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Show HN: A simple app to make Ctrl+V paste unformatted text by default (Windows)


DevComrade Win+F10 Menu

  • DevComrade now monitors Dwelling windows Clipboard for textual explain material with rich formatting and replaces it with undeniable textual explain material by default (the expend of Purchase32 Clipboard Monitoring API). This permits pasting undeniable textual explain material by default for all Dwelling windows functions the expend of their native UI and keyboard bindings. It must be controlled by the Purchase+F10 menu or by strategy of the .config file.
  • You must presumably now press Support a watch on+Enter to cloak the Internal Notepad (invoked with Alt+Ins) and paste its explain material into the presently vigorous application.

DevComrade is a free and birth-source Dwelling windows reproduction/paste/lumber productiveness development tool for developers.

Reproduction-pasting from the ranking docs, StackOverflow or assorted blogs in most cases is a behind and in most cases even a foul task. Does the next sound acquainted: you paste some textual explain material from a web pages into a Terminal divulge line, and it gets executed straight away, sooner than you even bear a probability to edit it? Most efficient because there changed into once a CR/LF character on the end of the clipboard textual explain material.

Or, bear you ever been pissed off with some damaged formatting, indentation, inconsistent tabs/spaces in case you paste a allotment of code into Visual Studio Code editor, a blog put up or an email message? A standard workaround for that is to make expend of the lawful worn Notepad.exe as a buffer.

Now I bear two devoted hotkeys for that, Purchase+Ins (paste as single line) and Purchase+Shift+Ins (paste as a pair of lines), which uniformly work all the plan in which via all apps and browsers. It furthermore eliminates the trailing empty lines and the final line’s CR/LF ending, so nothing gets automatically executed.

One other source of disappointment for me has constantly been how custom-made keyboard hotkeys work with Dwelling windows Shell shortcuts. It is a total fight to earn a convenient hotkey combination that also would perhaps be assigned to initiate a custom-made app. E.g., it is no longer skill to make expend of Purchase+Shift|Alt|Ctrl+Key combos for that. And when it can be assigned, it’ll also soak as much as 10 seconds for this system to in actuality initiate when the hotkey is pressed.

DevComrade has been made to solve this dispute, too. It permits assigning a customizable movement to (almost) any hotkey combination, and springs with an wide dwelling of predefined actions for pasting textual explain material and launching apps.

Extra actions would perhaps be added as C# scriptlets within the .config file. E.g., generating a GUID:

<hotkey name="InsertGuid" menuItem="Insert &Guid" isScript="true">
        await Host.FeedTextAsync(Guid.NewGuid().ToString("B").ToUpper(), Token);

When it involves pasting textual explain material, DevComrade is varied from many the same utilities (e.g., from the serene-ravishing Puretext) within the plan in which it uses Purchase32 simulated input API to elaborately feed the textual explain material into the presently vigorous window, character by character as though it changed into once typed by an person. As an instance, it works correctly with Google’s Stable Shell App Chrome extension.

DevComrade is a free and birth-source tool licensed below Apache License 2.0. It be built with .NET Core 3.1 SDK and uses Dwelling windows Sorts for its somewhat easy, context-menu-trend UI.

It is serene very indispensable a piece in growth. Some CI good judgment for publishing a Chocolatey equipment (at the side of a code-signed executable) would perhaps be implemented soon and this web page would perhaps be up as much as now. In the intervening time, to form and lumber from the source:

  • Download and set up .NET Core 3.1 SDK, must you have not any longer obtained it already. That is the ultimate wished prerequisite tool. Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code don’t seem to be required to form this app.

  • Download and unzip the source, or expend git to clone the repo to a folder of your substitute, e.g.:

    mkdir DevComradeRepo && cd DevComradeRepo
    git clone .
  • Assemble and lumber:

  • Or manufacture that manually:

    dotnet submit -r earn10-x64 -c Launch --self-contained false -p:PublishTrimmed=false .DevComrade
    initiate .DevComradebinLaunchnetcoreapp3.1earn10-x64submitDevComrade.exe

Once lumber, DevComrade shows up as DevComrade Icon icon within the blueprint tray. About a of the points to earn a hit upon at out:

  • Press Purchase+F10 to diagram the listing of the on hand shortcuts and actions.
  • Reproduction some code into the Clipboard and try Alt+Ins, to diagram it pasted into the rapid interior Notepad pop-up window. Press Esc to merely cloak it when completed, or Purchase+ to birth it once more.
  • Press Shift+Purchase+E to birth Dwelling windows Terminal then Purchase+Ins to paste the Clipboard’s explain material as a single line of textual explain material. It must also no longer win executed except your press Enter.
  • Reproduction any URL into clipboard (e.g., from a console window output, spaces and damaged lines are OK), then press Shift+Purchase+O to birth it in your default web browser.

This tool has been working correctly for my bear private wants, but outdoors that its future is depending in your feedback. Feel free to birth an topic or send me a DM on Twitter.

DevComrade Alt+Ins Notepad

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