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Show HN: Marker – open source hand-drawn illustrations


Copyright 2020 Pastel Labs Inc.

Marker illustrations could additionally be outmoded for free. You would employ them for noncommercial and industrial functions. You attain no longer wish to position a inquire of to permission from or provide credit score to the creator or Pastel. Pastel grants you an nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to salvage, reproduction, alter, distribute, fabricate, and employ the property offered from Pastel for free, including for industrial functions, without permission from or attributing the creator or Pastel.

This license doesn’t embody the finest to compile property, vectors or pictures from Pastel to copy a same or competing carrier, in any originate or distribute the property in packs or otherwise. This extends to computerized and non-computerized ways to hyperlink, embed, predicament, search or salvage the property included on the gather method without our consent.

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