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Show HN: Experimental mechanic for GitHub repos to boost open-source development


This repo is a demo/playground for an experimental mechanic for GitHub repositories, which permits mission backers to be a noticeable segment of the event process/neighborhood and be immortalized within the mission history along with the developers. This would presumably potentially be a astronomical booster for launch-source pattern.

The arrangement it in actuality works

  • When somebody creates a brand original anguish within the repo, it robotically gets a brand original comment with the “reinforce the anguish” info and “Pay with BTCPay” button
  • When the pay button is pushed and a fee is made (as a GitHub particular person or anonymously), it triggers a series of actions as per the following rules:
    • substitute the “reinforce anguish” comment with the backer username (if not anonymous)
      • the location depends on the total quantity donated by the backer on the anguish
      • if the total backer-anguish quantity is >=0.001 BTC, then the backer’s avatar is also added (the avatar sizes differ reckoning on the volume)
    • put up a “@username (or anonymous) donated ฿” comment on the anguish if the donation quantity is >=0.0005 BTC. The templates, report sets and the preference of ฿ symbols differ reckoning on the volume. The right quantity isn’t printed to not anguish the privateness.
    • add “priority” fee to the anguish, if the total quantity donated by all backers on the anguish is >=0.001 BTC
    • region off the actions of the regular Crimson BTC – extensive donation good judgment of the “Become a backer” button on Crimson BTC web page and Crimson BTC repos (along with this one)

Personal ideas?

Whenever you happen to’ve a principle, put up it right here.

Together with this to repos

Whenever you happen to resolve to have confidence to carry half within the experiment and add this mechanic to your repo(s), fabricate an anguish with a couple words about it.

Is it launch source?

It be built with the launch source Crimson BTC stack & node-purple-contrib-github-plus nodeset. The drift enforcing the mechanic might be launch-sourced after attempting it on a couple of projects.

Backers 💝

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