and Towa.)

What Republicans Mediate.

I am a
     Saint In the Church Of Emacs
— The Church of Emacs will rapidly
be formally listed
by a minimum of one person as his religion for
census capabilities.

There are no godfathers in the Church of Emacs, since there are no gods,
however you are going to even be someone’s editorfather.

Stallman Does Dallas: “I if truth be told must warn
you that Texans maintain been acknowledged to maintain an detrimental reaction to my
personality . . . ”

The Dalai Lama as of late launched the
legitimate launch of Yellow Hat GNU/Linux.

Pre-Zen Be taught.

I found A comical music about the Mickey Mouse
Copyright Act
(formally the Sonny Bono Copyright Act) which
prolonged copyright retroactively by 20 years on works made as early as
the 1920s.

In the occasion you are a geek and read Spanish, you are going to cherish Raulito el Friki,
who acknowledged “Howdy, world!” in an instant after he changed into born. Right here is

an archive of this now-defunct comedian strip

Drowsing with Stallman
at MIT.

Un malentendido gracioso.

ESR’s favourite programming language:

Objectivist C


My Little Mouth

The huns and the writs.

No Kludges in Cluj (June 2014)


A science fiction yarn: Jinnetic
French, and

The Fair correct-desirous to

Made for You
(December 2012)
) Esperanto


My e book of essays about the philosophy of Instrument Freedom,
is offered from the

GNU Press

Stallman on Take care of

Take care of and Dance

My Childhood Sweetheart

Made for You

Non-Political Articles

Avec des
French music parody.

My radio program of Music from
, before all the pieces broadcast on WUOG in Athens, Georgia on
Oct 13, 2014.

Resolving the trolley

Quantum Thought and
Abortion Rights


proposal for gender neutrality in Spanish
, actual for every
speech and writing.

Origin of the POSIX name.

On Hacking: In June 2000, while
visiting Korea, I did a fun hack that clearly illustrates the customary
and proper that means of the notice “hacker”.

My Childhood Sweetheart

Take care of and Dance

Predicting the attack on Pearl Harbor

Certificate of confusion



I might maybe well well cherish to thank:

  • Sure Internet for web web hosting this web place of dwelling.
  • Graziano Sorbaioli for bettering the layout of the predominant
    web page.

Please send feedback on these web sites to rms at gnu duration org.

Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Richard Stallman

Verbatim copying and redistribution of this whole web page are
licensed offered this secret agent is preserved.

Verbatim copying and redistribution of any of the photos in the
photos subdirectory is allowed below the

Commons Noderivs license model 3.0
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redistribute the photo of me taking half in music to
the butterfly
below the

Artistic Commons Noderivs
Nocommercial license model 3.0
or later. Any assorted photos of
me in this (the toplevel) list might maybe well well maybe be copied and redistributed below

Artistic Commons Noderivs license model 3.0

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