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Show HN: 3D scanned human characters for game developers


AAA quality

for the the rest of us

The use of an array of DSLR cameras, we procure excessive decision topology with extremely detailed texture maps. And we preserve it unusual, with contemporary characters uploaded every week.

Ready to utilize for your

favourite sport engine

Scan & Eggs characters, and soon hair, garments and equipment all near optimized to be used in trusty time engines.

Invent them with regards to life

at the side of your iPhone

We also present all the expressions to animate your persona with an iPhone so you likely might undoubtedly operate these characters with regards to life.

From the blog

Welcome to Scan & Eggs 🍳

We’re so gay you’re right here. We’ve founded Scan & Eggs due to we desired to own a estimable location so that you just can discover all the pieces you wish for constructing spellbinding video games, animations, art works and extra. We now fill tried rather a pair of instruments over time, and when it involves photorealistic human animations, none of them […]

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