Show HN: Generate one of those subreddit compilation videos


What does it develop?

Generate compilation videos of your accepted subreddit. Youtube has now been overrun by compilation videos lifted off from Reddit, which has been lifted of from in other locations.

I desired to invent this assignment a shrimp more life like. So I made this tool.

Specify a subreddit and salvage a readymade compilation video because the output. Its functionalities are cramped on the time of making the, which I device to prolong rapidly.

Extra detailed clarification right here

bustle it?

Abolish a .env file in maintaining with the .ex-env.

cp .ex-env .env

Generate an app in Reddit from the do you could well maybe salvage the values for client_id and client_secret. Procure these values in the .env file. Suggested the .env file by running

supply .env

Now bustle it with the articulate



I first tried to originate the program with ffmpeg bustle by subprocess in Python but it no doubt did no longer invent sense after a whereas, so I ditched it. I knowing I ought to come to a decision it since it was as soon as academic, it is a ways supplied in the file.

Future Additions

[ ] Parameter of the video kind for compilation would possibly also just moreover be modified.

[ ] Add an option such that person can resolve which videos to consist of.

[ ] Dwelling a level in time for the video. Makes compilation videos of virtually that length.
[ ] Better handling size of the output video.

[ ] Routinely uploads to youtube at usual intervals.

[ ] Add reinforce for Glyfy, Streamable

Barriers identified to this level

  1. Supports handiest reddit hosted videos

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