Rocket League now requires an Epic account to play, even through Steam


After a 2.5gb update, I modified into met with a outlandish tutorial for a major time player. Since I’ve bought 1550 hours in the sport, I assumed that modified into a bit peculiar, but did the academic.

It wants me to join an sage narrative. Which requires accepting the Yarn Video games TOS and Privacy Policy. Neither of which is inviting to be clicked or be taught from this confirmation cowl btw.

In the title of science I’ve done it anyway, and I then accumulate the chance to Add Friends from Steam to the Yarn narrative, which I selected no longer to build, in consequence of who am I to give their facts.

After this the mates checklist from Steam is level-headed there so it doesn’t appear adore an scheme, trusty one who is implied to affect you ought to add them to your sage narrative or one thing I assume.

I’m truly rather postpone by the truth you’re being requested to just accept terms and prerequisites which you can not be taught.

I always knew this slow commerce modified into coming when Yarn sold Psynoix, but trusty hoped as a Steam player I don’t wish to take piece in it. It trusty appears adore an inexpensive formulation for Yarn to build up extra “accounts” in number handiest to be in an area to boast about.

EDIT: A video of the terms and prerequisites being unclickable/unreadable.

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